November 30, 2011

How are You?

If you’re popping over from Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion today, welcome! We’re delighted you’re here.

“There is,” he said, “healing in the telling.” ~Cecil Murphey

Yes, that. The telling which often requires an asking. Perhaps you’re like me? Keeping emotions tucked under the sleeve, rather than worn on it? Close mouthed unless prompted to open up your heart? Mostly I pour out to the One who always asks, ceaselessly hears. Yet I do long to share with others. I’m just a bit shy and perhaps give the air I don’t want need to be asked. “We long to be known because we are lonely, and we fear being known because then we may then be loneliest of all.” ~ Shelia Walsh, Honestly. And therein is the difficulty.

Many times it’s not only the original pain, but the pain of not being questioned. The claustrophobia of isolation. The not telling that is so difficult. Stifled words grow moldy and decay our hearts.

Three words have the cleansing power of bleach — “how are you?” Ahhhh, fresh, light, ease.

Perhaps you’re the opposite of  me? You freely share and openly talk about what weighs on you? May I encourage you… simply listen. A question I have to face often is, “Am I so caught up with what’s going on with me that I forget to ask others how they are?”

To ask and be asked. To listen and be heard. Both breath life into weary souls. So today, I’m going to ask a friend, “How are you?” and pause to hear. And, though out of my normal comfort, I’ll answer beyond “fine” when asked how I am.

So friend… one last thing… How are you?

We’re creating an online community today to encourage one another.
~Please leave a comment letting us know how you are.
~Then, leave a comment with a prayer for the person who commented before you. Please “reply” to their post and not in a different one. That way they’ll be sure to see it’s for them. Thanks!

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  1. Rita Safari says:

    I am at crossroads right now, I am not sure how I am. Everything seems to be closing in on me, I am dealing with so many issues at once, I get so worn out, I don’t even have the strength to feel anything. I need prayers.

    • May the grace and hope of our Lord comfort and sustain you Rita. Hold on a little longer. He’s not through yet. Jeremiah 29:11.

      xoxo, Sam

      • I am holding onto God’s promises by my fingernails today. I’m unemployed and my unemployment money is delayed. I have my entire family- two grown sons, a daughter-in-law, and my three year old grandson living with me in my two bedroom, two bath apartment. I can’t afford my medications, my car insureance, my bills…I do have food stamps so I can help buy gorceries. My son & daughter-in-law have to pay my rent this month. I”m very thankful that thay can, but I know it puts them in a bind financially and besides, I like to be the one giving, not taking and asking for help. I know God will provide and I feel guilty for even being the tiniest bit worried. We just all need prayer.

        • Margaret, I pray this today…. that you know you are the apple of His eye and that you feel Him saying, “Come to Me,all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

          Lord, please provide in miraculous ways for Margaret today. Be her everything and fill her in every way she is empty. Bless her please we ask. Move the mountain and give her wisdom we ask. Thanks for always moving on our behalf. Amen.

        • Margaret, I am praying that our gracious Lord brings you comfort and peace and rids you of the guilt while going through this difficult time. My husband has been unemployed for over two years, we have three boys at home, two full time college students, that work part time also and have had to pitch in to cover bills and food or we wouldn’t have light, gas, water, etc. or food to eat. It is a humbling experience to have to count on our children…but God is good and I am thankful for my children and yours for being there for their parents. Be Blessed

          • Dear Lord, thank you for hearing Patricia and knowing her deep felt needs. Lord, I’m asking with her… please deliver her family out of this desert. You are our cloud by day adn fire by night, always covering us and protecting. Will you please do the same for Patricia and part the sea and bring her and her family out to the others side? Thank you Jesus. Amen.

    • I’m sorry, I was so busy telling how I am, that I didn’t even write my prayer for Rita. Lord, thank you that you hold Rita in the palm of your hand and that she is precious to you. Thank you that her answers are on the way to her. Please help her to rest in your love and feel your arms around her, giving her strength and comfort and helping her to know that with you, all things really are possible. Amen.

    • Janet Volpe says:

      I am blessed by the Lord but we have a terrible family problem right now.
      Our daughter left her husband and five beautiful children to go out partying and drinking and being with other men. The pain is overwhelming. She was raised in a Christian home. Her husband and children are living with us in a small house. We love them and will be here for them as long as needed. We are waiting on the Lord for His answer to all of this.

      Patricia, for all of my 46 years of marriage we have experienced many times of want and plenty, peace and turmoil, good and bad Through it all the Lord never ever failed to ptovide for our needs. Not always our wants. Just trust Him and rely on Him. You are blessed to have children so ready to help out. Treasure them.

      • Lord, you are always our calm in the storm. Only your voice stills the waves. Lord, please. Please, we ask that you visit Janet’s daughter right now. Clear her mind and release her from what is keeping her from her family. God, please we beseech you. Bring her home. Restore what’s been lost. Thank you for loving her enough to do this. And we ask for grace and healing for her husband, kids and parents too. Thank you. Amen.


  2. I’m struggling tonight. Feeling restless and weary. Tired of no’ s and waits. My heart aches but I’m not sure why. You asked Sambo.

    I guess, since I’m the first to comment, I get to pray for you, my love.

    Lord, I thank you for the blessing called Sam. As much as I love her, I don’t really know her, but you know her best of all. Meet her in the middle of her needs, her joys, and her dreams

    • Precious Jesus, place your hand on LeeBird’s heart and lift her up to share in the peace and love only you can show her. Let her take some time to revel in your presence and heal at your touch. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

      I feel abandoned by my family and the community at large. Folks who are ordinarily responsive are now so busy they are unable to follow thru on their word and not be able to fulfill the commitment they made to me. Unforturnately, my insurance company has decided they don’t like the looks of my storage shed and I either have to put siding on it or get a statement that says it is structurally sound. It is but have not been able to get someone here to give me that statement in writing. I am totally disabled and my husband works very hard full time. I have a deadline that is looming over my head of Dec 9th which is the day the insurance company says they will cancel my policy if they don’t have pics of siding on or statement. It is so hard to find insurance here in Florida that a person can afford, I just can’t have them cancel my policy. Of course they have a full year’s worth of premium’s already and getting the money back will take more than two weeks so I would also have to find the money to pay a new insurance company if I can’t complete their list. Please pray for me and my husband. God Bless you all.

      • Sweet Sandy, He moves mountains… still, always, now. We pray with you that He brings an person to give a statement this week… or gives an extension on your deadline. May you be filled with hope and peace. “Psalm 138:8, The Lord will work out his plans for my life–for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever. Don’t abandon me, for you made me.”

        xoxo, Sam

    • LeeBird… thank you so much for answering. I’m honored to hear your heart. Lord, I ask that you fill Lee up to the full. She pours out encouragement on so many. Your word promises you’ll refresh those who refresh others. Please carry your Truths out today for her. Comfort and sustain her and fill her to the full with your peace and hope and joy.

      Love you much LeeBird!! You’re so special to me. xoxo, Sam

  3. Please say a prayer for me. I am having a biopsy today and am trying so hard not to worry. Besides my husband I haven’t told anyone. I’ve opened the door to discuss this with others but it hasn’t worked out. I know and trust my Savior! He will sustain me through whatever the future holds.

