May 26, 2011

Hidden Joy is Calling… Will You Answer?

I’m not much of a peddler. You won’t find me at the market, selling my wares. Anyone’s wares, really.

Unless the stakes are high. Then my cart rolls urgently through town; I herald my offerings. “Healing. New life. Peace!” “Yours for the taking!” “Come one, come all! No one is exempt.”

Friends, I’m sold out on your healing because the stakes are too high not to be. You’ve shared from your heart in comments, emails, and private messages. Getting to step into your ditch, winking at mercy, has been an honor. I see your hands, palm up, open for the Lord to take what needs to be let go of. Open for Him to give what needs to be received.

I want to share with you every opportunity to heal. And so I’m donning my sandwich board to let you know my friend Melissa is lowering herself into pain’s ditch. Could it be your ditch she enters? Please pray about joining her online Bible study {and} taking part in the accompanying Conference Calls.

This study is not limited to sexual abuse survivors. It’s for anyone who has
trembled with insomniac fear & anxiety
doubted God was real, present, caring
been wounded physically, emotionally, spiritually
conceded life will never be good, bright, hopeful

If you feel alone in your pain, friend… here are several friends ready to wrap arms around you; eager to help you out of the pit.

Here’s a tad bit more about the calls. I’m praying for you…

Lord, please guide my friend as she/he decides her/his next step in healing. Thanks for taking their hand and leading them. We love You so much. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Call #1 June 13, 2011, 8 pm EST
Message: Why God Why?
Special Guests: Melissa Taylor and Stephanie Clayton

Melissa Taylor
Melissa was sexually abused at a young age. She graciously shared part of her story with us here. Melissa’s been a speaker & writer for Proverbs 31 Ministries for eight years. As a sexual abuse survivor, she understands what is feels like to suffer and feel too scarred for a good life. Today, her greatest joy in life is sharing Jesus with others because she has learned first hand what He and only He can do, proving that healing is possible.

Stephanie Clayton
Stephanie is a survivor of sexual assault, and has struggled with depression and anxiety. This has led and fueled her passion and desire for every individual to find freedom through Christ. Stephanie holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and currently leads a survivors of sexual abuse group.

Call #2 June 27, 2011, 8 pm EST
Message: It’s Time to Go: The Faith to Move Forward
Special Guests: Dr. Kris Colangelo & Stephanie Clayton

Dr. Kris Colangelo
Even with many blessings in her life, Kris is no stranger to pain and fear. She has been a victim of relationship abuse, she has endured a lot of stress in her marriage, and she has endured the loss of two babies in utero. And yet, through it all, her faith has endured.

Call #3 July 11, 2011 8 pm EST
Message: How Can I Forgive: myself & others
Special Guest: Wendy Blight
, Author of Hidden Joy

Just days after her college graduation, she was attacked by a masked man hiding in her apartment. While Wendy physically survived, she lived the next decade in a prison of fear, despair, and hopelessness. God and God alone healed her. Her story is now an amazing testimony of God’s strength in weakness, His hope in hopelessness, and His healing in brokenness. Hidden Joy recounts her journey of transformation from a prison of fear to freedom in Christ and offers a step-by-step walk through God’s Word to find physical, spiritual, and emotional healing.

Call #4 August 1, 2011, 8 pm EST
Message: Connect
Special Guests: “Allison” and Lynn Cowell

“Allison” (name changed)
Allison’s young daughter is the survivor of sexual assault. Eighteen months after her attack, at the age of 11, Allison’s daughter testified against her abuser. The mental and emotional effects of the abuse and subsequent trial led this young victim to suicidal ideation and an actual suicide attempt. Through it all, Allison and her daughter see God’s hand in her continued healing and growth into a strong survivor for whom He has such wonderful plans.

Lynn Cowell
Lynn is the author of His Revolutionary Love: Jesus’ Radical Pursuit of You and part of the Proverbs 31 Ministries’ speaker team.

Lynn’s desire is for every person to get that Jesus wants you! Jesus’ passion for His own is completely life altering and Lynn’s heart is to lead others to this depth of relationship.

Here are details about the calls:
Cost: $15

How do I sign up?
~Call Melissa at the P31 Office: 877-731-4663
~Order the calls at
~Send $15 payable to Proverbs 31 Ministries:
Proverbs 31 Ministries
Hidden Joy Conf. Call
616-G Matthews-Mint Hill Rd.
Matthews, NC 28105

I hope you will consider joining these calls. They are designed specifically for you. If you have any questions, email Melissa or Angie at:

xoxo, sam

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  1. tiffnmw74 says:

    A few months ago a group of ladies in my church (myself included) did the Beth Moore study Breaking Free. I have written poetry for many years, and I would like to share what I wrote that goes along with that Bible Study. It's not coincidental that some of that (study) goes along with some of this (study).

    Breaking Free

    Breaking free. These chains of guilt
    these chains of shame,
    got to let them fall
    in Jesus' name.
    I believe in God
    but do I believe Him
    when He says fear no more,
    you are forgiven?
    Things from the past,
    they weigh us down.
    When we run to the cross
    there's a new freedom that's found.
    We put up a wall,
    won't let anyone in.
    Oh what would they think
    if they knew of my sin?
    That wall has to crumble,
    let it fall piece by piece.
    Break free from this cycle
    into the savior's sweet release.

    Tiffany Webb 2011

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please pray for a friend who will walk this journey with me, someone close. Please pray that God will show me how to draw near to Him.

  3. Fields of gold says:

    Dear Tiffany,

    Wow!! What a gift you have. Such sweet words that can fight the shame and hurt from the past. Amazing!

    Thank you so much for sharing your precious words and beautiful poem. Love it!!

  4. Fields of gold says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for asking for prayer. Let's join prayers together now and lift up your friend and you…

    Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for being sensitive to our hearts and knowing our fears and pains intimately. Please take each of these gals by their hands and minister to them as they walk down a path that is painful. Thank you for the freedom they're walking into. Please give them courage to stay the course and know that you are with them. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

  5. I'm new to this type of study. Could you explain the conference call thing? You pay $15 and you get like a toll free # to call and get in on the C. Call and/or download it? Is this C. Call like a podcast?

  6. Fields of gold says:

    Hi Atara,

    Welcome! You're right… to sign up, you can go online to or call 877-731-4663 and ask to speak with Melissa. They aren't toll free numbers, but if you have a cell phone with long distance, you could use that. Each call is recorded so you can listen later if need be.

    Please visit the website listed above for full details.

    Hope you enjoy the study!!


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