January 10, 2011


There are strawberries in my refrigerator.

So? you might be thinking.

Soooo….I haven’t eaten a strawberry in 19 years. If I do, this happens.

Avoidance at all costs is never really an issue. Until today. Chalk it up to being snowed in, vitamin C deficiency, thirst, what have you. I. Want. Those. Strawberries.

They are nestled in the confines of said fridge as a surprise for a friend. Said snow has impeded delivery to said friend. What’s a girl to do when the sweet, juicy delight of a strawberry is beckoning? She grumps around her kitchen, flings the knife draw open and slices up a dull, dry, boring pear.

A pear that will not close her throat. Swell her lips and eyes. Itch her face. A pear that will heal, not harm. And she leaves the strawberries and their adverse effects. They aren’t hers anyhow.

If only all of life’s choices were as simple as choosing between fruits. What’s a girl to do when she faces really big choices? Choices her dirt self crumble under the weight of. Choices her clay self breaks over. Choices her dry bones shatter into dust from.

She begs Wisdom to keep her wits for her. She pleads with Strength to sustain her grip on what is right. She employs Mercy to swab healing balm on her breaking heart.

She resolves day by day, minute by minute, to choose the seemingly dull, dry and boring. Because it’s right. Healthy. Hers.

I’m resolving this year to choose what is right. To turn from those things that are harmful for {my heart; my body; my mind; my family; my relationships}. No matter how temptingly delightful they seem. How about you? Is there an area in your life {body, mind, soul, marriage, job} where the hard {but right} choice needs to be made?

One great way to begin moving toward those choices is my friend Lysa TerKeurst’s book, Made to Crave, which my friend Melissa Taylor is leading an online Bible study.

I know there are choices before us that are {right} but are oh-so-difficult. Might even break our hearts. I know. I’m facing some in several different ways. But we can do this! Let’s start this moment… and then the next… and before we know it, we’ll be here next year relishing our choices together. Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. ~Eph. 6

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  1. Hey, I've missed you! So glad you didn't eat those strawberries. If we knew beforehand the bad choices, like foods that make our face puff up and throat close up, life would be easier in a way. Good thing we serve a Savior who offers us second chances!
    This year, I want to do a better job of seeking His wisdom first and to stop running on ahead of Him.

  2. Sharon Sloan - Joy In The Truth says:

    Pears are yummy when they are ripe and juicy and slightly chilled!! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it and that it brought some new excitement.

    Made to Crave it hot!! Glory to God!

    Snow day today! Yay!


  3. Hey Samantha, I have been thinking about you, I always enjoy reading your posts and have missed them lately. Again you share such words of wisdom.

    Blessings to you.

  4. Fields of gold says:

    Hi friends… I took a mini-break over the Thanksgiving-New Year's holidays. Very restful, but I sure have missed y'all!! Thank you so much for touching base! Hope you're all well and looking forward to spending the year with you via bloggyville 🙂


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