    • Hi, Angie. here’s two of my favorite bible verses Isaiah 41:10 . ” I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”. Matthew 11:28 “Come to Me,all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.. A-Men.. Lord I lift up Angie to You today Lord, You know what she’s going through, give her a peace Lord for this biopsy to be negative, and Lord give her the strength to share her cares and what’s going on with her family and or friends.. They can and will help give her the support she needs at this time. Lord put a healing touch on her Lord that nothing comes of this…in Jesus Precious Name..A-Men…love and prayers…Essy

    • Dear Lord, you are a wonderful healer. A lover of our souls… a comfort and warrior for us. Please be with Angie and her husband as they go through this biopsy. I ask too for you to prompt her friends to call her… even if they aren’t sure why. Let them reach out and love on her please. Thanks for your faithfulness. Amen.


  4. Colette Williams says:

    Today I feel so overwelmed, Did God give me too much to handle or am I not yet trustworthy!! I have so many questions and my heart feel heavy. I work for a child protection organization, who has struggled for 3 years to get out of problems of fraud and mismanagement of money. I have worked and prayed for a miracle for so long, He answered we are okay again, through God’s mercy and grace.
    After looking at our finances we are not able to reward our staff for 3 years of dedication and hard work, just a bonus to express gratitute for long hours work above the salary,withour complaining or groanng, fully aware that we still need to sustain the organization with the funds we have available. Today I Pray for another miracle and I stand on my FAITH for my employees that God will see the motives of my heart and reward not me but my staff for doing his work. I need prayer and ask for intercessing as well as peace to deal with the expectation should it not be possible. Thank you for this opportunity to share… GOD IS MY REDEEMER!!!!

    • Collette, today I’m reminded God can and does and will move mountains. Let’s ask Him together.

      Lord, thank you for Collette’s job and for the miracles you’ve already given. We praise and thank you for your faithful guidance. Please we ask that you continue to move on their behalf. Exo. 14:13-14 reminds us, “Don’t be afraid. Just stand where you are and watch the Lord rescue you. The Lord will fight for you. You won’t have to lift a finger in your defense.” Please do that for Collette. Thank you Jesus. In you name, Amen.


  5. Colette Williams says:

    Lord I pray for Leebird, for guidance and direction in the midst of her needs. You are our source Lord, their is none in comparison to you,not a job, nor any person on earth. You are Yehowah Yirah our provider. Bless her Lord, keep her and extend your hand to her.

  6. how i am?

    i am sad. i believe in jesus but most times i feel like he is not gonna give me what i ask of him. i am lonely and mostly long to have someone to talk to someone i trust,someone willing to listen and not judge me or say words that will put me down. because in my youth,i used to adore many people to become my friends, i tried very hard to be friends with them. but mostly, they never listen to me when i speak, they put me down, and made me feel i didn’t fit in with them. a small mistake i made or just something i did that i am happy with, they take it as a big sin. as a result i feel tyd up and have no courage to be who i am because they don’t like it. some times,when my friends talk about their boyfriends, and preparations for their weddings, i feel ashamed because i am waiting for a man of God who is not coming and the years are passing. i sometimes blame myself for dumping my ex-boyfriend to follow Jesus and think probably we could have been happy now and he would be with Jesus too. but deep in my heart i know that he could never accept to follow Jesus because he never liked me going to church. i am so sad to the point that i don’t know what to do anylonger. days are going and the more i become more anxious to find a man of God and get married.

    • Dear Lord, thank you for Lea. Her heart is hurting and she needs you now. Will you scoop her up, cradle her in your love and reassure her? Please help her know she is in your heart, in your will, in your hands. I ask that you lead her to still waters that will nourish and revive her. Whether that be a new group at church, new counselor, new friends. Fill her with your hope today, we ask. Thank you Lord for caring so deeply about Lea. In Your Name, Amen.


    • I will continually pray for you,because I don’t know your age I can tell you for as wanting a Holy man remember “All Good and Perfect gifts come from God.I made a big!!!! mistake after being save and without a man in 23 yrs.,two years ago I let a pass come back in my life,only to find out he lives’ with someone.I will not blame it on satan{because that’s a lame excuse} What I’m saying God know’s what’s best for us. In your pat. process ye your soul. Find that scripture and keep reading it. I can’t tell where it’s at right off hand,but find it. I’m a soon be 65 year old woman and should have known better after being save now 25yrs. I’m glad to know God is marry to the backslider,because I would have committed suiside.Wait no matter how long it takes. I promise you wating on the Lord is better then a few min. of pleasures, Love and Let the peace of God rule in your heart.

    • To Lea: You are stonger than you think. You chose to follow God than to marry someone you knew wasnt wanting to follow. It is hard to see it now in your sorrow but you made a wise choice.
      I once had friends I felt made fun of me and didn’t care for me as I cared for them- Ive learned that instead of looking for and choosing whom I want as my friend- sometimes god is leading people to me, and I was avoiding those people cause they weren’t who I was wanting.
      I will pray for you today. Please also pray for yourself continually, small prayers to get you strong and through your day.

      Lord, please help Lea as she feels sadend and weak. Lord fill her with hope for her future and peace. May she continue to follow you and may she know you have a plan for her life and that it is good. Amen.

    • Lord, be with Lea. Show her your grace and your love that will comfort her in this time of loneliness. Let her see that you have plans to prosper her and not to harm her, plans to give her hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11). Let her be able to rest in your amazing presence. You will make known to her the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; in Your right hand there are pleasures forever. (Psalm 16:11) Lord, this precious daughter of yours is hurting and alone. May she find her rest in You until You guide her to her life companion on this earth. Help her to find friends that she can depend on, and who will truly listen and care. Thank You that she is fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14), and that You love her more than anyone else ever can. May she truly experience Your wondrous love.

  7. I too, struggle everyday. This year, especially has been quite a roller coaster that took many downward spirals. However, each day God supplies the necessary strength to get me up and sustains me to get through another day. I arise and have my quiet time with God. Soaking in his Word. Trying not to ask “why” but “what” do you want me to do now?
    As the Christmas season approaches, so does more sadness-this will be the 4th Christmas without my father. I struggle at times, feeling guilty-you see, my father committed suicide. He had suffered immensely, losing his quality of life following a stroke. I did not get to him in time. I was simply too late.
    Lord-thank you for Leebird. She too waits for answers. Surround her with your love and peace. Fill each hole in her heart. May she too, have the desires of her heart in Christ Jesus.

    • Dear Lord, you are so faithful. Our always present help in time of trouble. Today, will you show yourself in that role to Carol. Be there, by her side as she pours into You, Your Word and hope and promises. I ask that you carry these burdens for her and release her from any undue guilt. Please fill her with renewed hope and fresh joy. Thanks for giving us the gift to believe you are able. In Jesus Name, Amen.


  8. I am struggling with betrayal and a broken relationship that is very important to me. Only God can heal what the enemy has taken. My heart is broken and I fight the emotional battles of anger and sadness. I want to be an effective servant while I wait on the Lord, but am worn down from confusion and pain.

    I pray for LeeBird this morning asking our sovereign and all knowing God to comfort her. May He bathe her in His peace, assuring her that He knows the whole picture. Help her to understand that when you say no, it means you have something greater in store. In the meantime, fill her days with beautiful reminders of Your unfailing love. Help her to be aware of what You have gone before her and placed in her path. Please send others that will lift her up and encourage her when she feels that she can’t take another step. Father, give her a beautiful place to rest in You when she needs to be filled. May You receive glory for all! Amen.

    • God, thank you for Kelly. Lord, please, please we ask that you grant her peace as she walks through this season of grief. Thank you for being near her. Hearing her heart, knowing her pain. You lead her beside cooling, refreshing waters. Bring friends that will love and surround her. In Jesus’ name, amen.


