I held their hands. Hands laid on my head in a blessing of grace. Blessing they had not in silver or gold, but in love. Love. Love wandering for years around my heart, no longer restless. Now attached to their big beautiful eyes full of grace.

Impoverished grace made rich with hope. Hope they extended to me. Needless me. Or so I thought. Nah, need-full me. Needful of their joy, never-ending dreamers. So I extend hope in return.

Hope that guarantees one full tummy daily. Lessons leading to grade school to high school to college to out of poverty. Hope carrying a seed of truth that sprouts into knowledge of grace that blooms into reality of endless love that grows into a relationship with Jesus.

How can I not shed what is beyond my wants… a cup of coffee a few times a month, extra shirt, cable? All to extend hope and receive hope in return. Will you too? A small donation each month grants quality of life. Maybe even eternal life. Click here to sponsor a Compassion International child.