April 9, 2012

A Prayer For You

Hey friends!

I don’t know what you’ve endured, what’s crushed you. Not sure how long you’ve been in the ashes. There is only one thing I am positive of…

Christ is for you.
Jesus is with you.
God is yours.

And He will never leave you. He won’t leave you stuck in your past. He won’t leave you in your pain. He won’t leave you all alone.

Yet while He may not leave, He does ask us to go. To come away with Him; away from the pity and relentless memories. Might today be the day you say “Yes. I’ll take a first step out of these ashes”?

I know you may be tired and weary; dreading the thought of even thinking about hope. May I pray for you?

Dear Lord, only You fully know the angst and devastation faced. You are aware of every grain of ash that makes up this heap my friend is in. God, today, will You please fight for joy on her behalf? Polish her mired view of the present . . . so she can rightly see what good lays ahead. Please be the lifter of her head and the giver of hope. Unexpected, decadent, refreshing hope. And Lord, I ask that You please soften her heart to receive all You have for her and for courage to walk in obedience. Thanks so much Jesus. In Your Name I pray, Amen.


Today, I’d love to do something kinda unique. Might we leave a prayer for someone we know needs help to see the beauty from ashes? Please leave as a comment. Many thanks~

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  1. Lord, today I pray for my friend. You know who she is. Actually, I pray for two friends. They each have had a difficult time, in different ways. I ask that You reveal yourself in a mighty way to both of them. I ask that You will hold them in your arms through the pain/difficulty. I pray for restoration. I pray for peace. I pray for close communion with you. Ultimately, I pray for salvation on both of their behalves, despite difficult situations. Thank You Lord. Amen.

  2. This is exactly what I needed today. I feel like you wrote this just for me. Thank you Lord for having great plans for me. I trust in your holy plan and design.

  3. Ok…now this is a bit weird (but in a good way.) I actually JUST texted a friend telling her that I was tired of hoping for things to get better, only to have my hopes dashed. I was seriously thinking that I no longer wanted to have hope…it’s becoming too painful. Is it possible that this message was meant for me? Hmmm.

    • Yes, Kelly, it was for you. Never ever lose hope. Try to find the lessen from God in whatever has happened. In this verse, Joseph was speaking to his brothers. “But as for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good.” (Genesis 50:20). God is so much greater than the enemy. He can take our mess and make it a message (to us). What someone did to hurt you, God means it for good in some way. Just have to be open to the lesson. Peace and love to you, Kelly!

  4. Father, You know my friend very well. She is struggling, she is lonely and she is lovely. Please give her an extra portion of peace today. She longs for restoration. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen

    I needed this so badly today, thank you for reminding me of His plans!

  5. Good reminder for me! Father, I pray especially for D today. Lord you know the struggles she has faced and all she still has to deal with to get free of this situation. Please draw her closer to you. Help her to feel your peace & presence. Please give her the wisdom & strength to know & do what needs to be done. I pray you would also continue to work in A, C, & E. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  6. Lord I thank you for this ministry. I pray for my friend today who is going through her wilderness experience now. Give her your peace and cause her to know that her Joy will come in the morning!!!

    I thank you for reminding me that my peace and joy is in you… Thank you for restoring my faith in your power today!!!

  7. Thanking the Lord for sweet Sam today. 🙂


  8. I pray this for those in the wilderness now…Hosea 2:14-23. The LORD allures, entices us to the wilderness, where He can then speak tenderly to us. LORD Sabaoth, our Strong Tower when we are weak, LORD of Hosts, Who fights for us when we are unable, we thank you for Your tender words of hope and restoration. We are new, we are chosen and we are loved. Help us to receive Your Words of healing and HOPE. You are our God! Amen!

  9. Please Lord, take D2 into Your arms today. I know he is struggling daily.

  10. Thanks for the opportunity to give to others while receiving obedience as a gift in response. I have two requests. Pray for SS as she struggles with fear, doubt and finances. Pray for wisdom and discernment CB as she makes important decisions for her family. As we have just come out of Holy week and Resurrection Sunday, we know that we were bought with a price and we are the temple of the Holy Spirit who dwells within and guides us (1Cor. 6 :19-20). I pray for each person that visits and reads this blog would know that they belong to God, be secure in knowing they are free from condemnation and trust in the Lord with all their heart.