  9. Thank you for sharing your heart today. You have encouraged me! I will pray for you!

    • Thank you dear Mary! You are precious. Lord, I ask for an abundance of peace and satisfaction in You this season for Mary. xoxo

  10. I am starting to see the light at the end of depression. I am one yr into a second marriage, where we blended 5 kids – his 3 girls and my 2 boys. Being a stepmother is so much tougher than I expected. The girls want to love me, but feel guilty if they do. We’ve had MAJOR problems with the oldest girl, almost 15. My business is booming, which is a blessing, but also makes it ttough to remain balanced, and it all still feels like it might cave in any minute. But God is good, and all will be well in the end.

    Lord, please wrap your arms around LeeBird. Help her feel Your love and closeness and know that you’re always there taking care of her best interests. Calm her mind and aching heart and help her rest, Lord, so she can be what you want her to be to others. Thank you for her willingness to share and to pray for Samantha. In Your precious name, Amen.

    • God, you are so good. Thank you for Heather’s marriage and family. You’ve given her the grace and ability to sing through these hard times of adjustment. Fill her with your praises and gift her with Your wisdom as they navigate these difficult waters. It’s not always easy, but with you God… it will be possible. This holiday season, God.. will you please pour your Spirit afresh into their hearts and home and may more joy than ever could be dreamed or fathomed abound. Draw them close together we ask. And we send thanks and gratitude to you Jesus. Amen.


  11. This is a question I don’t want to hide behind. I see far too many even in the church with a “I’m good” statement. It breaks my heart.

    I am a a person that will pour out my heart to those closest to me. They generally can sense when the “I’m good” is not the truth. I am also one who has a listening ear for others. So, I am on both ends you might say.

    I too am stuggling with no’s waits & the what’s next. My soul longs to be obedient to His will. I fear I missed it sometimes. Heart is heavy and tears fall this morning not even sure why. Ministry is rewarding and hardwork at times.
    Today, I will sit and listen to those that come into our pregnancy center. My heart will rejoice and my heart will hurt with them. One of them may even need to hear about Jesus today.

    Lord please be with Leebird today. Your daughter needs you. Help her to feel your rest. Show her your love and your grace. Supply her with strength. You know exactly what she needs at this very moment.
    We love you, In Jesus name Amen.

    Leebird I will continue to pray for you as the Lord leads throught the day.

    • Dear sweet Jesus… thank you for Rachel. For her heart that listens and loves and sees beyond the situation and moment… into the heart of those facing a pregnancy they may or may not desire. Give her your hope, wisdom, truth and comfort. God, as she pours out, will you please revive and restore and pour into her. Fill her with your scripture and hope please. Thank you Jesus.

      xoxo, Sam

  12. Carrying a load I wasn’t meant to carry. Worrying about finances and fearing the worst. Struggling to keep the faith and hear the word of God. Definitely feeling unworthy of mercy and fearing that more pain is coming. Having a hard time trusting that God will relieve my load and provide mercy. Knowing in my heart that He loves me but my head says He is tired of hearing the same old story.

    Lord Our Heavenly Father I pray for LeeBird that you will provide comfort to a hurting heart and take her load of worry and give her new strength. Let her see your awesome power in her life and fill her heart with the love of Christ.

    • Catlady, let’s pray. Dear Lord, your unfailing love reaches to the heights and depths and wild wide spacious places our minds/thoughts and emotions/hearts run to. Please settle Catlady and give her your wisdom and knowledge that truly, nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing she has done or will do can separate her from your mercy or love or care. She’s never alone and you never weary of her. Give her the grace to give you her burdens and let go once for all of them. You long for her freedom… You died on the cross for her freedom. Allow her to carry that hope instead of the pain and fear. She is loved by you always. Thanks Lord. Amen.


  13. I’m struggling with nothing in particular, yet there are many things that concern me. The weather affects my mood (not enough sunlight, not enough warmth), the economy concerns me, the government and how it is run concerns me, the state of our schools concerns me. My daughter’s pregnancy concerns me – I pray that she will continue to be healthy. I have a daughter in the military – that concerns me. I find peace each morning when I run to rest in the arms of my Lord and my Savior.

    LeeBird I pray for you that your restless heart will find peace and answers to your needs. I pray that as God waits on you that you will see His Hand at work in your life – in your day, every day. I pray that whatever it is that is sapping your energy you will be able to name it and face it today with Jesus at your side, hand-in-hand with the One that loves you more than we can imagine. Amen.

    • Sweet Sally… let’s pray… God, thank you for your hope and truth. We know this world will have troubles, but the greater knowledge and hope is that you’ve overcome them. I pray for grace for Sally to rest in this truth as she shares in your heart. Your heart of love and comfort and peace for her. Wash away the fears and doubts and worries and replace them please with hope and truth and love. Thank you. In Jesus name, Amen.

      xoxo, Sam

  14. Weary?. . . Alone?. . . Can’t take much more?. . . wow, it’s like God gave you this devotion just for me this morning! Thank you so much for sharing from the depths of your heart. The scriptures you noted are just what I need to get me through today. And with God’s grace, I hope to help someone else along the way as well. May God’s peace and rest fall on your heart and life today in a way you’ve never experienced.

    • Oh friend, I do understand and I would love to pray with you. Shall we?

      Dear Lord, you are a marvel. How you take each care and hold it and tend to it amazes us. Please fill Lori’s hands with your hope and grace and peace and as they fill up, may her weariness and loneliness wash away. Far away. Grant peace on every side of her we ask. Thanks Jesus. Amen.

      Blessings to you sweet Lori. xoxo, Sam

    • Lori, I feel the exact same way. I just got finished with a very taxing day followed by a good hard cry. I’ve recently been taking on more people’s problems than usual (I’m a listener, and I keep finding people that need to be heard). But I don’t feel that I have someone to pour into, which is hard. I’ve just been at the end of my strength this evening, and this devotion spoke to everything that was going through my head and weighing down my heart.
      Holy Spirit, we know that You are the Comforter that is with us forever, and that You give us peace not as of the world, but divine peace (John 14:1, 16). Thank you that we don’t have to do this alone, that even when everything else has failed us, You are still there to listen and love. Thank you for never leaving or forsaking us. (Deut 31:8) Please remind Lori of Your presence in her life and that You are her strength and her shield throughout every day. (Psalm 28:7)

  15. lonely1 wglimmer says:

    Well honestly I have been waiting for someone to ask, and really care to listen…..
    I am so lonely, and yet I know He will never leave me and he is with me wherever I go. This season of life has just come and I feel weary, out of control, lonely, all those feelings I have stuffed away wanting to surface. I find myself pleading with God please not now, oh please let them stay stuffed a little while longer. And yet I realize it is time time, His time for me now. I attend a great church, have a fairly well paying job, a loving husband and two beautiful girls. And yet I have no close friends, no one i can connect with spiritually, can’t stand my job, and my husband does not believe as I do. And yet he is attends church with me, and he said because it doesn’t hurt him to go and hopefully one day the light will click on for him. That is a great stride for him, and I am so thankful. Guilty for feeling these emotions when so many have so far less than I do and yet I can’t shake them and move on.

    Father Jesus I lift up LeeBird to you right now, I pray that you help give her clarity with the no’s and waits in her life, help her to recieve your peace in knowing that you have a plan far greater than anything she can ask for. Thank you for her honesty and openness father Jesus, I pray blessings of hope and love for your sweet daughter LeeBird.

