January 19, 2013

Making Peace

Sometimes love requires the sacrifice of your possessions, your time, or some other precious commodity. ~John MacArthur


3903_3903_5 Blessed are the peacemakers, I read. Blessed are those “who love, and desire, and delight in peace.”* “For they shall be called children of God.” {Matt. 5:9}

This peace-making is hard at times, especially when it’s me I have to reconcile with. Especially with the many opportunities to argue with my own self that wedding planning affords. When I have a choice between a $50 wedding bouquet of favorite peonies or a $4 bouquet of baby’s breath. A decision to purchase a $400 long, lace {much admired} wedding gown or $45 knee-length, simple dress.

The conflict within begins. I can rationalize there are waaaay more lavishly expensive bouquets and gowns than peonies and lace. But on the other hand, baby’s breath and simple dresses are still quite lovely.

Then again, I’m not asking for the moon: no bridesmaids, a rehearsal dinner, or band. And it is my one special day.
Then again, simple and sweet would save $351. Money that should be spent wisely. Money that could save a life.

And therein lies the crux. It’s not only myself I have to make peace with; it’s also the Word of God. And this isn’t always easy. Or dream-fulfilling. Or gorgeous gown allowing. It’s refining. Can I be honest? It’s kind of disappointing … unless I take my focus off what isn’t and shift it to what is. When I make peace with what the Bible instructs, what could seem like a loss in reality is pure gain.

When I love, desire and delight in the Word, I love others well. And desire to store my treasures in heaven instead of here on earth. I delight in taking less in order to share more with those in true need: babies lacking immunization, children needing even just one square meal a day, mothers praying for clean water, fathers longing to provide food.

In letting go of the more costly wedding things, I gain peace and maybe even a new brother or sister in Christ. Because when I give our wedding savings of $351 to non-profits like Compassion International or Camp Joy, it’s a gift of peace to children and parents. Their bodies are healthy, bellies fed, thirst quenched and tables full.

Even more, they hear about the Lord, which could lead to them becoming peacemakers themselves. Being a peacemaker comes with a promise: we become children of God.

And that is something you can’t put a price tag on.


*Opening quote by Matthew Henry




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  1. Wanda Hammond says:

    Hello Sam, you are one of the sweetest girls I know but I have to tell you, you have hurt my heart. What is this religion that allows to reply to people on a blog yet you can’t respond to a personal message from someone that loves you. I too believe your wedding is not about the dollars spent. I simply wanted to share in your happiness from afar. I don’t expect to hear from you ,but I do care about you. Love Wanda

  2. Marcia Queen says:

    Dearest Sam,

    What beautiful words… love, desire and delight. And speaking with such, from my heart to yours and as a woman who celebrates 26 years married to her beloved in two days, I can laugh at society’s notion that it is your “one special day”. No, dear-heart, it is most assuredly NOT your one special day… it is only an appetizer, a token beginning to what will be a feast of years to love, desire and delight! The passion and excitement of new love will pale in comparison to the rich contentedness, comfort and trust of old love that Father God will give you and Joshua as you share days, months and years together… each flying by more quickly than the last.

    God has blessed you and Joshua with insight – sharing His love to others, desiring His work and delighting in His peace and obedience. Obviously, these things are not understood by others but definitely, they show that you and your beloved Joshua are in communal steps with His love, His desires and His delight in your lives. Keep listening to that Voice, no matter what anyone else thinks or says.

    Hugs, kisses and blessings…

    • Marcia, thank you so much for your kind words. They truly do mean so much and are sweet affirmations of what Joshua and I have felt while planning.

      We’re really looking forward to the years ahead and all God will lead us in. Thank you again for your encouragement. Much needed after a tough week for me!

      xoxo, Sam

  3. What a beautiful, challenging, and heartwarming post!!! You started out my day in the most wonderful way!!! May you receive God’s richest blessings!

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