March 12, 2013


Weary hearts need a hushed place to rest from the self-preserving fetal position, away from the battle.

Long seasons on the front line can be exhausting and rob us of peace. We need seasons of rest and refreshment. And so, I pray. For you. For me.

Familiar thoughts?
I can’t do this another day
I don’t want to fight anymore
This is too much to bear

Yes? And so, I pray-

Refresh Lord …

I wonder, friend, what would a snapshot of your soul tell? A thousand words of peace, trust, and security? Or a thousand words of doubt, fear, pain? Has this become your battle hymn; your war cry?

Oh that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest; yes, I would wander far away; I would lodge in the wilderness; I would hurry to find a shelter from the raging wind and tempest. {Psalm 55:6-8}

Lack of peace volleys to isolate and hold us captive in the battle, feeding us lies …

God is not big enough
Things will never change
I won’t ever find rest
The truth is, peace is always there. It’s simply a mindset and a choice away. If you’ve struggled long and hard to find peace, it’s time to encounter it with the only One who can fill that place in our hearts.

Poisons require antidotes. Wounds require balm. Freedom requires a victor. {Tim Hansel, Through the Wilderness of Loneliness}

Even the darkest night is chased by the dawn. Refreshment is yours. Peace is found only in one place: the Lord. Turn to Him today and rest in Him. Sing a new battle hymn to Him who says

I give abundant showers
I refresh My weary inheritance.
Jeremiah 31:25  

I bring you out into a spacious place; I rescue you because you delight in Me.
Psalm 18:19

 fear not; you are mine
when you pass through the waters, I will be with you
when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you
when you walk through the fire, you will not be burned
for I am the LORD, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior
since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you
do not be afraid, for I am with you
Isaiah 43

Mindful prayers are the most, not the least we can do. Let’s join ranks and lift each other up in prayer. Leave your prayer request for the person who comments ahead of you to pray over and if you have a favorite scripture on peace, please leave that too. Thanks!


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  1. Since I am the first to comment, I will pray for you, Samantha, that you would experience God’s peace in whatever you face today.

    I would like prayer because two weeks ago while I was in the ER getting pressure in my chest checked out my brother had a massive heart attack and died. I didn’t learn of it till the next morning because they were waiting for test results for me. Grief is a journey I have taken so many times. I am just weary. I want the peace I have been familiar with and I hold onto it, but when a wave of grief comes, the peace slips away and I am grasping to find it again. Thank you.

  2. Anne I am praying peace over you right now. That the God of all comfort would comfort you and send people into your life who would be able to relate and encourage your heart!
    As I read this first line “Weary hearts need a hushed place to rest from the self-preserving fetal position, away from the battle” I KNEW this post was God’s kindness to me as I had spoken the next few phrases, “I can’t do this another day”, “I don’t want to fight anymore”, “this is too much to bare” in my car on the way to work just an hour ago. As I settled myself in to read e-mail, it was not the first grace my faithful Father gave but the second. You see I have a marraige struggle that has been raging for 28 years (off and on). As we endeavor to put a broken and torn marriage back together after an 8-10 year separation, it is excruciating, tedious, constant and tiring work. Thank you for this post Samantha and your P31 devotion I read in my e-mail this morning. It was God’s grace to me, His way of settling my heart and wooing me to the place of Peace, at His feet. He has been a “perfect” husband to me, which frees my earthly husband from impossible and unrealistic expectations!

  3. Shayla Brison says:


    I pray that GOD will show up today and give you the peace you have been wanting. I pray in that GOD will continue to watch over your family and give you all strength in this hard time.

    I would like prayer for me and my family. The encouragement was for me today…I feel like things won’t change and that we are just stuck. I know GOD is with me but i feel like he is far from me. Thank you for you prayers.

    • Claire Jacobs says:

      Abba Father, I pray now for Shayla, for her family–pour out your Holy Spirit on them–that they would know Your Presence, Your Peace but also Your Power. Fill Shayla with Your Power–bring someone to her who could offer encouragement and help to get her family unstuck. I pray in the mighty name of Jesus.

      I am just embrassed and disappointed in myself–I have been so easily annoyed, “thrown off” by such trivial matters lately. Please pray for me to resist Satan’s lies and to REJOICE! Thank you for these words today, Samantha–may you be richly blessed!