    LeeBird, I recently heard this quote from Sandi Patty: sometimes He is not saying No, but saying Yes to a dream you just haven’t seen yet!”

    • Lord, you know. Yes, thank you… you know Lonely1 wglimmer’s heart. These cares, hurts… the things harming her, you know. Please fill her tank full of love. Your love that conquers all. Fill her with friends who are more than that. Who are sisters that share and laugh and cry together. Give her peace at her job and new opportunities for something she thrives in please. And we ask that you lift this loneliness. You are good and faithful and able. Thank you. Amen.

      You are loved friend.


  16. Sam, You have no idea how much your words mean to me and thank you, dear sister in Christ, for pointing me back to Jesus and to the Word. You asked how I am….I am weary (marital struggles for over a year, in counseling, not making much progress, dealing with husband midlife crisis), I do feel alone (two close friends to confide in, yet I feel so guilty always pouring out my heart to them), I am tired (working on a temp job for a year now and looking for a full time job….heard yesterday that my latest job pursuit was a dead end, even after 8 phone interviews). I want so much to be a part of a team at work and yet I am excluded from meetings, lunches, birthday celebrations, etc because I am a temp. The constant job rejection is wearing very thin. Where is God in all of this? Why should we struggle so to meet the financial needs of my family? I also pray for you, dear Sam, that you will find rest and peace in Him and in His word. May a friend reach out to you personally today to encourage you. I pray these things for you today. Amen.

    • Thank you sweet Evalyn. Your thoughtfulness alone has blessed my socks off and I cherish your words of kindness and comfort.

      Can we pray? Lord, thanks so much for Evalyn. You desire to know her inmost being and you long for her friendship. Thanks for that. Please God…. we’re coming to you together, just as simple girls with a few needs. Will you please be with Evalyn today on her job? Give her a divine appointment to fill her with joy. And please, will you give her a permanent position? Here’s our mustard seed… will you cause it to grow? And bring a harvest of joy and peace that Evalyn may share your glory and light? Thanks so very much God. We appreciate all you do and look forward to all you’ve got planned and in store. Amen.

      Keep in touch with how things go! xoxo, Sam

  17. Father, please replace Leebird’s restlessness with your promised rest, give her perserverance as she waits for your answers, not just perserverence, but an anticipation of how you answer “out of the box.” Please cover her hurting heart with the comfort of your presence.
    She is such a dear woman. May she experience the ministry of others toward her as she has so often done for others, even strangers.
    Bless her and her familiy with exceeding joy,
    In Jesus Name.

    Please pray that my husbands pain due to circulatory problems will be healed.


    • Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up Carol’s husband to You. Father You are the great Physician. You created our inmost being and are familiar with all the intricacies of how our bodies work. Lord, would You restore the blood flow and circulation in Carol’s husband. Father, he is suffering with pain, and Lord we know that You are the Healer. Lord we ask that it would be Your will to touch this man’s life and free him from these health concerns. Lord, I lift Carol up to You as well. It’s difficult to watch a love one suffer and be unable to bring them the relief they need. Father, would You grant Carol understanding, patience and an extra measure of comfort. May someone come alongside her and breathe a fresh word of encouragement into her heart. May she be refreshed and able to minister to her husband’s needs. Lord, I thank you now for all that You are going to do. We give You praise that Your answer is on it’s way. Thank You for hearing our prayer. Above all, may Carol and her husband draw closer to You and to one another during these days. I pray this in the healing and delivering name of Jesus, Amen.

  18. How am in? In tears. Not out of sadness, but in the relief of being understood, and knowing that someone else shares the same full cup, yet feels completely empty.

    Yesterday was a trying day. My husband had his next Dr appointment to get the “ball rolling” for his heart surgery; in the midst of trying to do some Christmas baking (which isn’t my thing to begin with), my oven decided to stop heating properly; then an unexpected phone call from a precious young friend who was sitting at the Dr’s office believing she was having a miscarriage after trying to conceive for 13 months and would I come and get her and take her home (and she lives out of town). My mom called with some needs. Another dear friend is facing difficult surgery and I can’t be with her due to my own physical concerns right now. My heart is pouring out to and for so many others. Prayers are being petitioned with urgency. My heart is racing fast forward for the needs of others….and then a quiet question is posed to my heart this morning: “So friend…one last thing…how are you?”

    Tears. Wordless offerings fall from an overflow of a heart carrying so much. I want to be strong. I want to walk these days out in faith as a testimony to the Lord who is holding and sustaining me. The thing that is crushing me the most right now I can’t even share. I keep talking to myself…reminding myself of the verses I have to claim and repeat until I believe. I’m trying to live what I know and not what I feel, but I’m tired. I’ve been hurt, and I’m trying to look past the pain, but it is a constant fight and emotionally I’m just exhausted…but God.

    This morning I will wipe my eyes and I will put on some worship music, for God inhabits the praise of His people. I will move from this place not as alone as I was when I sat down, knowing that someone else carries around a cup that is often full…of emptiness.
    Love you Samantha.

    • Oh friend… you are a dear. I know … sense to my core… what a treasure you are to the Lord. A true gem in His hand.

      May I pray with you please? Lord, thank you for Joy. Oh so aptly named… Joy. Yes, truly she is. God even in the midst of all she’s walking through, she sparks joy in my heart with her words. Her honest outpouring of faithfulness to trust and adore you ministers so much. And there, in that… I pray your presence in her fills the void in others. Lord, that Joy wouldn’t even have to say a word to others, but just ‘be.’

      And Jesus, I just want to ask one more thing please. Be with Joy in this unspoken pain. Remind her in tangible amazing mind-blowing undeniable ways You see. You care. You know. You’re present. You’re in control. We give you our mustard seed and will watch this mountain as it crumbles. Whether by inches or in one fell swoop. It’s a small feat for you. We trust this to be true. Fill Joy and God, we do petition that you send others to help meet the needs of her family and friends and they’ll help carry the burdens too.

      Thanks for the gift of Joy and who you’ve created her to be. Whether she fully knows or not, it doesn’t change the truth: she is awesome and she is loved!! Amen.

      Love you much friend. Praying for you with constant care. xoxo, Sam

  19. I am doing much better today. The past 2 days I have been very anxious and a bundles of nerve b/c I got caught up in work gossip. Last night I had all I could take and unloaded on my best friend. She always has the perfect thing to say. I prayed and asked for forgiveness. Ready to go in to work & sincerely inquire about how my work buds are doing.
    Dear Father in Heaven, I lift up to you this morning Carol’s husband. I ask that you wrap your healing hands around his pain and take it away. I also ask that you be with Carol and fill her with your comforting love & peace. We may not know the ‘why’s’, but trust that it’s in your hands. In your name we pray, Amen.

    • Oh, what a joy and sweet peace for you today Caroline! May today be a brilliant new start to a peaceful season.

      Lord, thank you for Caroline and her heart to bless her work buds. Please bless her with hope and peace today and grant her happiness and joy joy joy!! Thanks Lord. Amen!


  20. I am amazed that three words can stir up so much thought in my mind this morning. How am I? My typical response would be fine….but am I really. I have spent so much time worrying and fretting for so many in my life that I feel completely lost. My husband and I are going through trying times in our ministry leaving us to ask so many questions. I know God doesn’t change or move and somehow I have allowed myself to move and I am ashamed, heart broken, and find my self struggling to figure out how to rededicate myself to my King. I feel full yet so empty because I believe I have let everything else occupy my heart and mind while forgetting Jesus.

