July 23, 2013

Hope for the Daily Grind

Today I’m keeping it simple. Because before we know it, the leaves have fallen from their branches yet again. And far be it from me to direct your attention away from the turning of those now green, soon to be brilliant golden and crimson jewels. Or to take your gaze away not only from the creation, but the Creator of seasons …. and time and hope and joy.

And those are the things I imagine you may have hopped over for? If so, may the Holy Spirit bless you with a bounty full. May He restore the hours of labor and love you pour out. And fill you with all joy. His joy.

Below are several verses of hope and a prayer for you. It is a free printable (6×8) to hopefully lift you and remind you of the resting place that is our Lord.
To print, simply right click on your mouse.
Select ‘Save Image As’ and choose a file name and a place on your computer to save it.
Then open it, and print. Easy-peasy. But if you have difficulties, please let me know.

May you see His goodness and devoted passion toward you in every season of your life. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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july 23

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  1. Thank you, Sam. My very own prayers. And thanks that I can print it to bring home and unleaf, perhaps daily, as chores pile up and I think no notices.

    “Thank you, dear Lord for leading me to this well.”


  2. Sorry, I mean no one notices.

  3. Beautiful devo and post, Sam. Love you! My mom was a single mom, so I have a deep appreciate and heart for single parents.

    All of us need encouragement for the daily grind…thanks for always pointing is us to Him and His Word!

    Love you,

  4. Danielle says:

    Thank you for such an inspiring word. It reached me when I needed it the most, today. It made me look back on the daily grind of being a single parent and how far I have come (my son is now 21). And though I know I have made many errors in the journey, I know the many good things did not go unnoticed. Thanks again!


  5. I almost started to cry when I came to ” Whether you are investing in your own children, or someone else’s, keep up the greatness in the common moments. It may seem like nothing, but you matter. You’re building. You’re seen. ” For over a year I have been full-time babysitter for my grandkids ( 1, then 2, now often 3 and some days 4) and I try daily to include Bibletime, we always have prayer time, and sometimes I DO think it really doesn’t matter, just saves them money– but then I hear my granddaughter sing to the baby a song I made-up, about Jesus watching over the baby, or other things- your devotional is SO encouraging. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for today’s devotion, and thank God for what He revealed to me through it. I am the mother of a 27 year old young man with autism (how did he get that old?) who is high-functioning, sort of. He’s different and he knows it. He had a major meltdown in front of two other workers, my husband (also Eric’s biological parent) and me. All it took was “Eric, you need to go to your room and take some space and quiet time,” from me when the escalation was reaching a danger point and he went. As a case manager (Nancy) said once, and it surprised me in the instant, “If anyone can calm him and handle his crises it’s you.” One of the ladies present that day reported to Nancy what had happened and she called to check on me. My health is poor and they all worry about what would happen if he lost it so much that he turned on me. So we found a route to do handle that.

    Today his mentor, who was here at the meltdown before, got to be here for another. I was lying down because of a back injury 7 or 8 weeks ago that seemed to be improving. But one wrong move yesterday getting up from the couch and it’s worse. So I guess the decision as to whether to have surgery is made. Obviously Eric depends very heavily on me. Carl came to explain the noise today and I asked if I should come out, he said no, it’s the usual. Yes,, sadly there IS a usual. I had my cell phone and called Carl on the house phone, asking him to ask Eric if worry about me triggered this. Yup. Assurance, including Eric coming to see that I’m ok, and it was done.

    Your devotion didn’t really make me realize my worth as much as realize how much Eric relies on me and how little worth he feels. I’ve been in the hospital a lot for asthma and related things. While that is stressful, it’s not surgery. So what your writing triggered in me is a need for me to write him a letter before my hospitalization about how worthy he is to God, me, our family, his church groups, etc. Talk about timing! I know God can use any means to get a message across at any time. This time it was a no-brainer for me to make that transition from your devotion. In this case it’s not the mom needing assurance, it’s the “child”. I want to let you know how very helpful you’ve been in this time when I’ve been more concerned about him than about me. Really my decision to slowly mend (hopefully) or go on with major surgery has been which would get me back to my normal for Eric’s sake and thus for Carl’s sake too. Getting up off the couch and moving just the wrong way, triggered this reversal in improvement, and made that decision but I didn’t think of explaining that to Eric until after his meltdown. I think having that letter/list while we’re apart will be so very helpful for him. Thank you for being God’s instrument.

  7. Regarding the gardening giveaway, my question is: Have you ever used blood meal to try to discourage animals from eating flowers and vegetables? If so, was it successful? I planted four cucumber plants in my small garden and only was able to harvest one cucumber this summer. I went away for 10 days and when I returned home, all my cucumber plants were chewed nearly to the ground and they were enclosed in a chain link fence.

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