      • Sweet Heavenly Father I pray now for Claire Lord pour out your Holy Spirit upon Claire her family and friends–Let your Presence and Peace be surrounded around each of them. So they know to draw close to you when “life” gets difficult–We praise and give You Glory in your Son’s Name, Jesus–Amen
        Lord thank you for giving Sam the words to direct and us guide today–These words from your Bible have opened my heart to hear you! to sense your presence Thank you Sam blessings to you and yours! Sue C

      • While everyone is fantasizing about Mr. Mok7#&o821n;s disability, consider that it may be that may be a mental, not a physical one. Just by reading some of the comments on this blog, I can see that there’s a lot of that going around.

    • Precious Moment says:

      I pray that God who is our everything bless your with full restoration and strength, opening the doors of complete compassion, understanding, peace and love for one another.

      I would like prayer for me and my children. first, my children, ages 12 and 9, girl and boy who at times act like they don’t love one another. there’s a constant putting each other down and not wanting to help each other. and not to mention the busyness that some time makes me nervous. Which leads to me. I’ve been moody a lot lately, i find myself trying to get closer to God but something trying to still my joy. Thank you for your prayers

  4. Lord, I lift up Claire to You – for Your peace and joy to fill her and surround her. I pray that You will reveal to her the lies and Your Truth that overcomes. Please give her the strength to stand on Your Truth and to see Your blessings in this day.

    I am struggling to really rest in God – I turn to Him but allow negative thoughts too much voice. So I ask for God’s Truth to rule today and for me to choose to find rest in Him.

  5. Sam, as always your beautiful devotional touch my heart in a very tender place. I have been in a sweet place of peace with the Lord this past month, but it came after a terrible time of wrestling to get His peace back. For a few months, I “lost” it. I allowed myself to travel to places of fear and anxiety that I had not visited for many years. How off balance my life felt…my joy gone…as I wrestled, prayed and pleaded to get His precious peace back. As a dear friend said to me last week, “our Wendy is back.” How I loved hearing those words!!

    And thank you for the umpire analogy. It really helped to bring the Scripture alive.

    And, girl, I LOVED seeing you NEW LAST NAME on the devo!!!

    Love you,


    • Wendy i am so glad you are back to your old self! We all struggle at times like you did. Satan knows exactly where our weak spots are and which buttons on us to push. This is just one of the reasons we need to constantly hold each other up in prayer. I had gone on a Ladies Retreat recently with my church and the speaker was speaking on Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God. This is one of my favorite verses. She was saying that even when we don’t want to pray, read our bible or go to church we need to do it anyway because eventually God will get through to us through one of those ways. She said had she stopped going to church she would not have heard the message she needed to hear to get her spiritual life back on track. I had never thought of that before, but it is very good advice. Hugs, diki

  6. Praying for you, Wendy, and thanking God that He has restored the peace in your life.

    I thought the devotional was meant for me today. I have lost all feelings of peace recently. I would ask that you pray for our family. Our daughter and son-in-law have recently separated and they have 2 precious little girls who are hurting. And our 16 year-old grand-daughter has moved in with us due to conflicts with her Dad, and we are trying to support her as she goes to school. I am tired and irritable and feel so alone. Where is God is these situations? I can’t find my way back to the peace and joy that comes from Him.

    • Anita, He is right there, He never moves away! “be still and know that I Am God”

      So hard to be still, that is what I struggle with. Thank you to all of you for the beautiful sharing and prayers here on this comment thread. Such a blessing.

      Father, turn our eyes and hearts constantly to you, empty us of our selves, our worries and woes and flood our hearts with your peace. Thank you for the fact that You are always in the midst of our struggles because You are always in us. Thank you that You understand every emotion, every tear, that you keep us in your loving hands because you know us so well. Bless these, my sisters today, give them courage, encouragement and your strength to take the next step towards You, your peace, your TRUTH.

  7. Polly Schneider says:

    Dear Lord, I thank You that Wendy got her peace back. You are so faithful to each one of us. Praise Your Name, Jesus! I also pray for Sherry, that You would rid her of these negative thoughts and feelings. Lead her to scriptures that will encourage her and give her rest in You. In your name Jesus Amen.
    I have been struggling so much lately with physical pain, I have a lot of Arthritis in my back and my joints. Sometimes the pain is too much to bear and I don’t even feel like going on. Please pray for strenght and courage in this struggle. Thanks. God bless all you ladies. You are suchanencouragement to me.

    • Mary Anne says:

      I understand Polly, I suffer from the same malady. I lift you up to the Father and ask that He give you a broader vision for your life!
      I am in the final stages of divorce after 28 years of marriage to a man who will not repent of his pornography addiction. My heart breaks for him and for myself. Depression and fear threaten my peace and my desire to keep perservering.

