October 14, 2011

Seasons Will Change

If you’re popping over from His Table for Two or Encouragement Cafe’… c’mon in! It’s an honor to guest on both!! There’s a community of prayer starting at His Table for Two. Join in now! And don’t miss out on my co-guests on EC, Leah Gillen and Carol Davis.

Underlying both guest topics {Weariness in feeling alone} {Singleness} is this nag, the wait will go on forever. I can’t face that.

Extended waits are like treading shallow water. Tattered knees scrape the bottom too often. Each pain laments, “I can’t do this any longer.” The shore beckons and giving up hope for change seems inevitable.

Should you give up? Or should you keep chasing the dream? That answer is between you and the Lord, sweet friend. Ask. He’ll let you know.

For me, I’m not yet ready to release my white clutch on hope, even when things are bleak. Suppose I’ll need a buoy tossed to me soon {hence my post at His Table for Two}.  Hope today will be the last longing for a warm hand to hold; waiting for a yes; treading in knee deep water {difficult task, yes?}

The promise of marriage has been so close, yet drastically far away. Perhaps you too have had a desire within reach, run far off? Again and over and again once more. If you’re hoping praying begging, may I encourage? Hold on.

Friend, I’m trying to view my wait as a day. The first promise of hope is a flaming fiery sunrise: pregnant with promise. Time wanes and the sun burns high noon, depleting my strength. Then the hope is realized, cooling evening shades with relief at last.

Remember, the sun rises and sets earlier and later as seasons change. Hold out hope.

You never know what hour of the wait you’re in or when seasons will change.

May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.
~2 Thessalonians 3:5