February 2, 2012

A Bit of Encouragement to Say Yes

Esther stood before the king with a white-knuckled yes in her hand.

“Yes,” she breathed faithfully to her countrymen. “I’ll risk it. I’ll say yes.”

Yes to letting go of her fear. Yes to days of preparation.

Her yes sealed the king’s yes. Yes, your people may live.

What might we risk? What yes might we breathe to the King today? These beautiful moments of saying yes surely will weave into new life. We’ll need to refine and polish our hearts, our ways. But a yes on our part will very likely save us.

Have you closed your heart off? Turned your back on another chance to yes? I have too, many times. God took me around the world to awaken my yes…. I hope this post encourages you in our journey of Yes this year.



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  1. Sam, you have challenged me by your “year of yes” that you are committing to. In many ways my “forward” is similar, only there are somethings I’m still scared to say “yes” to, but I know God is moving in my heart. Sometimes saying “yes” means letting go and moving forward. As you know, it’s the letting go that’s so hard for me.
    Just wanted to let you know, you’ve stirred something new in my heart, and it kind of makes me nervous 🙂 But that’s not a bad thing. More of a trust God totally thing.
    Thanks girl. Great post.

  2. I was crying out to God about some issues, and then read your blog. Wow!!! This speaks to me on so many levels . . . Saying “yes” to: giving up my dreams for His (may not be the same for me or others); letting go of fear of being hurt again; trusting Him; trusting others; accepting “what is” with a grateful heart and not looking ahead for more; giving up my “right” to an apology and complete knowledge of why something happened, etc.

    • Katie, I think any “yes” to God is an awesome yes! My yeses will be similar to yours too… sounds like you have an amazing year ahead!! Please do keep us posted, yes?


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