    • I too understand Polly and Mary Anne. I am disabled due to Scoliosis and the effects it is having on the rest of my body. I’ve said lots of times, Can’t i have just one day once in a while where something doesn’t hurt?. But, i was thinking the other day of how my mom dealt with diabetes and insulin for 54 years, one friend of mine with ovarian cancer, my dad with his 4th primary cancer – stage 4 lung cancer, another friend whose daughter has brain cancer and i would rather have my pain any day than those diseases or cancers. That doesn’t mean its easy but i have found when i sing throughout the day, songs about the Lord it keeps my mind on Him and off of me. It really does help so sing your hearts out ladies and make some joyful noise!

      Lord please help those of us who struggle with pain, sometimes excruciating pain to keep our focus on you. Please Lord give us the strength and grace that we can only get from you to deal with our pain gracefully on a daily basis that even in the midst of our pain we can still bring glory to your name. I ask dear Lord that you will put a song in the hearts of these dears ladies that will keep their minds off the pain and instead on you precious Father. in Jesus precious name, amen

  8. Beautiful words Sam! Just beautiful.

    You truly have such a gift. Thank you for ministering to me today. I really needed this one.

    Much Love and Joy to you sister,
    Love, Hester 😉

  9. Dear Lord,

    I pray that you give Polly comfort and heal the pain that she is feeling. Lord, allow her to feel your present and let her know through you all things are possible. Although her pain is unbearable bring the peace she has been seeking to come into her life. Send Polly an angel to encourage her and direct her to the scriptures to see her through her struggles. Lord thank you for all the ladies who posted before me and the encouragement that they have given to others even though they are going through themselves.

    Lord, I need a prayer of peace upon me. I have been going through some changes for the last two years. I am currently on bed rest because I broke my leg. I am so use to doing things and keeping busy that I didn’t allow myself time to think. Now, I have lots of time to think and my thoughts are not always positive. So I need calmness. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Polly Schneider says:

      Thanks. Diannie, for your prayers. I really appreciate them. I “ll be praying for you too.

      • I am praying for you Diannie as you heal. Sometime it is so nice to just be able to be still and listen to the bible (Psalms is good) on tape or on cd and allow God to just fill you with His presence. The hard part is most all of us need to be incapacitated before we will truly do it.. This is giving you an opportunity for quality time with your heavenly Father, it is a blessing in disguise. I pray you will be able to relax, have peace and enjoy this time-out with God. I pray also for complete and quick healing for your leg. Hang in there sister. hugs, diki

  10. I pray you will have the peace of our Lord today as He sings overyou, His precious daughter.
    Heavenly Father, we know You don’t waste anything. May dlannle grow closer to You and know You as her healer more than ever before!
    Thank You now for Your peace and new thing You are doing in her life.

  11. please pray for my marriage. It is in great turmoil.. Evil has gotten ahold of it and we need a miracle!! and so I do ask god to help me with having peace for this waiting period!! I ask regularly to be filled with the fruits of the spirit, cause I need patience and self-control and love for myself and to give out to others. please pray for god’s will in our marriage and for the evil to live with all its temptations!! In Jesus’Holy name, AMEN and AMEN

  12. Lord God, we come to You in great anticipation of Your power and peace doing a work in Vonda and her husband! May they draw closer to You and become more like You in their love for each. We come against the enemy and any thing that seeks to destroy their marriage in Jesus’ Mighty Name! Thank You Lord!

    • HI Lela, I pray for you and anything you might be going through and that the peace of God willbrest rule and rain in your heart. Much love

      • Lord I lift up my sister, Lela. I pray, Father, that whatever her needs might be that you might work those into her life. Thank you for her taking the time to pray for others, as well as the rest of the women posting. God is good!

        I would ask for healing of relationships within my family of in-laws. I love them all and pray that we might all be reunited in a love that holds no conditions… to love as Jesus does…. Amen

        • I would also pray for my sister, Robin. That our Precious Lord would be with her and bless her and that whatever her needs might be that you, Lord, would bring them about in her life. Thank you for her prayerful heart. In His name….Jesus.

  13. Sweet Angie, I pray that our Heavenly Father would bring unity to your family. That He would transform them by the renewing of their mind. I ask him to pursue them and soften their hearts. I ask for complete peace for you no matter what storm may come your way…In Jesus name.