  11. Another timely message which goes right to the core! Would appreciate prayer for fres strenght and renewal. Thanks

  12. Dear father, I thank you for all your help today and all the encouragement I have encountered on the way. I come begging in desperation for you to break my husbands heart, for you to show him how to release his past present and future to you. To allow for healing and peace so he may see you and know you are all he will ever need. Help him to trust you and not give into the lies feed to him through Satan and the world. Give him discernment when in the company of others to shine your light and share your love. I also pray for our family, for strength, renewed hope continually, a proper spirit and prospective, and selflessness. Weld us together with you as our seam so we may grow in your love together. Thank you for the plans you have for us, help us to enable them and not delay them. I pray this for everyone in every situation, that your light guide them around the shoreline like a lighthouse and keep their hearts from crashing. I pray this through the blood you shed to purchase our sins. For now and eternity, amen.

  13. Sam I feel like this was meant for me today. I have many friends I love and need prayer for, but, today I am in need of it. I am torn about what to do with my career. I am a teller and work for an amazing company. A little over a year ago, the Lord blessed me with an amazing business and ministry to reach to women. I feel a tug telling me to quit my job and work with women full time and pursue what He has planned for me, But (yes another but), I know what I am supposed to do. My husband on the other hand isn’t supportive of it and thinks I need to stay where I am. I am not happy and know that to be happy I need to do what the Lord has planned for me to do. So, please pray for God’s guidance and wisdom for both my husband and I as well as understanding for my husband. I 100% support every one of my husband’s endeavors and rode along on those journeys. I feel like in order to be blessed I am to be blessing others first. I love what I do as a teller and the people I work with. I feel like I am not making as big as an impact as I would working my Mary Kay business full time to reach out to women and their children and make a difference in their lives. I want to change the world and help fight against abuse towards women and children and show women that we are beautiful both inside and out because OUR LORD strategically created us in HIS image the way HE saw us.

    I am grateful that there are places where we can reach out to other believers for help and insight with our problems. Thank you for your ministry for helping 20 somethings in need of hope!
    God Bless and thank you for prayer.

  14. Father, today I lift up my voice on behalf of two friends. Lord you know their names and you know what they are going through. I ask you to let your Holy Spirit take control of their hearts and mind. For the one friend I pray that she will continue to seek you with all her heart and that she would continuously place you before all things. For the other friend I ask that you completely turn her heart back to you. Lord she has strayed very far and her actions, words and attitudes need you. I ask that you take each of these ladies and move them to obey you, to surrender to you, to trust you fully and to love you with all of their hearts and mind and soul and that you set them free by your Word. Thank you Father for what you are about to do in their lives and for what you have done in mine as well. I praise your Holy Name. Amen.

  15. A prayer, a whisper, that hope may be born in your beautiful girl Bailey. You know her pain, you know her struggle. Help her understand and believe that you are where it’s at.
    A prayer, a whisper, and a groan from the bottom of my heart, for my beloved. You love him more and I will trust you Lord. That he may see that it’s you we need, it’s you we need to lift our eyes too and not the trials of this world. There is not hope without you Lord, in everything we do.
    A prayer, a plea, a whisper for me. That I may follow hard after you Lord and be who YOU want me to be. You fill my cup, help me pour it out on those you love. Thank you for your grace and for your mercy. I am nothing without you. My Jesus, my Savior. Amen!

  16. Dear Gracious God and heavenly father,
    I pray for my dear friend who has been left by her husband of 6 years. I pray for her small 3 children who are so broken for their father who walked out on them. I pray you will wrap them all up in your loving arms and hold them so tightly and whisper to them that the men of this world may walk away but their father will never leave them nor forsake them. I pray that when the oldest little boy closer his eyes he no longer sees his father leaving them forever but that you can replace those visions with something sweet and that you can give his 6 year old little mind something that he can comprehend and will learn from an early age to cling to you, the only one who can bring beauty from ashes. I pray you will give their mother the strength and stamina to continue to be steadfast and committed to applying your values to her life and that although she herself is devastated by rejection that she can be the emotional rock that these children so desperately need. God you see the big picture in all of our lives and it can become so difficult to endure some days as the pain of our past choices wash over us like ocean waves but you are in control and i know that your promise us that nothing in our lives will be wasted that even though the evil one means it for our harm you an almighty, sovereign God can turn it around for our good and your glory. Thank God for loving a poor wretched sinner as I.
    In your sons Jesus name I pray

  17. Thanks for praying for me ..

  18. Lorrie Bechtel says:

    please pray for my sister. Fighting to keep her job because someone said an untruth. She has 18 years with the company and someone who was only with the co for 90 days ,aking it very ugly for her. Please pray that she doesnt loose her job. She has many bills and needs the job very badly please pray pray pray for her
    Thanks May God Bless you

  19. Candy C says:

    Dear Lord
    I thank you for all the angels you have sent. They have delivered your msg Please help me give you the ashes for I only want to give you my good. Please help accept your love and give you my ashes.

