February 22, 2012

The Best Thing to Treasure

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Several times I’ve shared about my sweet friends from El Salvador. These two adorables here….

…and talked of their gift to me—-a smudged tiny wooden bracelet. And I think of my friend Anna. An equally beautiful Greek grandma brandishing a rolling pin and hugs while scurrying to and fro in her beloved slippers. She had oomph and wit and got married in her early teens. You see, she loved her man Pete something fierce, and no boat would carry him across the ocean without her. Lady Liberty could keep her hands off.

{on their wedding day}

Anna had a house full of children, then grandchildren, and others she took in and served and fed. Oh did she feed. Her and her slippers and picnic tables lined up in her always-warm-from-the-oven kitchen. We’d hold hands in a circle, extending into the living room, and give grace. And she’d give double heapings of adoration and eggplant parm while padding around in her much-loved slippers.

Until one day a new guest in her home commented how lovely those cherished slippers were. Now, Anna and her man left the turquoise shores of Greece for the winter white of Maine. On cold wood floors, slippers are a nicety.

But not a treasure. Not to Anna at least. I watched as this gray-haired Yaya removed her slippers. The bustling house full of over 30 hungry creatures faded into the blazing warmth of the fire place. Or was it Anna’s selflessness burning a hole into my heart? She slipped her guest’s shoes off; fitted her slippers on their feet. I may have heard Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.

Even this first-time guest sensed what we seasoned company knew. Anna’s slippers were special. But Anna wouldn’t take no for an answer. For to her, these slippers weren’t the treasure; but they told of The Treasure. And isn’t He worth letting possessions go and having chilly toes for?

I want a love like Anna’s. To follow my Man across the world, should that be where He leads. And invite others into our home, life, heart. Serve them and feed them with the richest of fare. Warm them by my passion for the Word. And give. Oh to give what I can’t keep in the long run anyhow.

We’ve all got something that can be used to tell of our greatest Tresure. I missed my chance with my South African bracelet. But here’s the grace: I’ve had other chances. And will have more. I wonder, would you share how you let go of a treasure in order to share The Treasure please? Sure would be good to hear and be encouraged.

I’d love to share with you the honor of sponsoring a kiddo or two from Compassion International? Like my friends in the photos. Click here…  If you do, will you please tell us about them? You’ll be entered to win this lovely bracelet.

{pictures from El Salvador below} {{the kid’s precious gift}

{bringing their family rice, soap and other needs}

{their home is under the tarp}

{inside their grandmother’s home}

{they loved taking pictures with my camera!}

{God’s treaures}



  1. I truly believe not hanging on to things i feel when we are given things there is a place for it to go it may not happen over night may happen sometime down the road but you can rest assured there is a place for whatever comes our way and is exciting when that happens as you know God brings the ones in need to our attension at some point….God Bless

  2. Sharon Sloan says:

    I heart you Sam. YOU are a treasure.

    Love and hugs,

  3. A powerful reminder. Thanks for your openess and honesty in sharing. It is never easy to let go of what is dear to us, but we are confronted by your testimony to lay up treasure aove as we seek to ‘give ourselves away’ in all areas of our lives. Be Blessed! I have not judged you 🙂

  4. I loved this challenge to share more of what is not really mine in the first place. I am praying that my children will learn to have giving hearts as well – so difficult in this materialistic society! We have sponsored a beautiful little girl in Africa for the past few years, and just began another sponsorship last week of a precious child in Honduras. My daughter, 11, was touched looking through all those sweet faces in the Compassion website, and was wishing she could sponsor them all, so she decided to bake up some love. She has a little cupcake “business” and decided to sell them for Valentine’s Day as a fundraiser. She baked her little heart out, and made $228, exactly enough for 6 months of sponsorship. Our family will continue the sponsorship. God is so good!

  5. I can’t count the times I’ve listened and obeyed God but I suspect a majority of those times was when it was easy for me. I can, however, count and vividly remember the times I did not, or spent years delaying my obedience. Those hurt…a lot. And those were times when what was being asked of me was either hard or uncomfortable. I am trusting more these last couple years and obeying faster. What a joy that brings!

    We sponsor a child through Compassion: Solomon Engda Shibru. He lives in Ethiopia and is 16yrs old now. We chose him in 2005 because his birthday fell in the same month as my two sons and his age was between theirs. It must have been almost beyond words to be able to go visit your children!

