March 28, 2012

For the Times You’re Lost

Warnings from her mother dissipated in the mist: Five-year-olds did not need to wander about thick trees. But five-year-olds will often ignore mother’s wisdom to discover new lands, hidden castles, wild ponies. Minutes after take-off we were lost. Every tree mirrored the other. Fear-filled and chilled by the cool drizzle, we crashed at the base of a large oak.

And there we sat, tangled in the wreckage of straying and scaredness. Until . . .

Until we dared to untuck our wee heads from the crook of our balled-up bodies. Until we looked about and resolved we were utterly lost and needed guidance. Until we tapped on the pages of our hearts and these inscripted words spilled out . . .

The Lord is my shepherd . . . ~Psalm 23

Shepherd. A dear Name of God. Our leader, comforter, tender care-taker.

Honestly, how we made it back to Robyn’s home is a forgotten memory. I suspect we were closer to her house than we realized. Perhaps her mother’s voice carried through the branches. Maybe she traipsed in the underbrush and found us.

I know this. Knowing His Names and what they mean has lead, comforted and cared for me through every adventure since.

Today, may I encourage you to write one of God’s Names on your heart? So as times come when you need to tap your heart, His truths will spill out and lead, comfort and care for you.


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  1. Beautiful friend! Love you! πŸ™‚ Thank you!

    Spurred me on to go study one of His names more. Jehovah Mekoddishkem (He makes us holy and sets us apart).

    Hugs and LTS,

    • Samantha says:

      Oh how I adore that you dove right into studying HIM!! You are a clear reflection of how He sets us apart. What a beautiful gift you are.

      xoxo, Sam

  2. Stacy Green says:

    Nissi- cover me and my family, so I can trust Him as we wait, I need that so much now

  3. The name of the Lord that I have and will forever call upon is Jehovah Jireh, MY PROVIDER. My family and I have been through what seemed to be like the darkest valley financially. But as we prayed, sowed, sought financial counseling & wisdom, He brought us out. We hit bumps, snags and hit spots where their seemed to be no light at all. But as we crawled on our belly through that cave of darkness…when it seemed as though we weren’t going to eat the next day, He always came through with His provision. My husband and I and our four little ones never went a day without the need for the day. He literally provided for our needs daily. There were tears shed, but we truly wanted to get out of poverty and financial bondage and God saw our hearts and saw us through. We learned through this dark valley that He is and will forever be our Provider. Increase began coming in our household, we truly believe were from the seeds that were planted even while it seemed to be darkness consuming us. God provided the necessary means to bring us out. He provided everything we needed and more. Groceries came to our door, infant milk came in abundance, money for gas and so much more-because we showed our faithfulness to Him, He provided for us. And now we can shout with a voice of triumph, because those chains have been released! We are free! Our children are free! From the bondages that once held us captive. And we give God all the glory, and we know that is was the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.

    • Samantha says:

      Alishia, this is BEAUTIFUL!! What a testimony!! He is so good, such a wonderful provider. So appreciate you sharing friend. xoxo, Sam

    • That’s the same name I’m holding on to in gratitude. Last month I was robbed – my bank account was cleaned out but I haven’t lacked for anything. Even now as I look at the shortcomings in my income, I know that God will always be Jehovah JIREH and my needs are not difficult for Him to meet.

      Thanks for sharing your testimony.

  4. Jehovah Nissi, I need to remember that He wants us to focus on Him. What a beautiful name!

    • Samantha says:

      Ah, yes… He wants us to focus on Him. What a lovely sentiment… putting it into practice now!! Thanks Beth! xoxo, Sam

  5. Jehovah Nissi is perhaps the Name that I cling to today as I am in a battle with a stronghold in my life!!! For GOD is a good GOD his mercies endurest forever!!! God bless you and your ministry!!!

