January 31, 2012

A Year of Yes!

No, I am too shy to go to that small group I don’t know anyone.

No, that country is so far away, I’ll skip this missions trip.
No, I gained weight since I last saw them. I’ll just skip that reunion.
No, not hanging with them. I’m still single and feel like a loser.
No, my writing is inadequate. I won’t submit to a publisher.

No No No

Tearing the hole wider until isolation and doubt and fear swallowed me whole. Some legitimate concerns hold me back. Others? Nothing but weights anchoring me to a stagnant present and future.

Dismal? Yes. Hence my desire for change. I’m saying no, no more, in order to say Yes.

Yes, Lord, I will take Your hand
Take You at Your Word
Take Your promises

Take a chance on life, love, hope. Because years of saying “no” have led me nowhere.

This is my year of saying Yes. Yes, I am a bit nervous. Yes, I’ll be pushed beyond my boundaries, my fears, my laziness. But I know there are things I want to say yes to in the future that will require me saying yes in the present.

Yes, I will go around the world on missions with you Lord.
Yes, I will publish my book with you Publishing House.
Yes, I will be your wife Mr. Husband-to-be

I’ll be posting once a week of something I said Yes to, that for one reason or another I would have said No to. And by the end of the year, I hope to have a new revelation of the greatness of God and a tale of adventure with the best person I’ve ever said yes to, Jesus.

Will you join me in saying Yes?

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  1. Great post Sam!! I can so relate to much of what you said! I’m one who has the tendency to just say no – really took those DARE talks to heart back in the day!! A year of yes, what a wonderful idea…praying I can do the same!! Thanks for sharing!! Blessings, Jill

    • Such a joy to hear your heart, Jill! Thank you for sharing. I’m looking forward to hearing about each of our adventures in ‘yes’ this year!!


  2. Awww….I love this!!!! Saying YES to God! 🙂

    I think we all have holes that were formed by our “no” responses. 🙁 Sad face. Thanks for encouraing us and spurring us on to say YES when God is moving!!!!

    Can’t wait to follow all you are saying YES to! Praying for you!!!!!!!

    Love your honesty and transparency.

    Hugs and LTS,

    • As always, you warm my heart through your kind words and friendship. Thank your for your cheer and accompaniment on this journey of Yes!!

      Love you friend!

  3. Sam.. You are amazing. i love this post. i have been following through on some steps of courageous in the ministry I have felt God has birthed in my heart for a long long time. so I understand those yes’s. So thanks for the reminder and the courage.. i feel like I am so blessed to watch your yes journey. I so wish we lived close. i would love love to hang out with you. You are truly one of those people i met and i just instantly thought I want to get to know her– she has an amazing spirit and heart and fun and well.. i could go on!
    Jenn Hand

    • Jenn, what a joy! So excited for you to be taking steps of yes to that which the Lord birthed in your heart. I’ve often wondered if when we pound the door of heaven, asking God ‘when? when?”, He is saying the same thing to us. Glad to be on the ‘yes’ train together!! It was awesome meeting you at She Speaks… thanks for your sweet encouragement and cheer!!


  4. That was a great post. Funny, I looked back this morning at something that I had wanted to do and then put it so far back on the burner I forgot about it.

    I am looking forward to following your “Yes’s” as I’m sure it will motivate me to follow suit.


    • Awesome, Anne! I so hope you’ll share your ‘yes’ too, please. Exciting to think of all us girls following after Jesus and just where He’ll lead. Glory, glory!


  5. Wow! Your post just confirmed/answered a question I’ve been asking God alot lately. I have said ‘NO’ for so many years and now I have been stepping out of my ‘comfort zone’ the past few weeks and this week has been really hard and I want to withdraw back to my shell soooo badddd. However, God has shown me so much grace, growth and mercy this past year, I am doing my best to ‘keep stepping’ because he has always been right there with me and I owe Him so much praise. Thank you again and please pray for me and that I get an answer to what He is wanting me to do with the second half of my life now that I am finally listening…….

    • Rhonda, I’ve always thought half listening ears beget a half lived life. BUT…. oh, the joy of a soul open to hearing God. Girl… your adventure has just begun! Thrilled for you and praying you hear the Holy Spirit with each step to you take saying, “This is the way, walk in in Rhonda.” Blessings to you! Hope you’ll keep us posted!

  6. I admit, I came to your blog this morning for another purpose (“A Perfect Mess” giveaway from a couple days ago), but these words spoke to me in a way so deep, I can almost not describe! Weight gain (because of medical issues, and well, life) – ding! Single and haven’t been on a date in YEARS, feeling like a loser – ding, ding! A writer who’s too afraid to do anything with her works (to the point of walking away from the computer for months at a time!) – ding, ding, ding! And missions?! Well, that word’s not EVEN in MY vocabulary! So, to say that I started out on this page, seeking out “A Perfect Mess” only to find a challenge – a chance to take the Hand of the Lord and trust Him to guide THIS ‘perfect mess’ outside the boundaries that have been so engraved by the constant mutterings of “no” and “I can’t” and “I shouldn’t” and “I dare not” into what He truly created me to be… Well, if that’s not divine intervention, I don’t know what is! Samantha, may YOU be blessed in YOUR year of “Yes”, and may joy and grace be your traveling companions! Although I am a bit nervous still, I believe this journey will be fruitful if I keep my eyes on the Lord!

    • Oh Annie… the Lord works in mysterious ways, yes? And friend, if your comment alone is an indication of your writing… you best get to getting girl! Beautiful and well put. And don’t forget, only the Lord can turn our Perfect Mess into a Divine Message.

      Please do keep us tabbed on this grand adventure of saying Yes to Jesus. Excited for you!!