    This morning Father I run to you with arms outstretched and longing for your touch and guidance. I ask that you would lead me as well as the other women who will read this message today. Heavenly Father I lift Joy up to you today and I pray that you would wipe the tears from her eyes and strengthen her. I pray for the issues that she was able to mention and the ones that she could not. Lord God you know her heart and what she needs at this very moment. Please wrap you loving arms around this heaven burden woman and give her rest. Lord thank you for using Samantha as your messenger today…oh how I needed to hear this. I love you Lord…In your precious name…Amen

    • Melanie, let’s turn to Jesus together….

      Lord, thank you so much for your grace. Please we ask that you pour it over Melanie and her husband today in fresh ways. Minister to their hearts as you pour your Word into them. God, thanks for your mercy and utmost love for Melanie. I pray her pains and worries and doubts drain from her head/thoughts and heart/emotions and drain out her toes. Leaving room for You and only the things of you. Bless her please. In Jesus name, Amen.

      xoxo bless you friend. Sam

  21. Heavenly Father, bring peace to Joy. Remind her that You are her rock, her fortress and her deliverer. Bring wisdom to her husband’s doctors as they prepare for his surgery. May he have Your blessing of healing. Joy has a full plate; bring her weary body and soul Your blessed rest.
    Also, Lord, remind ME to be on watch for those I can help; physically and prayfully.

    Joy – I hope you find rest today. 🙂
    This is my first time at this blog and I feel lucky to know there are Godly women here!

  22. Lord,
    I lift to you Joy, who has come and honestly poured her heart out to be heard. I ask that she continues to look to you for her strength for what you have called her to do, listen. May she be blessed in the fact of knowing she has been heard hear through what Sam is doing on her blog. Wrap your arms around her and let her feel refreshed in you and through the praise music she was going to listen to. Thank you for Joy and her honsety. May your blessing fall out on her today.
    In your precious name, Jesus,

    I feel between reading A Confident Heart, and having Sam ask, how are you? That God is looking out for me today. I feel as if you are reading my mind and know the struggles and frustrations that are taking place. I have read the best encouraging words that remind me that all I need comes from above. I thank you for that reminder. Please know I am very full and the few people who I do open up to, are very full too and therefore I am running dry. Being dry, shapes my day and at times can make it unpleasant for my family…I want to fill full the way God itended me to feel and still bless others throughout the day. Thank you for the words I needed to hear and letting me feel some of the weight be lifted.

    Sam, continue on this path God is using you to create…

    • Oh, I know what you mean friend. My grumpiness and edginess maxes out when I’m running dry. That’s what caused me to turn to Jesus. I was so low I just needed major help. Only the help He can give. May I pray for that for you?

      Lord, Thanks so much for Angela. She sounds so sweet and I can tell she longs to bless others. God, I just ask simoply today… will you please fill her to the max. In unexpected, tender, delightful ways. Oh, the joy you offer! Please give that to her today. Thanks for loving her so well and your care and tender kindness toward her. In Jesus name, Amen.

      Thanks so much for your encouraging words! xoxo

  23. Dear Lord, I pray that you give strength and encouragement to Joy. May her day be filled with so many little blessings that she is uplifted and filled with your power. I pray that her days be filled with your thoughts, and not the anxious thoughts that our flesh and satan likes to put into our mind. May the hurt that she feels begin to heal. May whatever the circumstances are start coming back together and give you the glory. Help her through this time and give her scripture to meet her needs, but also give her someone out of the ordinary she can talk to and trust. May this season be one in which she remembers all the you have done, and not all that has happened to her. In the name of Jesus, Amen

    As for me….I am actually doing pretty well. I do feel that many times I don’t have someone to talk to aside from my Lord. Shouldn’t that be enough? It is just nice to have someone with skin on to talk to. My husband is a pastor, so we deal with things that many others don’t. Sometimes it just gets hard…… I get tired of people making wrong decisions; I get tired of me making wrong decisions. We are people, and that is what we do. I did listen to a program the other day when they said to have a Mary Christmas and not a Martha. 🙂 I liked that! I wish you all a MARY Christmas.


    • Thanks so very much Angie!! What a dear heart you are. It’s difficult watching the wrong decisions hurt those we love. Praying for grace and wisdom. And Oh yes… a very Mary Christmas to you!! 🙂


  24. Dear Heavenly Father,

    I praise you for your peace and comfort. I lift up Joy and Carol to you as they struggle with the health of loved ones, busy schedules and the constant need to tend to the needs of others. Lord, we are never strong. It is your strength that gets us through each and every day. Lord, I pray that Joy and Carol will feel the comfort of knowing that they are in your hands. Speak to them today and let others see you through them.

    Ladies, thank you for offering a safe place to open up our hearts. I am so blessed with the love of Christ from Him and those around me that I feel guilty for being discontent. I know that I will not be fulfilled this side of heaven but at the same time I struggle to find contentment in this world. Sometimes my view of God is skewed….. I fear that if I petition requests that he disagrees with then He will hurt or take away someone I love so sometimes I remain silent with the desires of my heart. I know the Word tells us to share everything with God because He already knows and wants to relieve our burdens. My burden is self worth. I am 27 and by now I thought I would be married to a great, Christian man who would be a leader of our Christian family. God has blessed me with my health and a mind that has allowed me to excel in a top ranked school but my heart desires for companionship. I have begun to think that something is wrong with me and that until I fix it then I will be single for the rest of my life. My constant awareness of my singleness has made me withdraw from all social situations where I might feel vulnerable. Instead of turning just to God for comfort I turned to God and ice cream. (That’s never a good idea!) I’ve struggled to lose weight my entire life and while I am within a healthy weight for my age and height, I always claim that my looks make me unattractive to men. As you an see it is an ongoing cycle that I need to get out of. It’s hard for me to think that I will never get married but I am afraid that God may not have someone picked out for me and that I am going to be viewed as this ‘independent woman’ who has no need for a man because I have the brains, personality and work ethic to tackle this on my own. (If they only really knew what was going on in my heart.)

    • Dear Scarlet, I understand. I’m 33 and single and long to be married. Sister, I pray you find hope and truth in the knowledge that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Created with a purpose and you are lovable. Truly, really, you are worthy of love. I pray the Lord enlightens your heart to the truth of His grace and gives you hope and peace. May he restore what the enemy has stolen and I pray for God’s will to be fulfilled speedily for you. Expect great things… He’s a good God who gives good gifts.

      xoxo, Sam

  25. How am I? Confused and lonely and in pain, physical pain without end. Clinging to God and trusting Him to give me a clarity and vision and hope. I pray for strength, He reveals my weakness. I am called to forgive, people seem to not only be trespassing against me more, I am so very aware of my trespasses that quite honestly His burden does not seem easy or light. He has instructed me to give and give to those who seem to take and take, and when there is nothing in me, He fills me with more. I prayed to be usable, the process is deep and painful and long. How am I? Strong and clear when I look at Him who made me with a purpose. Excited over the hope of being made usable, of knowing He would not be doing the deep cleaning if He had no reason. Joyful in being able to share the mixed thoughts and emotions with people who understand! Thank you for asking, thank you for sharing.