  6. JEHOVAH JIREH! Yes Lord, You are our Provider! I’m so encouraged by both the Devo as well as Alishia’s comment above. My family is Still in the valley of financial darkness hoping, seeking, pleading, waiting and marching the wall of Jericho(for us it is poverty and debt). Yet, daily He alone provides for our very needs and even some wants. Though we fall in the poverty bracket we don’t view ourselves as poverish because the very alive and present God is here in our home constantly showing up through His name Jireh! We know that even better things are coming! Far beyond what our feeble minds can comprehend.

    • Samantha says:

      “Daily He provides for our very needs.” And therein lies His very nature… He won’t let even a sparrow go without. How much more important are His children. Blessings to you Syna’ as you wait on Him… I know it’s difficult. May peace abound fresh every day as you see Him work on your behalf. xoxo, Sam

  7. Josephine says:

    I will write the name Jehovah Mekoddishkem on my heart this week. This reminds me that God created each one of us for purpose. We are called anointed and appointed to carry out His will in the earth today. Sadly, that call is so often buried under busyness, hurts, offenses, obligations etc. This name will cause me to refocus and take a moment to remember what I am here for. Reading this today has encouraged me to look to Him, He has a name to answer any challenge I may face. God bless you and thank you for sharing.

    • Samantha says:

      Josephine, your heart sounds just as serene and lovely as your name. Praying you feel the encouragement of the Holy Spirit as you seek His face and heart this week. xoxo, sam

  8. El Shaddai – Our Sustainer.
    Every day I need to remember that God is all I need. I do not need to please everyone around me in order to feel accepted.

    • Samantha says:

      Kristyn, such freedom in a Name… “The” Name. Love that you are choosing His Names to be Your identity and hallmark. blessings to you! xoxo, sam

  9. Jehovah-raah , the Lord, my shepherd. For I need to remember to keep my gaze on Him and follow His leading, to search for Him in all my moments. Thank you for this devotion today.

    • Samantha says:

      That. Is. Lovely. “I need to remember to keep my gaze on Him.” Just the thought of doing that makes my heart light. Thank you Loretta. Blessings. xoxo, sam

  10. Beautiful words, Samantha, and from your reader, Josephine. I, too, need to focus on the purpose that God has for my life. Jehovah Mekoddishkem will be written on my heart this week.

    • Samantha says:

      Thank you Wendy! May the pages of your heart be filled with His precious truths this week and over and over and over and over again πŸ™‚ xoxo, Sam

  11. I’m holding on to Jehovah Nissi. Remembering that through this next journey I am on, no matter how long it may take, He will be my banner and my encouragement. He will reveal each step as I seek to follow this path He has laid out before my feet.

  12. Jehovah-Jireh, my Provider and Jehovah-Shalom, my Prince of Peace. During the many times of trouble, craziness and despair in my life, HE has provided a way out of no way for me (I Cor. 10:13) and granted me peace in the midst of it all. Praise God today for HIS Word, hidden in the depths of my heart!

  13. Jehovah Rapha~
    The Lord has brought so much healing to my life from trauma. My journey of healing, health and wholeness continues. Speaking this name and calling on Jehovah Rapha will remind me that my hope and healing comes only from the Lord. May He give me courage to share His name and healing hope with others πŸ™‚

    • Samantha says:

      Meagan, praying for you that His hope and healing continue to give you courage and encouaragement!! Thanks so much for sharing. xoxo, Sam

  14. Shepherd. A dear Name of God. Our leader, comforter, tender care-taker.

  15. nice video

    He is my comfort and strength

  16. Deborah Crutchfield says:

    I have been having a lot of things going on in my marriage and my life. I claim the name El Shaddai.
    He is always my Great encourager. I can speak that name and realize that I don’t have to worry about anything, because El Shaddai is always covering me with His love. That gets me back to where I need to be in my thinking and walking the walk with El Shaddai right there beside me. Praise Him!

  17. Life has been difficult the last few months. It seems the more I pray and trust the worse it gets and even worse when I don’t. However, as I look back into my past and see what God has done for me I know that He is my Redeemer. He has redeemed me from sin, myself, others, situations, and He will redeeme me in this as well. Driving into work this morning I was listening to a Zoe Girl cd. I am reminded that because of Him I am safe. Because of Him I am redeemed. He lives…….He is my Redeemer. Prasie to Him.