  7. I tend to say yes to God in the ways I feel are safe. New ministry opportunity? Sure! Teach a workshop at a Christian women’s conference? Yep! Support this or that in the church? No problem! Read your testimony in front of the ladies Bible study on visitor night? Welllll… that one wasn’t so easy but I did it.

    But saying yes to things that are not in a location that is Christ-centered is way harder.

    Be a better witness to my neighbors? Uhhhh….
    Work harder at drawing the sports moms interest in church activities? Maybe next time?
    Keep witnessing to my family that doesn’t have an interest in church or anything to do with it? Really?
    Act out what I believe more faithfully in front of my kids? Ouch.

    What a good challenge! The prospect of one act of obedience is so doable. I know it will be coming, so I can prepare and then take that breath and go for it!

    • Love your insight! I know what you mean!

    • Shannon, this right here: “The prospect of one act of obedience is so doable. “… perfectly put!! Yes! One, just one. I can do that. Then another one. And oh, I totally hear you. God once asked me to invite the grocrery clerk to church. Pa-lease! I walked right out, silent. Only to be so overwhelmed by His persistence, that I finally went back in to the store. Wouldn’t you know some friends from church were standing in her line. Phew! I told her about our church and then they took over. God is so merciful. And I pray He creates streams of grace and mercy for you too as you say yes, yes, yes.


  8. Yes!

  9. Yes! Oh yes!

  10. It’s sort of the opposite for me–I have been saying yes all my life–daring, adventerous–a go-go-go person– but alas! Circumstances in my life are halting all my plans and ambitions and I don’t know where to go with it! It leaves me as you–to say yes–to ONLY and simply trusting God’s will and his plan and knowing He is with me wherever I go. Even as I am surrounded by his miraculous creation I STILL find it hard to trust…one foot in front of the other….so I go, or wait–but still I say yes.

    • Okay, well, this is utterly beautiful… “ne foot in front of the other….so I go, or wait–but still I say yes.” Thank you for sharing this sentiment, decree, motto. I do beleive I will adopt it!

      Here’s to one foot in moving and then the next… or to waiting. Whatever He says!


  11. Great post! Very inspiring!

  12. Oh Sam, you are such a gifted writer. Your honesty moves me but also breaks me. I turn to look inside to see what my heart’s response is… and I am stretched out of my comfort zone. I’m not sure what to think about it. 🙂 I’ll consider this invitation…this adventure of saying Yes. But after a week like this one, I’m wondering if He’s asking me to say yes to saying NO. Hmmmm.

    • Thank you friend! Yes, part of my yes will also be choosing to say no. A must in this wild world, huh? I pray for each step He shows you before you even ask to say yes or no.

      Big hugs and love!

  13. Saying “yes” to God is like soul surfing. You are sitting out in the deep on just an itty bitty surfboard, waiting for the wave of his Spirit. Once you catch the Spirit’s wave, you will ride this momentous wave all the way to the shore laughing your head off all the way because you are filled with God’s ecstatic joy. Obedience and love…what a ride!

    Yes, indeed I am soul surfing. Am I scared sometimes? You know it, but those are the times the surfboard bobbles under my feet. Those are the times, when I have to refocus . Ride on, my sisters. Ride on.

    • Robin, I laugh just reading this!! What joy and hope you’ve shared. Thank you much friend! I can’t wait to go to the beach and think about riding the waves of obedience and love 🙂

      Riding on… xoxox

  14. Dawn Baker says:

    This is so neat to know that I am not the only one who has made the resolution to say yest to God this year, instead of saying, “i’m too afraid”, “I don’t have this quality, or am not good enough”, etc. I am so excited to feel the Lord’s push of confidence in just being who I am and allowing Him to work through me by living and surrounding myself with His blessings. I don’t have to fear anymore. Praise God that I am not alone. 🙂

    • Awesome! Christ before us, Christ within us. Christ behind us, Christ above us. Never alone, walking with Him and encouraging one another.

      So glad to hear of what He’s doing in your life Dawn!! Thank you for sharing!


  15. Oh, my heart whoops with a resounding ‘Yes’!!

    Even if there is a little trickle of fear that tries to creep in. But, my answer is still for following the path the Lord leads, no matter what. I haven’t been on this journey long, but even in my couple weeks of saying Yes to the Father for whatever He might bring, I already see the rewards. A heart that is more at peace, and in-line with Daddy.

    Blessings, girl! I can’t wait to see where God leads you!

    • Sweet! “A heart that is more at peace, and in-line with Daddy.” Oh, what more could we girls ask for? Love love love knowing you’re saying yes too this year!! Must get together and share!!!!


  16. Sam, I appreciate your heart and transparency. I know God has been asking me to “Get out of the Boat” more too. Stories of faith in Hebrews 11 inspire me to say “yes” to God. God bless your obedience sister; we’re in this together and I’m excited to see where He leads. Your writing is a breath of fresh air! I love you Sam, Love, Hester

    • I love knowing we can look over on the water and see each other walking toward Jesus (though maybe we should keep our eyes on Him?!) 🙂 Sooooooo excited about your April trip to Haiti. What a joy and blessing!!

      Love you!

  17. Just can’t wait to see where all these “yes’s” will take you to, Sam!

  18. Prince's Mommy says:

    This goes w/ Guidepost Daily Reflections (Online) this AM. The Fulllness of GOD’s H.O.P.E. (Hold On /Pray Expecting). Experience G.R.A.C.E.: GOD’s Riches At CHRIST’s Expense: Sinner’ Prayer / Accept REDEEMER: New LIFE and Now LIFE. It’s not about what’s next but WHO’s there with me, so let’s go on together…


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