    Lord I lift up Joy before you right now. I pray for joy and strength to flood her soul as she clings to you.
    Your promises are sure, open her eyes to see your face and your love even this moment. I pray that your Words will flow freely through her so that healing will be powerful in her spirit and body.
    Lord, as Joy seems to be one of us who seem to be the ones that people come to for help, people that take and hurt and don’t give back, I ask that you remind her that it is not up to her to fix the problems for people, but to point them to YOU, Lord, the ONE with the answers. Reward her even today with blessings that she can clearly see your hand and love in her life. I ask that her baking goes well, that she will have courage in facing her husbands surgery, and Lord, we ask for a miracle healing for him, for her friend and for Joy.
    Father, I am counting on you to give your joy and hope and love and strength to Joy now, Lord, and thank you for giving us the privilege of coming before you knowing you hear and care and answer!

    Samantha, thank you for asking, sorry bout the book I just wrote!

    • Linda, thanks so much for sharing! This is safe community to pour out to and be poured back into. Some seasons seem harder {are harder} than others. It sounds like it’s been a painful season for you in many ways. May the Lord grant you peace on all sides and healing too. What a sweet relationship you have with Him… praying for an outpouring of exceedingly abundant joy.

      xoxo, Sam

  26. Jesus, You are the God of comfort & I pray right now for Joy. Jesus she is so busy & she is trying so hard to be your heart, hands & feet to other hurting people that she is feeling overwhelmed. I pray that You would bless Joy for the kindness she has shown to her hurting friend (s) & family. I also pray that You put Your arms around Joy in such a way that she can just feel You & know that You are with her & are holding through this day & all the rest. I pray that her oven would be able to get fixed. I also pray especially for her husband & his upcoming heart surgery. Please cover Joy & her husband in peace & may the surgery be favorable. Be with her friend who has just experienced this miscarriage. I pray for peace in the midst of this difficult time & for comfort for her friend but also help Joy to have the words to say if/when necessary & help her to be a good listener for her friend who is experiencing such sorrow. Please give Joy someone who would come alonside her & ask her how is she doing, & really mean it! Bless Joy & again I ask that You would just hold her carry her as she walks this journey. In Jesus’ powerful & mighty name-Amen

    Please pray for me as I have three chronic illnesses and life is a bit rough right now. I usually try to hide feelings inside b/c I don’t want to be a compaliner yet at the same time I totally resonate with the devotion & wish that someone would ask me, how are you doing & really mean it & listen just a bit. But then again I also need to be a good listener & not just caught up in my own troubles. Specifcally please pray that I would have the strength to get out of bed each day & care for my husband, children & home. Pray for relief from the overwhelming pain that wracks my body each day. Pray for wisdom on the part of doctors & that they will truly work with me to find a solution. Thank you for praying!

    • Good Morning LRF,

      God is so good. All the time. How am I? I am pleased to meet you this morning and I give God the praise for directing me to do this. I want to share my testimony with you about the pain I suffered for two years. It started as pain my shoulder, I saw a neurologist and she gave me a shot in that shoulder. Several months the other shoulder started to hurt and the pain was more sharp and excruciating. It got to the point where it was almost difficult to even put my bra on. I saw the doctor and again she gave me a shot. A month later the pain was back but this time unbearable. It disturbed my sleep at night and it interferred with my job. I went to a specialists and he took xrays and saw some a few concerns. He suggested nerve damage. He gave me some pain medication and suggested theraphy as the first step. I know this is long LRF, but hang in there with me the outcome is a blessing. I did not want to be dependent on medication and it made me sleepy and sluggish during the day. The medication helped but did not fix whatever the problem was. My husband took me to his neurologists who had helped him with the nerve damage in his neck . This doctor took xrays and suggested that I had fibromyalgia. He gave me some medication and pain patches. The pain would be so excruciating at times it would literally bring me to my knees with pain and people could not hug or touch my shoulder without tears coming to my eyes from the pain. And…I am a hugging type of person. One day after 2 years of struggling with this pain and praying, I sat down and wrote out a 40 day prayer fast for me on healing. For each day I wrote down a healing scripture or a healing story from the Bible so that for the next 40 days I was putting my faith of being healed before God. It was a wonderful experience reading how Jesus healed so many people and without even touching them in some cases. I became like those people, wishing if I could only touch the hem of His garment or knowing that He is in the room with me healing me as I prayed. Well the 40 days went by and I was still in pain but my life had changed. I wanted more of God and I wanted so badly to please Him. Months went by and the pain was still there but not everyday. Iwas more like once or twice a week. In July, 2011 ,I was still experiencing sharp pains, could not sleep on that shoulder and could not be touched. Sometime in September 2011 the pain stopped. I hadn’t realized it until my husband asked me about it. God has healed me. He was and is my doctor!! He is my Healer!!!! I started my journey on February 15, 2011.

      LRF, I pray that you find my tetsimony inspiring. I pray that God, In the Name of Jesus, heals your body and restores your strength and health. I am in agreement with you and every one else praying for you that you have ovecome the bind that satan has on your health. That no weapon formed against you shall prosper. That In Jesus Name you are healed by His stripes. That the love of your children, husband and family will see you through this. Deut. 7:15; Jeremiah 30:17; Isaiah 53:45; Jeremiah 33:6; Mark 11:24; Isaiah 58:8; Psalm 103: 2-3; 3 John 2; Jeremiah 17:14; Luke 10:19; Exodus 15:26; Exodus 23:25; Psalm 30:2; Matt. 7:7-8; Romans 10:17; John 15:7; Matt. 11:28; mark 1:40-41; Luke 7: 1-10; Matt. 4:23 and Isaiah 53; Mark 2: 1-12; Isaiah 57: 18-21; Matt. 9: 27-31 and Matt. 12: 22, 20; and Mark 8: 22-26 and John 9; Mark 1:29-31 and Matt. 8:14-15 and Luke 4;38-39; Mark 3:1-6 Matt 12:9-14 and Luke 6:6-11. This 25 days of a blessing. please email me if you would like the rest of my days scriptures. I would be happy to share or you can do you own. I love you and pray that Our Father in Heaven has touched you and healed you with His unchanging hand!

    • Angie Denton says:

      Dear Heavenly Father,
      I lift up LRF, please give her strength and comfort as she deals with these illnesses. Please send someone that will truly listen to her and be a comfort to her. I pray for her doctors, nurses and caregivers that you will give them wisdom and discernment in treating her and her diseases. May they show the compassion that is needed. I pray for her family that they be understanding and helpful and that she has the strength to do the daily things that mama’s do. I pray for a relief of her pain. Father only you truly knows what she is going through. Bless her and keep her. In Jesus name Amen!

      Please pray for me that I will be the wife mother sister daughter that I need to be. I have several family members that are ill or just not able to do the things they used to do. I just need to be more sensitive to their needs. Please pray that I will have the strength, wisdom and compassion to deal with it all. Thank you.

      • Lord, thank you for Angie. Thanks for her precious heart to serve you by serving her family so well. She sounds amazing! Fill her please with your hope and wisdom and grace. Wrap her so tightly in your love that when life squeezes her, all that comes out is your love and peace! Thanks Jesus. Amen.