  18. Brandi Dabbs says:

    Praise be to Jehovah Rapha… the Great Physician!!! Having Systemic Lupus and being a mom of three kids under 6, one of whom has Aspergers and is extremely difficult at times, I will continue to call upon His healing until He, who is sovereign over all, decides that it is time for me to experience freedom from pain and sickness… even if it is not until I have my glorified body. Until then, I want to remember to call upon His name – Jehovah Rapha – to heal me of my emotional pain as well… the pain that comes after many long, hard days. Thank you for your words and for the video – I am learning how to teach my children to praise His many names. This week we are going to be making some flags and banners with which to dance and praise Him… so the timing of your devotion was PERFECT! Thank you for being sensitive to His leading!!!

  19. Julia Sutherlin says:

    I’m calling on Jehovah Jireh, my provider! My husband has been out of work for just over 2 years and is hitting wall after wall with finding a new job. We both believe that God will provide employment and so I’m calling on Jehovah Jireh to be our provider in many ways.

    • Samantha says:

      Julia, standing with you in faith and prayer for a new job for your husband. And may you see the Lord’s goodness as you wait on Him. Blessings friend, xoxo, Sam

  20. Elohim-God the Creator- he is such an artist, isn’t He? I’ve really been taking notice of all the different colorful spring buds and flowers recently. Even the different beautiful colored birds as they come to our feeder. Everything is so vibrant in color! I’m so grateful for His creativity:)

    • Samantha says:

      Yes, definitely… love how you say, “He is such an artist.” πŸ™‚ Spring is one of my favorite seasons… so much beauty! Enjoy friend!! xoxo, Sam

  21. Your devotion has encouraged me to study the names of God as I don’t believe this is something I have done before. Jehovah Rapha is one of the names you mentioned in your devotion & this is the name I will let resonate in my heart. I am in need of both physical & emotional healing. My husband also needs to be healed though not in a physical way. I believe God will provide a way for me to share with him a bit of this devotion & this special name of God that so fits our situation right now. May God heal myself, my husband, our marriage. Amen.


    • Samantha says:

      Dear Lord, thank You for LRF and her sweet heart’s desire to know You, Your Names and Your character that shines oh so brightly through Your Names. Please go before her and open her husband’s heart to desire to learn who you are as well. Thanks Jesus!!! We love you. In Your Name we pray, Amen.

      xoxo, Sam

  22. Cheryl Downey says:

    El Shaddai~ because I have been unemployed for a year and He has taken well care of us…He has definitely sustained my family.

    • Samantha says:

      Cheryl, I have been there too friend. Praying for you as you wait in faith and hope. Believing with you that a new job is soon soon soon. xoxo, Sam

  23. I too have been encouraged to study the names of God. For now, I am holding on to Jehovah Rapha. My body is in need of deliverance from diabetes…

  24. I’m blessed today as I read, “A Call And A Response’, because it reminds me that He is my Jehovah Nissi. He give me encouragement and hope in our daily walk.. I’ll be sharing this with my accountability partner as we pray for each other and our families. May God also use us to encourage others throughout our day.

    • Samantha says:

      Sonny, I so love that you have an accountability partner and y’all are committed to praying for one another and your families. I know that makes Jehovah Nissi’s heart thrilled!! xoxo, Sam

  25. I will talk to God as El Shaddai. After going through divorce (my husband left) and financial hard times I have watched Him take care of me and my 3 children and continually provide for our needs – physical needs as well as emotional and certainly spiritual. Thank you for this new way to think and approach God.

  26. Adonai…theLord my Great Lord. Each of His names stirs a different part of my soul. They are all awe-inspiring and powerful. Just whisper God’s name: Adonai, el-Shaddai, Immanuel ..and tears flow. My soul is stirred. Joy deep within me flows. Not joy from outward circumstances. No. Joy from my Abba – my Father.