    This post calmed such a storm in me today…. My sons father and I are not together. Long story short, my 7 year old is emotionally abused by him. The weekends are very hard and the stories I hear upon my sons return are sometime harder. I have spent thousands trying to change our situation, however, God has other plans. Doubt, fear and pain would love to permanently control me. I will continue to trust in Him and fight for His peace. Thank you for your prayers!!!

    • Hi Jenny, I pray for strength for you, when God is for us, who can stand against us !! Find peace in that God wrote your story before you were born and with that the end will be good for our God is Good.
      My prayer request is for myself and my 6 boys long story short my husband works away 3/1 and my eldest works away 2/1 he is 20 and unfortunately no help when he is home, I have twin 10mth olds and 3, 8, and 11 yr old so you could say I’m very busy. When my eldest is home he dosnt help , I don’t ask as he is very argumentative and negitive he hasnt give his life to christ although he partisipates in prayers snd grace abd occasionslly comes yo church ( to please me ) anyway I just don’t need that argument ! However it frustrates me to see him sitting killing things on the computer when my twins are crying and I have my hands full I try to stay positive but over the past week it’s been getting harder and harder as my twins n toddler have all had fevers I’m running thin 🙂

  14. Hi Kelly,
    I pray for you and your family. I can’t imagine dealing with all that at once! I pray that your son’s heart will be softened toward his mom, brothers and sisters. I pray also that your frustration towards your son will be replaced with a heart of prayer. I pray that God will bless you will all the strength you need and that he will surprise you with extra special gifts of time, rest and relaxation when you least expect it. “The Lord your God is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you. He will rejoice over you with singing. He will quiet you with his love.” (Zephaniah)

    I need prayers for my job. I teach 4th grade and there is lots of conflict in the school. I need prayers for wisdom, calm and peace even when tempers around me are blazing. I need prayers for continued discipline to be in the word each day. In this place of conflict, I need a hedge of protection around me.


  15. Oh Samantha i can relate to everything you’ve written today. A few years back i was struggling with the recent loss of my mom who was also my best friend, the loss of a job with the closing of my factory at 56 yrs. old with major health issues and my dad had recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer (which he has now had for 4 yrs. and still no symptoms, oh and no chemo) this is his 4th primary cancer to be diagnosed with. So i had a lot going on and i’m an only child. My way of dealing with all this especially at work was to sing all day, every gospel song i knew and the Lord gave me the words to write a few new songs. I don’t know how to write music but i can share the words with you. This is one of the songs God laid on my heart to write and it has helped me and others so many times so i want to share it with you all i’m just sorry you can’t hear the music. God bless you Samantha i am praying for you and i have a request not for myself but for a friend, Phyllis. Her husband passed away a little over a year ago and she is a Christian but is just now learning how to really lean on the Lord. She is struggling with missing him and loneliness (they nver had children) and i would just like to ask for prayer for her please. I will pray for each of you ladies today. Here is my song from the Lord…

    He’s Always There

    I Peter 5:7
    Casting all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you. NASB

    When life starts to overwhelm you, and you’re weighted down with care,
    Go to your Father up in heaven He’s waiting for your prayer.
    He’s simply wants you to come to Him, so just go to Him my friend-
    He will comfort you and guide you when you humbly come to Him.
    He sees the sparrow when it falleth, He controls the wind and rain,
    He the Master of the universe, even still, He feels your pain.
    So when it seems you’re all alone remember God is always there-
    Waiting with His arms wide open for you to cast on Him your care.

    He never said life would be easy, but He promised to be there-
    So reach your hand out to your Father, and with Him your burden share.
    He’ll give you peace in time of trouble, and grace to help you cope,
    He will wrap His arms around you, and in Him you’ll find your hope.
    “I’ll never leave you nor forsake you” this He promised to His own,
    When life is crumbling all around you, God is still upon His throne-
    So when it seems you’re all alone remember God is always there-
    Waiting with His arms wide open For you to cast on Him your care.

    © by diki sinkler – burns 8 – 2006

    I don’t mind sharing this with you if you find it helpful, all i ask is that you leave my name and copyright on it. Thanks!

  16. It looks like I’ve discovered this blog post a little late! Regardless it’s encouraging.

    Diki thanks for sharing your prayer request along with Phyllis’, you were both in my prayers this morning! I also love your sweet song, thanks for sharing that too.

