May 8, 2012

Day 1 in El Salvador with Compassion International

Hey friends, thank you so much for joining me on this journey to El Salvador with Compassion International! For the past 12 hours I’ve enjoyed planes, trains and automobiles and am grateful for a safe trip! So far our amazing team of 6 {Mary, Tim, Marc, Luke and Carson…in case you want to pray for them by name} has only misplaced one passport, thrown away a boarding pass, been detained by the police for a few minutes, and had tons of great laughs!

“Don’t waste your time” has been running through my mind this past week as I prepared. Funny how one phrase can mean two totally separate things.

1.) Don’t waste your time: Don’t bother, it’s not worth the time.
2.) Don’t waste your time: Don’t overthink, just step out and do!

And therein lies my prayer for the next week. I don’t want to waste my time or bother with distractions, doubt, insecurity, what-have-you.

But I do want to be quick to serve others, love well, speak kind and necessary words.

Not just here, in a foreign country, for a couple of days. But always, each day, every moment. I want to linger in each moment long enough to ask the Lord, how and who can I bless? What can I do to show them a glimpse of You, Jesus? Because truly, our  mission field is the square foot we occupy wherever we are. No trains, planes or automobiles are necessary to serve, love and speak life into others.

Sometimes the dailyness of life pales this truth, huh? I totally get that. And am praying for divine pauses in the moments of your days for you to bless others . . . and to receive refreshment in return.

Tomorrow we hit the ground running at 5:30 a.m. Phew! We’ll be driving to a village about an hour from our hotel and will film till 6 or 7 p.m.
Prayers, please? Specifically, for energy. Y’all, I’m a Carolina girl and shoe-weee! The humidity at 8 p.m. here melted me. That’s 8 p.m. After the sun set. In the cool of the day. That’s some serious heat. Would love prayers for a cool day, stamina, and for our camera guys lugging heavy equipment.

Also, my two kids and I are meeting tomorrow. Be still my heart! Okay, that’s more of a praise than a prayer, but I wanted to share my joy!

From the bottom of my ever-grateful heart, muchos gracias!!

A glimpse of my day . . .

Okay, please don’t think I’m too off-beat, but I take pictures of elderly men. Now, before I lose you, you have to understand I adored my Grampy. So any fella that reminds me of him, or makes me smile, well, I get all shutter-bug on them.

And seriously, is this guy not the cutest with his Oreos and cold milk? {that’s my Ginger Ale as turbulence was r-o-u-g-h. Can’t believe this man didn’t toss his cookies! Ha! Sorry, I had to. Smiles.}

{Thanks to my sis Rebecca for sharing this sweet video. Perfect!}

Going through the Big D, and I do mean Dallas! Have you seen this airport? It’s Texas to a T . . . larger than life, I tell you. This is a picture from the train that goes around the airport.

On our way to El Salvador . . . gorgeous patchwork!

Twinkle, twinkle, great big city! View from our hotel.

And a sweet surprise in my hotel room! Beautiful faces and yummy coffee. Woot!

G’night y’all! May we each see God’s redemptive work in our lives tomorrow. 

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  1. Love this update!!! Have been praying and will continue…for the whole team by name now! 🙂

    Hugs! LOVE the pictures! The last one made me tear up – your welcome goodies in the hotel room. And the one of grandpa and Oreos of course!

    Praying for a fruitful trip for His glory and purposes!

    Excited to read updates and see pictures!!!

    Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.
    Proverbs 25:25


  2. Aunt Rebe says:

    Stay safe my dear girl. Keep your camera ever ready. Pictures truly are an insight into the soul.
    Love you.

  3. Oh Samantha, thank you for keeping us informed and up to date on your travels! I’m praying for your energy and filming, and I’m SO EXCITED that you get to meet your kids today! What a treasured moment that will be. Can’t wait to see the pics.

    I love what you said about your mission field being right where you are, no planes, trains, or automobiles needed. So true. And I can honestly say, that you do that well. I’m thankful I am the recipient of your mission mindedness, kind words, and loving with a Jesus heart MANY times!

    Love and miss you. Can’t wait to read the next update!

    ****HG and I are harvesting today. She’s still sick, but is eager to get out of the house to see the garden.

  4. LOVE your first post from your trip. I felt like I was right there with you. Thank you for bringing us along and you have my prayers my friend!!!!

  5. Praying for you friend!!

  6. Absolutely love your “picture diary” and I can hear your heart with every word.

    Love you!

  7. Oh Sam, my heart just jumped up inside of me when I saw you had posted. I miss you so much but I’m SO HAPPY you are there — right where you’re supposed to be!!

    So I started praying for your sleep and the humidity as soon as I read your post. I’m so confused about what time and day it is there but Jesus knows and Im praying He blows a sweet cooler, less humid, breeze your way today and tonight while you sleep. I know you like your sleep girlie.

    SO excited you are getting to see your kiddos and I can’t wait to see their beautiful smiling faces. Melts my heart just imagining them seeing you!!

    Love the photos and the Oreo commercial – how adorable. The milk and cookies brought a sweet thought of Angie at bedtime too.

    Oh, I did devotions all day without you and it was so not the same. The content was great but the company was um, just me. Melissa and I are gonna have to fight over you when you get back.

    Hugs and love and prayers!!

  8. This touched my heart dearly as I am a native of this country. I cam to America at the age of eight and love my little country. May God Bless the work that you and others have done here. Thank you!

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