    • Samantha says:

      Joy from my Abba… that is it. All we need. Amazing, sweet and wonderful. Thanks for sharing Melodie! xoxo, Sam

  27. I have been witnessing God as Jehovah Jirah in my life, as my family has experieneed financial hardships. He has truly been and continues to be faithful!

  28. Jehovah Rapha – Our God can heal the ailments that are seen to the world and those that are not. Thank you Heavenly Father for your healing!

  29. JEHOVAH-JIREH………Genesis 22:13-14
    meaning “The Lord will provide”

    A reminder of having FAITH in all circumstances.

  30. Rosemarie says:

    “Jehovah Jirah” – my provider. Lord, I trust in you to provide for me in my needs of providing food, providing shelter, providing funds, providing employment, providing your protection. “Jehovah Jirah” my provider. O HOW I LOVE YOU!!!

  31. I will write the name El Shaddai on my heart this week as I am reminded that God can completely nourish, sustain, and satisfy us if we will only allow him to. The song El Shaddai by Amy Grant has been one of my favorites for a very long time. “Age to age you’re still the same.” “I will praise and lift you high, El Shaddai.”

    • Samantha says:

      Sandy, that’s one of my fav songs too! I turn it up, close my eyes and let the truth wash over me. xoxo, Sam

  32. michelle h says:

    I was really taken by the Prov 31 devotion – that He is El Shaddai who satisties and our response is to be satisfied. I’ve been trying for a while to learn that lesson . . . πŸ™‚

    • Samantha says:

      Thank you Michelle. so sweet of you to encourage me with your kind words. I’m still learning too! πŸ™‚ xoxo, Sam

  33. I AM- because He IS everything I will ever need, yesterday, today and forever. He never leaves me or forsakes me.

  34. Cassie Reed says:

    Jehovah Nissi is the name I will cling to this week. My family and I have been battling through spiritual warfare including intense anxiety, fearfulness, and doubt. We have been faced with trial after trial and are vouching to keep hold of the One who fights for us!

    • Samantha says:

      Cassie, May the Lord cover you with the shadow of His wings adn hold you tight. Zechariah 9:12
      Return to your fortress, O prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you. oxox, Sam

  35. I am claiming God’s name “Jehovah Rapha” as I pray for my marriage to be healed. I so appreciate this blog for today as it has challenged me to remember all of God’s character traits do not change…He is stedfast! I am thankful that “He can create beautiful things from dust”!

    • Samantha says:

      Always faithful, Always near. praying for His hope and presence to flood your marriage dear Katie. xoxo, Sam

  36. Cynthia Moss says:

    Jehovah Rapha – I will remember Jehovah Rapha this week as I pray for healing of a friend battling cancer.

    • Samantha says:

      Dear Jehovah Rapha, thank You for healing. We ask that you will touch Cynthia’s friend with Your health and wholeness. In Jesus’ name, AMen. xoxo, Sam

  37. El Roi – the God who sees me. Beign 48 and never married, living alone has been dificult at times. Knowing that God not only sees my lonliness, but desires to meet me in it encourages me to respond with thankfulness.

  38. Amanda Gillenwater says:

    Jehovah Rapha restores and heals. Our Great Physician makes better our physical and emotional needs. (Exodus 15:26)
    I will write the name Jehovah Rapha on my heart for the coming weeks. I am trying to quit smoking and what better way than to pray to Jehovah Rapha for strength in healing those needs.
    Thank you for being a part of Proverbs 31 Ministries. I needed this devotional today in a way I can’t explain!

    • Samantha says:

      Oh yes, Amanda… His Name on your heart. His Holy Spirit in You… His presence all around… you can do this!! Thanks so much for your enocuragement! I’m leading a series called “year of yes”… saying yes to God, hope, healing, etc. {which sometimes means saying no to other things}. Join us if you’d like!! πŸ™‚ xoxo, Sam

  39. Jehovah Rapha will be written on my heart. As I trust God to heal by body (and all of my siblings bodies also) of all of the chronic pain and exhaustion that we experience, I will remember His name, Jehovah Rapha and His promise of healing. God is Faithful!!!