  6. Good morning!
    Woww how beautiful your devotion today Sam! I loved it! It ministered so much to me.. Guess what!? It ministered a lot to me because I got excited when I read the two kids where from El Salvador! Im from El Salvador as well!…Thats why it touched my heart so deeply. I know theres a lot of poor people here who need love and food and clothes and shelter.. The minimum wage is very minimum and everything keeps getting more expensive. I want to be more like you. Sometimes ive been selfish as well wanting to keep my earthly possesions and I want to be able to give without feeling worried about the future, about what will I have will I have a house and all that i need 10 years from now? Its about trusting God and making treasures in heaven instead of on earth… love you Sam 🙂

  7. I just read your devotional from the daily encouragement (Proverbs 31 ministries). Thank you for sharing your failure. I think openness about the times we don’t follow the spirit’s nudging can be just as educational (if not more) than our successes. Personally, I can relate more to the failings and the lessons learned. Thank you for sharing!!

  8. What a moving devo Sam! Thank you thank you thank you for being REAL. God bless you and those cute kids. God bless them beyond what a wooden bracelet would have blessed them with. I already see that you are blessed beyond what you would have been had you given your precious bracelet.
    We sponsor 2 Comapassion kids… Yesenia from El Salvador and Cesar from Colombia. 6 months ago our 30+ year marriage fell apart. My husband keeps up the financial support (I have no means of income) while I pray and correspond with them.
    The most amazing thing happened today. I receive daily devo’s from Adrian Rogers, Charles Stanley and Proverbs 31. Every one today had the very same theme… lay up treasures in Heaven, be humble to be successful, more of Him and less of me… And last week I put up Matt 6:21 all over my work area!
    Last night I prayed God to show me what my first step is to be in this sad new world I’m walking in. I believe He did, using the author’s of these devotionals I read this morning. So even when you thought you failed, God (yes, the God of second chances!) turned it into a blessing… my blessing. God grant us all to keep this in mind and practice!

  9. I was so inspired by you message today. God has been placing the idea to sponsor a child on my heart for some time and I have been reluctant to commit, so today I finally became a sponsor of a little girl named Ana! After I finished the forms I went back and read your message again and realized that I had just sponsored a child in El Salvador! Thank you for you message and honesty. God Bless You!

  10. We sponsor 3 children from Compassion that are around each of our boys ages: Christian Happy Prayogo from Indonesia, Mar Angelo Tuscano from the Phillipines and Maria Franciska from Indonesia. We love getting their letters. Recently, one of the children said he carries my son’s picture and talks to him! They are so grateful for our sponsorship and always tell us they are praying for us. We treasure their homemade pictures and tokens. What a blessing they have been to us! And I would encourage everyone to sponsor a child!

  11. Karen Cole says:

    Dear Samantha,
    I want you to know just how much your story touched me. I had a dove pin a long time ago. I had lost it but going through a rough time one day my son Jeffrey who was 2 at the time pointed to the pin and said it s hugging you mommy. It is just like God to use a child. Two years ago my son Jeffrey gave me a necklace and he was 16 at the time. The pendent was a cross with a dove on it. I started to cry. Just this past November 2011 he past away in a car accident. He had just turned 19. I got to share the story of the gift he gave at his home going. He had been on 3 mission trips and one was to El Salvador. He helped to drill wells with Living Water International. I hope we have a chance to connect.

    • Dear karen Hugs to you. I cannot imagine your pain in losing your son at age 19. How wonderful that he had already been on 3 mission trips and knew the heavenly Father. God bless, Eva

  12. Samantha…Your story touched my heart. God bless you. The Lord is always giving us opportunities to do what is right…we don’t always obey, but His love is so amazing …and His understanding of our humanity is so forgiving…Praise God… You shared your story to touch a lot of hearts…Maybe all along this was His plan! So after all you did obey…thank you for sharing and God bless you.

  13. My husband and I sponsor two children with Compassion, a boy 12 who lives in Uganda and a girl 15 in Tanzania. thank you for being real and sharing your story about the bracelet. So many times I have felt nudges to give things away and then held onto them. We have so much in the United States in so many ways I believe we become numb to really listening to God when He asks us to give. One thing I know, we brought none of it with us and we will take none of it when we go…..

  14. Wow. Reading your story immediately brought back a familiar memory. I’m sad to say I did the exact same thing. Sadly enough it was not a special bracelet from my father. I questioned Gods voice and squirmed because I knew I didn’t want to do it. I don’t even wear the bracket anymore because the disobedience ruined my enjoyment of it. Now it sits in a drawer instead of glorifying God with whatever purpose he had for it on a little girls wrist in Mexico. Thanks for sharing. Gods Grace is amazing!

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