    As for me, I linked over to this blog from a proverbs 31 ministries daily devotional that was about new beginnings and fresh starts/grace for a new life through Jesus. It was encouraging because it reminded me of how far God has brought me in the past year and a half. In 2011 I was 32 pregnant with my second child, a stay at home mom to my first child and married to my high school sweet heart. I found out in the spring that my marriage was crumbling, my husband was having an affair and the months leading up to my daughters birth and right after were torturous. The ONLY reason I made it through that time alive, sane and free of bitterness is because of God’s unfailing provision for my every need. I prayed, my friends prayed and God provided.

    I also praise God for His amazing provision then and now – a year and a half later my husband and I are still married, we are reconciled and working on trust and recovery (probably a lifelong process). But the depth and honesty of our relationship is incomparably better than before the affair. We are moving to a new home, today actually, and this is also the symbol of a new start for us and for our little family of four. I’m so thankful for ALL that God has done. Thanks for letting me share!

  17. Wow! Thank you, Samantha for your Encouragement piece and then this blog that I came to but with little time to get to work. Amber, I also saw this today only and I lift up a glorious exciting day for you. God is amazing and HE LOVES you and also LOVES to give people second chances! I have had several friends in your boat with infidelity and it CAN and DOES work – only walking with HIM. My own prayer requests seem so small compared to the few I have read above and I can’t go into details. Please just pray for my daughter Jessica who is 22 and a solid Christian with some health problems. Thank you.

  18. Patti,
    I am praying for you and Jessica. I am asking that God will strengthen me physically and spiritually. That He will show me His straight path for myself and my family. Especially salvation for my son Dan.
    Pray that I wll step out on faith in every aspect of my life. I praise God and thank Him for every trouble. I want God’s Hand to be evident in me.

  19. Vicki,
    I am lifting up you and Dan right now. May Gods intervention be all in your life , physically and spiritually.
    Deut 33:25 The bolts of your gates will be iron and bronze, and your strength will equal your days.
    May you be strong and He give you strength you need.
    Please pray for Discernment from God and wisdom to do what He desires of me.
    Thank you .

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  20. Dear Father God, I pray for Jadn that she may be given discernment and wisdom in her choices and decisions that are before her. I pray that she is willing to take your hand and allow you to lead her. We pray that the Holy Spirit will be her guide. Give her peace and a soothing calm. Help her to find rest in you. We thank you for your love and your faithfulness. In Jesus’ Name…..

    “In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice; In the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch.” – Psalm 5:3

    Please pray that I have peace that transcends all understanding…..I need discernment and wisdom as well regarding some decisions in my life…..I want to ultimately be in God’s will and be obedient to Him. Pray for directios involving decisions with my family, my career and my heart…..

    • Dear Lord,
      I pray for T today. She has asked that she be given peace discernment and understanding for the upcoming descisions in her life. I pray for this and good friends to walk beside her. Most of all you know what is best for her. Please give her clear direction of which choices to make and peace to not second guess that. And Lord give T some special happiness and a little fun to go along with it all.
      I ask this in your Son ‘s name, Amen

  21. Lord, be with Cindy as she goes through her day. You know each and every joy and concern on her heart. May she sense and extra amount of your presence today and know that she is loved by you. Lay on her heart your words. The words she needs to hear today. May she refreshed and encouraged by them. May your words allow her walk confidently throughout each moment today and every day.

    My request…..strength to attend to my mom, who suffered a severe stroke 2 yrs ago. She lives 4 hours away and is well cared for in adult foster care, but I am still responsible for her needs AND her daughter 🙂
    Also direction for my life as an emptynester, unable to commit to things because of my mom’s situation but desiring to know God’s will for my life and how to spend what time I do have. I feel lost.

  22. Correction *AND I AM her daughter:)

  23. Margaret, you have been lifted up to the Mighty God we serve this morning. may you know His peace that passes all understanding this day. “My peace I leave with you, ….I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” Jn 14:27 I have asked the Lord for a gift of assurance for you today. Lean into God and know He is able to take care of both you and your Mother. I will remember you both in my prayers in the days to come.
    I understand Margaret, you have spoken my very situation and prayer request. While physically a different situation for my Mother, she needs care and I have just moved to a new city 4 hrs away. I am struggling with feelings of being alone, empty nest lost, and how to start a new life after many years in our home place. Thank you for this post it was spot on for me.

    • Thank you Linda. You have been an encouragement to me. I love in His Word how it says that “The Lord helps the fallen and lifts those bent beneath their loads.” (Psalm 145:14). We have just done that for eachother. That was a verse I clung to in the 4 months I spent living in my hometown during the week after my mom had her stroke. Praying that your are feeling lifted today!

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