    • Samantha says:

      Father, thank You for Your faithfulness to Cathy. Please heal Cathy and her siblings. We look forward to Your faithfulness and hope in their lives. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

      xoxo, Sam

  40. Jehovah Rapha is the name of God that I write on my heart this week! He has led me through most of the painful divorce-from-an-abuser process and I trust that He will heal and sustain me until the end!

    • Samantha says:

      Wow Jenn… so thankful for God’s goodness to you. He’s with you always. Thank you for sharing friend. xoxo, sam

  41. El Shaddai is the name I will call on this week because I find comfort in my sustainer and I know that he will give me everything I need this week.

  42. Jehovah Rapha. My healer. I’m in the current process of healing from a past of abuse and trauma. I am reminded that I need to care for myself…and when I do, I call upon MY HEALER to help me heal from these difficult things. He provides me what I need and he helps put the salve on my wounds. Thanks for this devotion. As a new Christian, I had no idea all of these names existed…well, I knew they were all Jesus…but I didn’t know of other names for him…..God Bless!

    • Samantha says:

      Brooke, he is so faithful to heal and restore and make whole/new. May you continue to see His goodness and joy as you rest in Him and His lovely wonderful Names! xoxo, Sam

  43. I write El Roi and Jehovah Rapha on my heart today for He sees into my heart to the deep wounds that need healing, and I say, “Yes, Lord! Heal me! As You have healed in the past, please do so now. I surrender to Your touch.”

    Thank you for reminding me of these wonderful names.


    • Samantha says:

      Becca, what a beautiful prayer. Thank you for sharing. He is so faithful to heal and restore. Amen. and Amen. xoxo, Sam

  44. El Shaddai has always spoken to me and continues to do so today. As I worry about our finances, El Shaddai reminds me that He Loves us and will provide for our needs!

    • Samantha says:

      Susan, finances can be one of the hardest areas to trust. But oh, what a thing of beauty when we surrender and remember. Thank you for sharing friend. xoxo, Sam

  45. Abby Girl says:

    Jehovah Rapha…………..I WILL RELEASE MY HEART so that it will be healed.
    Thank you for opening our eyes to the many names and ways our Lord will carry us.

  46. El Shaddai – HE is all sufficient and HE will provide for my needs. I have many things going on right now and I have to cling to the fact that HE is sufficient and HE will provide. Thanks for this timely message.

    • Samantha says:

      Yes, yes yes He is! God is so good to provide and is our richest of fare. Continue to dive into Him and His Word and all nourishment will be found. xoxo, Sam

  47. El-Shaddai usually comes to mind first beacuse he has been the sustainer of my family for the last yr & a half, but this week, I will claim and call out to Jehovah-Jireth because I know he has a plan & will provide a new career path for me.

  48. Think Jehovah Rapha is the name I need to focus on most right now. Not only for my physical situation — and the frustration of still not having the problem identified or way to relieve the pain & allow me to sit up right — but also the emotional after the death of my Granddad who raised me.

    • Samantha says:

      Holly, May you feel the amazing healing of Jesus right this moment. May His joy and hope fill you through and through. xoxo, Sam

  49. Roi- The one who sees. I am reminded that I am never alone in this world.

  50. Martha T. says:

    There are so many amazing names of God that it is hard to focus on just one! The Lord as Shepherd is one name that I love because I need to follow One who is reliable and wise!

    • Samantha says:

      I know, Martha!! So many I had a hard time narrowing it down to write! One of my favs is Shepherd as well. πŸ™‚ xoxo, Sam

  51. My niece is suffering from a severe back problem. She is a single mother of 3 and works long hours. We prayed to Jehovah Rapha for healing and the faith to believe in His promise of restoration. To God be the glory

    • Samantha says:

      Dear Lord, thank you for being our healer. We ask now that you please touch Tonia’s niece wiht healing and restoration. Thanks so much. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

      xoxo, Sam

    • Grace Lane says:

      I agree with you now in prayer for your neice’s healing. My husband suffers from chronic back and leg pain and I know how deblitating it can be. I pray dear Lord, that you will touch her back and ease the pain. We ask this in Jesus’ name.