        Thanks for your sweet prayer and for sharing, Angie! xoxo, Sam

  27. I find myself in almost the same shoes as carol and joy. The holidays are hard for alot of people. As the owner of a small companion care company I have devoted myself to helping other women. M y husband of 35 yrs. has been ill for sometime, I have a sister who is handicapped and lives in an assisted living and has been getting worse with age and may have to go into a nursing home soon, and I have a son in prison for a LONG time. Because of a desion to tell the truth to a fmly. member at Thanksgiving, my business is in jepardy and my handicapped sister is suffering terribly. See the truth hurt a fmly. member who carries a lot of weight and has a lot of money, but they not only threaten me, but have cut off my sister’s funds from them for not turning on me also. Her only crime was saying to me “the truth will set you free”. I am trying to replace the phone that got cut off and the internet as these are the only comforts my sister has. I know a God so big that He will bring goodness out of this, and I know the truth will set me free, I’m just tired. So today when the question “how are you” was asked it was an encouragement to see others whos cup is also full and empty. I take great joy in lifting up Lee’s restlessness, carols husband, and joy’s full cup. Bless us indeed oh Lord comming in and going out. Help us to KNOW you will never give us more than we can handle, and when 2 or more cords are joined we are much stronger. Thank you Abba for sisters in Christ…lis

    • Father, Lisa is dealing with so much right now, but it isn’t too much for you to handle. Thank you that she is looking to you to bring good out of this. Today I ask that you quiet her in the midst of all the storms raging around her. Show her the truth of Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.”

    • Lord, thank you for Lisa and her heart. God, we know you are above her and her sister and their circumstances. Will you please show your mighty hand and intervene in miraculous ways? Thanks for being our God who Sees, El Roi. Deliver them to the well in the desert. Amen.

      xoxo, Sam

  28. Oh Precious Father in heaven, in the name of Jesus I ask that you would strengthen RLF as Your Word says. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I ask in Jesus name that you would send Your Word and heal her body. Give her relief from pain and just touch her and make her whole. You say that whatever we ask the Father in Jesus name it shall be done. Fill her with your joy because the joy of the Lord is our strength. Surround her with Your love, comfort and Presence and give her what she needs physically, emotionally and spiritually so that she may do those things you call her to do Lord, for her family and herself. Let someone come along side her and encourage and lift her up and just be there for her. Give her peace that passes all understanding and give her Your hope. Christ in you, your hope of glory! I ask that you give the doctors wisdom and discernment and fill RLF with peace, love and joy. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray. amen

    How am I? I am full but empty inside also. 2 years ago my 21 yr. old daughter died and since then I have had a very hard time enjoying life to the full like I should be able to. I have given it all to my precious Lord and am totally leaning on Him to bring me through. Life just is not the same since and Im not sure how to go about finding a new normal. I spend my days seeking the Lord, filling my heart with His Word, meditating on it and praying for my other adult children and grandchildren. But other than that, nothing seems excite me and get me going. My marriage has become stale and boring even though I love m¥ husband dearly and he me. In a nutshell…. nothing but seeking God is even remotely interesting to me. I need some balance here!

    • Father, you are the God who heals. KariB needs healing for her broken heart. Things won’t ever be the same but I ask that you would give her a new joy after this heartbreak. You say if we cast our burdens on you, you will sustain us. Kari is asking for help and I am trusting for you that you are going to show up in a mighty way. Father, speak into her life in a special way today. Love on her. Show her that she is so special to you. Fill that emptiness inside of her with you. Help her feast at your banquet tables.

    • Dear KariB,
      I will pray for you and your family as you suffer from the tremendous loss of your daughter.
      I understand where you are…we lost our 17 yr old daughter 11 1/2 years ago. Please know that my heart goes out to you. I understand the constant sense of loss, the questions as to why, the aching desire to go back in time…
      Please know there is hope. Hope’s name is God. Abba Father.
      Abba Father,
      Please wrap Kari and her family in the sustaining comfort of your presence. Please send listening ears and understanding hearts to her. Please restore Joy as only You can do. Help her to know that on the hardest of days…the hurt will get easier. Please help her to find “a new normal”. Give those around her the desisre to extend YOUR hands, heart, and comfort to Kari as she walks this difficult journey.

      In the precious name of the Man of sorrows,

      Thank you to all of you who have posted prayers for me and my husband.

  29. shelley elaine says:

    Dear Lord, i lift up my sister in Christ. You see her every ache, both emotional and physical. Lord, i ask if it could be Your will for complete and radical healing that will honor You as she shares how You touched her with others. Please cover her with your peace that does defy understanding, Your sweet comfort. Lord, i humbly ask that today You will show her in some small way how very much You care. Please enable her to rest knowing You’ve got her. I pray that there might be someone to come along side her who will care about how she is really doing and be a friend in her time of need. Please enable her to take care of her family.

    I am very depressed today. I am in the middle of the grieving process and have been for over 2 months. please pray that God will lift my depression and that i will be able to sense His presence as i walk through this dark time in my life. Thank you so much.

    • Lord, thank you for hearing and knowing Shelley Elaine. Lord, will you please minister to her whole being? Comfort her in her loss and touch her body, mind, soul. I’m reminded of this verse in Zechariah 9:12. Give her courage to run and then rest… “Return to your fortress, O prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you.” Thank you for being our refuge and hope, even in the midst of grief and darkness. Amen.

      Shelley Elaine… that word there, “fortress” in the original Hebrew… that’s Jesus. Oh sweet mercy. That’s Jesus. Run to Him friend and He will shelter you in this grieving season. Hugs to you.

      xoxo, Sam

  30. Lord, I pray for LRF right now. I ask that you would relieve her pain and heal her body of these illnesses. Please help her each morning to have the strength and determination to get out of bed and care for her family & home. Please give the doctors wisdom as they try to find a solution. Please give LRF’s family & anyone close to her grace as they live with these illnesses too. I pray that your purpose in LRF’s life would be carried out, that she would be able to carry out your work in your kingdom. Jesus, thank you for your love, your strength, your power that you give to us. Thank you for what you are going to do in LRF’s life.

    How am I? I have been down for a few weeks now. I’m not quite sure what it is… finances are tight right now, we have made quite a few changes regarding this and I don’t take change well. I have been stressed out with work lately… I own my own business and it has been changing and experiencing growing pains. Now I’m trying to ease up on the growth a bit so I can handle it all. I moved across the country from where I grew up 3 years ago, and still I have not made any close girl friends – so there is loneliness too. Maybe some of it is simply Winter Blues. I have had a few melt-downs and pity parties – my husband has been a great support though. Pray that I will cast my burdens upon Him, and like LRF, that I would have the strength to get up each day, care for my husband & home, and be a light to those around me.

    • Lord, thank you for your mercy for Heather. That sweet compassion that knows her heart and her need for close knit friends. God, will you please place that desire for a bond with other girls around her. And lead them to her as she reaches out? Thanks so much Lord. And I ask too for an abundance of joy she can relish in. Just sweet simple peace that feels like a comfy, safe home. Bless her Jesus. Thank you. Amen.


  31. Dear Lord, please be with LRF. Hold her precious heart in your hands, give her comfort and relief from her chronic illnesses. Give her the strength and stamina she needs to get out of bed each day, dear Lord. I pray her energy would just multiply and the symptoms from her conditions subside. Bless her with family and friends who would reach out to help her physically and also emotionally. Let others nuture her needs and be a source of strength and listening for her. We praise you for online communities such as Samantha’s where we can lift each other up in prayer. I pray you will work with LRF’s medical team. Prompt them to be open to all possibilities and relentless in identifying a treatment and solution for her. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

    I am just a bit overwhelmed now with a baby and toddler at home. I pray that I will let God prioritize my day, not my to do list. I pray that I am providing meaningful learning and bonding with the girls while running our household. And I pray that I would begin to have regular quiet time with God again. I also pray about our finances as we have had four unexpected expenses at the same time. My dream is to continue to stay at home with the children and homeschool if it is His will for our family. I pray for God’s wisdom and discipline in spending our money wisely.

    Thank you for praying!