  20. Marilyn says:

    Lord Jesus, You know my dear friends’ pain. Hold each precious heart in Your hands, let them feel Your arms of strength and reassurance in spite of all the questions of dreaded outcome. Lift each dear one’s head so she will walk in Your confidence as a daughter of the King of kings. Remind each one how much You love her through a smile, special time or thoughtful act of someone she encounters today. Be her portion, Father. Bring over-the-top peace and contentment to her weary soul and renew her joy. In Jesus’ Name I ask these things, Amen.
    Bless you, dear Samantha!

  21. My friends mother is missing. She has not been seen since she left Walmart Sunday night. They found her car on the side of the road with her purse, money, cell, eyd glasses and keys still inside. Please pray for family and FBI and all involved in bringing Mrs. Linda Reed home. Thank you!! Blessings!!

    • How sad. This happened in Niagara Falls, NY also. They found the woman’s car the same way, parked in a lot with everything inside. Her body was found in a woods a week later. I will pray for Linda & her family. Please keep us posted with any news.

  22. Thank you so much for this prayer. Thank you Lord Jesus

  23. Michelle says:

    Desperately needed this today. Today was such a hard day; I couldn’t escape the pain. I’m so grateful for this prayer. Thank you so so much.

  24. Thank you for this idea first of all! I just found your site and it is great.

    ~Father, you know a prayer of my heart for a friend who has been struggling and who I believe you have been drawing to yourself in many ways. Please continue to show yourself to her through many different people and also show me ways I can minister and speak truth to her about who you are. Please help her to know your love and care for her and more of your nature and character in her time of pain and difficulty. Thank you for what you are doing in her life. Amen.

  25. Lord, I pray for T today. Although she’s hurt me greatly, I pray for peace and comfort for her soul. Lord bless her & her family with your grace & mercy. I ask for strenght & hope in you Lord. May I trust that you know the plans you have for both of us & they are plans to prosper not harm. To you be all honor & glory & praise. AMEN

  26. Today I pray for my sister, I know she needs lifting up, she is having a rough time getting her life back on track. Recently she has been going back to church and found a group of friends there. My prayer is that she continues to go to church and look for guidance from God. I also pray that my heart will soften towards her.

  27. Heavenly father hear my plea. I surrender all to thee. I am wounded, I am weary and I am worn. Please touch my life this day. Lose you know what I am going through. After the passing of my mother 36 days binomw my finances are bad. I didn’t even get a chance to mourn and grieve. Today I feel like I am standing on the tip of fire but Lord I know that you are able to renew me this very day. Be for me Lord. Heal and make me whole again

  28. My Father, I lift up my sister to you. I pray she will know your son, Jesus, in a real and personal way one day. She is in constant heartache with her number one fear that happened with her daughter. She has never been the same. God, my God, please help. Turn on the light in her soul and in her heart. Show and tell her that HER life matters, and that what her daughter did was not her (sister’s) fault and that she was totally powerless over what occurred. Teach her, God, how to let go and put it in Your hands. Please protect my sister, Father; I need her. I love You, in the name of Your son Jesus, Amen.

  29. Beautiful encouragement, Sam. The older I get, the more I seem cling to His hope and I want to share that hope with others. He is faithful!

  30. My Amazing God, Will Be There For All This Needs~ Diane, needs healing~

  31. Rebecca says:

    Why is it so much easier to pray for a friend when prompted?

    Gracious and loving God, pour out your love and compassion on Megan. Help her discern Your purpose for her. Draw her to you, surround her with grace and with people who demonstrate the qualities of love you show us and would have us show others. Help her to use this time to look to you not for answers or concrete deliverables, but for guidance and wisdom and the constant reminder that you want good things for us, that we are your beloved and never too far for love.

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