  52. Jehovah Nissi calls … I cover you. We respond … I trust Your protection

    I will write this name on my heart this week. Daily I have to remind myself to give my worries over to the Lord. Yet I truly deeply believe the Lord always protects me.

    • Samantha says:

      Deb, one of my fav verses is “let the peace of God rule in your heart.” “let” and “rule” mean “to umpire.” We literally have to call the shots for our hearts. I pray this week as you trust in Jehovah Nissi and call your heart to peace, that you feel covered by Him. Blessings!! xoxo, Sam

  53. El Shadai… he nourishes…He is my nourishment.. gives me to eat spiritually!!
    Jehova Nissi… He is my banner .. the lifter of my head.. focal point in battle..

  54. El Shaddai – He is all I need to live this live. But, I need to remember to call out to Him continually throughout my day – He will nourish, sustain and satisfy all my needs.

    Thanks so much for the reminder to call out to our God by all the different names we know Him by.

    • Samantha says:

      Lisa, absolutely… He will nourish, sustain and satisfy πŸ™‚ Thanks for your encouragement!! xoxo, Sam

  55. Marianne says:

    Jehovah Jirah has always been the name that speaks to my heart. Jehovah is my Provider of health, constant love and peace. Trusting in His name. I love all the names that you mentioned and love delving into new ones πŸ™‚

    Trying to pray these names more πŸ™‚

    Blessings πŸ™‚

  56. Kimberli Fortner says:

    I love to study all the names our Lord has given us for Himself and what they mean. This devotional motivates me to do just that! I guess it is El Shaddai, because I always remember that Amy Grant song and it goes through my head from time to time. My other recent favorite is: I AM. It says to me that God is eternal, omnipresent, and our Heavenly Father (and so much more!). Thank you for the devotional, I hope I win because when Lent is over I am going to Starbuck’s!

  57. Grace Lane says:

    Powerful video! Awesome devotion! I needed to be reminded of the meanings of His Holy name. Each name describes an introcite part of His Personality. As I was reading your blog a song came to mind.
    “Jesus name above all names, beautiful Saviour, Glorious Lord. Emmanuel, God is with us. Blessed Redeemer, Living Word.”
    He is my Jehovah-Jirah and His grace is sufficient for me.

  58. Focusing on Redeemer. It is a difficult time for me right now.

  59. As I move through life today, I don’t want to look ok around to see who appears to be β€œdoing life” better than me. I want to just keep my eyes on Jesus. He’s the only one that has it all together…and I mean ALL. I am so glad I don’t have to be anyone today except who He created me to be. I’ m trusting he will help me t.o avoid comparing myself to other women who seem to β€œhave it all together.” I know He will help me live my life for an audience of One! HE is ALL I need to focus on…all the stress and problems surrounding me do not seem to matter in the big picture, they are simply stepping stones leading me to Him! What others think of me vanish and the darts they throw at me bounce off of my one who has it ALL together! THANKS BE TO HIM!

  60. Kimberly B says:

    I have so enjoyed the Proverbs 31 devotions since I signed up for them after a friend shared one on Facebook. I am choosing Jehovah Nissi this week. I have been needing encouragement & hope for awhile now. God bless you ladies who write so we may be lifted up!

  61. The name of our Father that has been and will continue to be on my heart this week is Yahweh. He is. A professor explained that the word, translated from Hebrew to “YhWh,” is like the sound of breathing. With every breath we breath, we utter the name of our creator, God. The I am. It humbles me and reminds me that I am nothing without Him. my El Shaddai.

  62. Sandi Faith says:

    Thank you for this devotion. I will be praying to:
    Jehovah Nissi calls … I cover you. We respond … I trust Your protection.
    Remembering it is He who holds everything together and watches over me and my family at all times.

