November 10, 2011

Chasing Peace

“I can trust the One who has my best interest in mind.” AW Tozer

No more than we could drive the rain back into the clouds.

Or scurry to grasp the tails of a fading rainbow – pulling, stretching its colors wide.

No more than we could retreat the tides by running at the shore force full and feet splashing.

No more capable of these feats are we, than to chase peace and capture it. To run hither and yonder, and far or near, and there, sometimes here, and oh, the circles and aimless spirals we twirl, dire to latch hold of peace.


That word, that feeling, nay… that state, for which the world wars. For which families crumble. People madden. That for which we compromise, and improvise and televise: It’s here… if only you chase after it with your rights, time, dignity, money.

But for all our chasing, we never lay hold of peace. Not until we reckon with these still, small, nine words that beckon a ceasing. An exhaling. Shoulders fall. Jaw relaxes. These words tell us there’s peace a’ plenty, costing nothing.

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.” Colossians 3:15

Let this truth whisper, slow down hurried heart. Those two strong words? Let and rule? Yes,  they mean “umpire.” Behind the action, still. Not running, searching, ceaseless.

Standing at the forefront of it all, eyes open, calling the shots.

This running, diving for peace in anything but Christ? Instead, He beckons… stop, and still. Call your heart to let God’s peace rule.

How do we? Intimate knowledge of He who is our Peace {afterall, it is the peace of Christ that pleases bottomless aches}. So when circumstances crumble and anxious scrambles attempt to right them, we call to our heart the truth of the matter.

He is true. Just. Faithful. Honest. Fair. Worthy. He completes us.

Nothing chased will bring us peace. Pausing, resting in Him… knowing who He is… calling out to our wandering aimless hearts. We were made for this relationship, this ceasing. There, peace is.

It will take time. Umpires don’t start in the World Series. But one less step of ceasing leads to another step not taken takes us to a point of stillness. A point of calling ‘peace.’ A point where the chase ends. And peace begins.

Peace to you.

Intimacy, JD Helser

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  1. *sigh* Just basking and injesting these poetic words.

    {An exhaling. Shoulders fall. Jaw relaxes. These words tell us there’s a table of plenty, costing nothing.}

    Oh, amen and amen!

    • Awwww, relaxing my jaw and shoulders right now. Praying you feel His invitation to rest this season. Much love friend!! Sam

      • Your blog is so full of creative, colorful ideas.Can you add a &#;9&Search3#39; bar in your blog? Was looking for a few flat-vases you had posted about some time back….THanks and keep it coming!!Merry ChristmasKJ

  2. Thank you so much for this. I have just found you through Proverbs 31! I’m so glad I did.

    You’re helping me cope with a very lonely marriage. God bless you!

    • Awesome!! Welcome to P31 and my blog. So glad you’re hanging out with us and pray that we’ll mutually encourage one another. May you find His joy and hope this season.

      Merry Christmas friend.

      xoxo, Sam

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