August 27, 2009

Well Worn

A friend loves at all times. ~Proverbs 17:17

A blog I ran across recently asked What do you love? One of the answers made me smile.

old abandoned buildings and barns

Me too!! They are beautiful, wouldn’t you agree? Think of the life they once contained. The homes spilling over with holiday cheer, back yard weddings, late nights brimming with laughter, countless meals celebrated. And the barns…baby animals born each spring, tools to tend and harvest, games of hide and seek in the lofts.

If only walls could talk! Oh to hear stories of when they stood the test of time, sheltering those within from being…

Pelted by the rains.
Burned by the sun.
Blown by the winds.
Beat up by life.

I admire these structures. Even after all the years of weathering the elements, protecting those within, these buildings beautifully offer…

A roof for shelter.
Walls of sanctuary.
A firm foundation to stand on.
Windows from which to gaze and dream.
A place of refuge from the pelting, burning, blowing, beating.

And so, I ask myself, What do I love?

I love my relationships that are so like these sweet, weathered buildings. I love my friendships that are full of life, laughter, love. Vibrant with cheer, celebrations and care. I love my companions who weather life with me, beautifully offering…

Shelter when rains fall.
Sanctuary when I’m burned.
Foundations to stand on when the winds blow.
Hope to gaze ahead and dream for me when I can’t dream for myself.
And a place of refuge when the pelting, burning, blowing, and beating come.

Oh, and I love old abandoned buildings and barns too!

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  1. Sharon@JoyInTheTruth says:

    Sam, Sam, Sam…
    this is a beautiful post with beautiful pix!

    Blessed are those relationships in your life! They are blessed to have you!

  2. Lynn Cowell says:

    Girl…you have got a way with words! Move on over from editing to writing devos! I would love to read them.
    I love old buildings too. They remind me of simplier times gone by.
    Hope to see you soon friend!

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