  63. Susie Daggett says:

    Jehovah Jirah, He has always provided for our family

  64. Christina S. says:

    God, Father, Dad, … he knows I’m talking to him even before I think about it ,or before I say it. He knows. We have talked so many times over the years, and yes, granted there were times he listened and I babbled on more, but He knows me. I’m his creation, but I’m human and make mistakes. He know’s I hate falling, but encourages and fights for me to get up again. He loves me more than anyone ever could, even when I don’t love myself. He’s my all in all.

  65. Jehovah-raah , the Lord, my Shepherd. We are moving at the end of next month, and I need my Lord to shepherd and guide me in His will, so I will call upon Him and look to Him for my next step.

  66. Jennifer Brown says:

    Alpha and Omega…when I call The ALPHA and OMEGA I am reminded that my life story is already written from beginning to end and that The ALPHA and OMEGA is the author. Daily seeking HIS face brings me all the COMFORT i need…Thank you for BLESSING us with your ministry.

  67. Latrelle says:

    El Roi – God who sees me. Dealing with lonliness & depression, this is important to me to know that he sees me-the real me.

  68. Shepherd…my 16 year old, Abigail, is on a cruise this week with her dance line. I haven’t heard from her since Monday. I’m sure she is okay, but hearing from her would be comforting. Hopefully, she hasn’t lost her phone…if so, it can be replaced. Today, they should be in Cozumel. Maybe she will disregard my “turn off data” and post some pics! Please lift her up in prayer for a safe return home.

  69. Emmanuel. I want to always be aware that God is with us always, every moment of the day.

  70. Living Word, everyday I read Proverbs31 ministries daily devotion I find myself in those situations. Now that I am reading Karen Kingsbury’s ‘Loving’ I am relating more and more to verses stated in the book. ‘With God all things are possible!’ even when You don’t think it is possible.

  71. My husband and I recently separated. I am living in a place of feeling stuck. I feel as though I’m a 5 year old who’s waded into the mud and can’t get out. I need my Abba — my Father — to come and pull me out and set me back on my way. I have no doubt that He will, in His time. Until then, I’ll continue to cry out to Him, trusting in His timing, no matter how scary the place that I’m in may be.

  72. Tammy T. says:

    Jesus! The name above all names! My husband is waiting on a kidney transplant and is having issues with dizziness and headaches:( Jesus is the name I call on for his healing, deliverance and comfort.

  73. I don’t know the “official” name but I am trusting Him as my Deliverer right now.

  74. Thank you for sharing this. I needed the reminder & hearing what others are saying is very encouraging & inspiring. I am choosing to write Shepherd on my heart, for he always leads me, comforts me, & takes care of me. Sincerely enjoyed reading this! πŸ™‚

  75. This week I need “Abba” Father. I am working through some tough issues from my childhood and after 30 yrs it is just time to put those things to rest once and for all. I need Abba to shelter me under His wings and to love me as a beloved daughter.

  76. I shall call him My EVERYTHING! He is all I need, he will answer my prayers, he will guide me, he knows me like no other and loves me more than I could ever imagine. Our God is an Awesome God! I am thankful everyday for him. Sometimes I need a reminder that he is all that but somehow he reminds me each day. Peace.

  77. Very simply, Daddy. I have run to his loving arms and cried. There I find his comforter, peace and strength…and he met me right there.

  78. Shawna bear says:

    The names I am writing on my heart are deliverer and redeemer and beginning and the end. I am a living tapestry of His redemption. As a Mom to an ever growing and curious toddler, I need my Lord Jesus every moment to ” keep saving me” with His perfect love. Toughest most unbelievable assignment ever! I need deliverance from fears and second guessings and from self-destructive behaviors. My redeemer deliverer and Lord of All is not done yet! Thanks be to our sweet Jesus!

  79. Jehovah-Jireh, my Provider right now for all that the family needs. From emotional to finances. I know he will provide and all will come out for His glory.

  80. Everlasting Father….Coming close to the time of year when I remember the loss of my earthly father the most. Lost my mother many years ago as well. Knowing that I have an eternal Father who will NEVER leave me nor forsake me & who holds me in His arms even when I forget to ask; always has & always will….such a blessing!

  81. Jehovah Rapha- God is the divine healer. I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety over the last few years. Often, my anxiety is related to health concerns. I become fearful that minor things are major, and then I worry about what would happen to my young children if something happened to me. God alone can heal me from my anxiety disorder.

  82. The name I’m writing on my heart this week is PROVIDER (Psalm 22:14)!! As a divorced mother who hasnt been able to obtain permanent and stable employment for over a year, he provides a way without unemployment benefits or government assistance. He has shown me that HE is ALL that I need. When I am down to my very last, he steps in “on time”. When I begin to worry, in my helping others, he used them to remind me how he has been there for me in the past as my Healer when I almost died in childbirth and another possibly debilitating illness from which I fully recovered. He reminded me when he was my Comforter when my mother died in my arms after a long and painful illness. He reminded me how he has and will always be there for me.

    As I tarry through this dark and often scary journey, he reminds me not to be like the Isrealites who doubted and wandered in the wilderness for 40 years but to remain in faith and praise him in the midst of it all for he will see me through. I have no idea how to navigate in this place as I’ve always been an educated, self confident and self reliant woman who knew God was seeing me through. However, this humbling experience has shown me that when there is only one set of footprints in the sand, its because he is carrying me!

    Like the two people in the story, I have no idea how I will get to the other side, but I trust and believe that God will see me through! I tell this to others who look at me and say “how can you still feel that way when you have been in this place for so long”? I say because he doesnt always come when we want him but he’s always on time. King David was anointed king 10 years before he was appointed King. I am waiting for his best and if this is the valley I must face to get to his best for me, I pray for the strength to make it through!

  83. El Roi is our God who sees us. I choose this name because it’s comforting to me to know that He knows everything i’m going through at all times. He knows the good times, the scary times, the misbehavin’ times and bad times. This is not only a comfort to me, but it helps me to keep on the right path, kind of a conscience thing. He knows and He cares and He loves me!

  84. Jennifer says:

    Jehovah Jireh… As a single, out of work mom trying to go back to college, I know that He is the only way anything will happen… He is our provider for all things. He has provided us with loving friends to encourage and uplift us and with all the NEEDS in our lives. I know that if He will provide for the birds and the animals He will provide so much more for us, in His time…. This has been a tough one for me as I’ve always been self-reliant and now I am having to be fully Savior-reliant. Thank you for this.. I needed to be reminded that there are many names of our Lord we can call upon and ALL will be heard and answered. <3

  85. Kathy Ward says:

    Jesus Christ, Father, our creator, our resurrection & our life. He is my father on earth as well as in heaven & I thank him daily for freeing me from the fears of life. He comforts me, and uplifts my spirit as I go throughout the day.

  86. Ronda Koch says:

    My husband and I are at a critical point in our life, a sustaining point, a point where we have no where else to look for answers but to God. Our hearts have been crying out to God time and time again, over and over. And repeatedly this past week, I keep seeing El Roi.. God who sees us. I just need to know he knows we exist. We won’t stop loving him but its so hard longing for something so much and God simply welcoming us longing Him in the process. He is all about the relationship built between ourselves and him. For him, its about the process and us growing closer to him. I pray he lets my heart enjoy that…

  87. Stacy Fortenberry says:

    Jehovah Raphi is the name I choose for today. I loved the way you described it; somehow, I grasped that this means healing for depression and anxiety. I am a counselor and I often pray for my clients so today and I pray forever, I will pray for healing for depression and other mental health issues.
    THANK YOU!!!

  88. I am so totally focusing on Jehovah Nissi. I need encouragement. Our family has been in the heat of spiritual battle the last couple of years. So glad that my GOD is soooo big and totally protects my family.

  89. Jehovah Mekoddishkem… I can’t pronounce this name but my soul can and it cries out to be made new. Thanks for your encouragement Samantha. So much in a name!


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