    • Lord, thank you for Michelle. We ask for the confines of her finances to expand. Increase her family’s provision so she may stay at home with her kids please. And Lord, we just wanna say thanks for your care for her. Please draw close to her as she draws near to you in quiet time. Give her the umph and desire to sit and be still, hearing your encouragement and truths. We love you Jesus. Thank you for hearing our prayers. Amen.

      Thanks for touching base, Michelle! xoxo, Sam

  32. God, I pray that you will carryLRF through the days when her pain and chronic illnesses make her want to crawl back in bed. May she have the strength and courage to do all she needs to do for her family and her herself. Give her doctors wisdom to find solutions to her pain, even though You are the great Healer, we know You work through others to accomplish healing. May she have others who see her situation and lend an ear or hand to listen and help in her daily activities/errands. May she find peace and contentment and comfort despite her physical challenges, Lord.

    Today ( and many days lately), I deal with a constant battle in my mind. God has blessed me so, yet I am racked with worry and fear of the future. The torture of the phrase “what if……” constantly fills my mind. I can create scenarios of financial ruin, devastating illnesses and worries for my children that plague me. I have been blessed, but I am always waiting for “the other shoe to drop”. I can’t enjoy my life because of my constant worry and fear. There are those who have REAL issues with the things I fear, so this may seem silly to most, but for me it is very real and I feel as if I am drowning. I pray constantly that God would guard my mind against these attacks-some days or OK and some seem hopeless. Why is this happening?

    • JBS, my prayer for you today is simply the profound Word of God:

      Psalm 121
      1 I lift up my eyes to the hills—
      where does my help come from?
      2 My help comes from the LORD,
      the Maker of heaven and earth.

      3 He will not let your foot slip—
      he who watches over you will not slumber;
      4 indeed, he who watches over Israel
      will neither slumber nor sleep.

      5 The LORD watches over you—
      the LORD is your shade at your right hand;
      6 the sun will not harm you by day,
      nor the moon by night.

      7 The LORD will keep you from all harm—
      he will watch over your life;
      8 the LORD will watch over your coming and going
      both now and forevermore.


  33. Pattybelle says:

    Father God, what an honor to be invited to pray for a sister I have never had the pleasure to meet! Thank you and halleluah! Thank you Jesus that because of your precious sacrifice we shall meet one day face to face! Wheww whoo. Gentle and yet powerful Holy Spirit welcome to this unique situation. I ask in the name of Jesus that you minister to this woman who has listened to the whispers of the enemy that her needs are only complaints. May we all be reminded that even the tiniest hair on our heads are counted. For every attempt to wrack her body with a stabbing, crippling pain may her spirit recognize the Holy Spirit within her, strengthening her and denying the force of pain. Father God, bring someone into her life that will allow her to speak from the depths of her heart and will listen to her desire to provide for the needs of her family. I ask that her family be receptive for her earnest desire to please them. I pray for each person involved in her daily walk that they may each recognize Your Fragrance around her and desire to sit and listen to her testimony.
    Also, Father God, I pray for myself. I am not wanting to be selfish but I want to be humble enough that I can honestly let go and let You direct my day, my future. I pray for employment and I pray for the ability to pay my financial obligations. I ask for wisdom in how to celebrate and recognize our first year anniversary. This past year has been emotionally painful and draining with unexpected illnesses that lead to deaths combined with joys of weddings and births. It has been a roller-coaster of emotions and now struck with unemployment. You know what lies ahead for me and my hubby. I ask that we listen and hear your beckoning. All this I pray with sisters who trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

    • Pattybelle… I adore your enthusiastic prayers! Thank you!!

      My prayer for you is…. Psalm 123

      I look to you, heaven-dwelling God, look up to you for help.
      Like servants, alert to their master’s commands,
      like a maiden attending her lady,
      We’re watching and waiting, holding our breath,
      awaiting your word of mercy.
      Mercy, God, mercy!

      Peace to you friend. xoxo, Sam

  34. How am I? A question I rarely answer truthfully, but I will now. I’m tired and weary. I had a complete meltdown yesterday because I’m tired of being hurt by others’ careless behavior and words. I’m tired of holding on for change that never seems to come. I’m tired of pouring my life out for others and never getting the emotional support that I need. I want to quit but know I can’t.

    Lord Jesus, I pray that LRF will feel your presence and your love. Fill her with your strength, peace and joy. I pray that LRF will be completely healed from her illnesses. Give her doctors the wisdom to properly address her symptoms and to administer treatment that will provide her complete relief from the chronic pain and healing from these diseases. Give LRF the strength and ability to care for her family and home. I pray that you will bless LRF abundantly, Lord, so that she may be a blessing to her family and others that you have placed in her life. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

    • Dear Lord, I’m lifting Rebecca up to you and raising Your Truth over her. Thanks for being her guide and shelter.

      Psalm 16
      LORD, you have assigned me my portion and my cup;
      you have made my lot secure.
      6 The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
      surely I have a delightful inheritance.

      7 I will praise the LORD, who counsels me;
      even at night my heart instructs me.
      8 I have set the LORD always before me.
      Because he is at my right hand,
      I will not be shaken.

      9 Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices;
      my body also will rest secure,
      10 because you will not abandon me to the grave,
      nor will you let your Holy One see decay.
      11 You have made known to me the path of life;
      you will fill me with joy in your presence,
      with eternal pleasures at your right hand. Amen.

      Rebecca, I pray for sweet peace today friend. Bless you. xoxo, Sam

  35. Amazing comfort when I read today’s post and realize it is the very thing I have struggled to understand of myself for a few years now. It ebbs and flow in intensity. The intensity is at a peak again in this season. For many years I have been the listening one. And now I am in a season that I really need someone to listen to me. My cup overflowed for many years now. Now I need someone to cup me, listen and honestly hear me. No one is there. I hear God calling me and I am responding. He has to be my all in all. He is my all in all. I started journaling in my head last night, if you will. I sat and journaled to him this morning. He is listening as I write. He is cupping me and holding me. His grace is sufficient. I am weak, but He is strong.
    To my fellow sisters in Christ, if what Samantha has wrote rings true with you as well, steep yourself in His presence. Only when we have dwelt in the presence of our God can we endure the presence of our enemies. (Streams in the Desert November 30)

    • Malie, beautiful sentiments and hope from Streams in the Desert and your heart. Thanks for sharing these truths… His grace is sufficient!! Love that!

      May the Lord fill your cup today to the brim and more… overflowing with His goodness and kindness and peace. Touch your needs with tangible answers. And comfort you as only He can.

      Blessings friend. xoxo, Sam

  36. Lord, I petition You on behalf of LRF. I ask that you would be with this precious woman, battling illnesses that are taking control of her life. Lord, You promise in Your Word that all who are weak and heavy burdened can find rest in You and I ask that you would give rest to LRF. Please send her someone to listen to her and to pray, weep and rejoice with her. Lord, we know that You are bigger than all things and I ask for peace for her body and help lead her to doctors who can help her, who You have entrusted with the knowledge that can heal her. Thank You, Lord, for Your mercy and grace.
    Please pray that I will be able to find contentment in knowing the Lord’s direction for me and my family. I willingly left a job in August which I clearly felt the Lord leading me from. I thought I knew the direction He wanted me to take, but it wasn’t. Finances are very tight and I feel so lost, not knowing what I am to be doing. I wanted forever to be a stay at nome mom, but now that I am I can’t enjoy it for worrying that I’m not doing what God wants me to do. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Dear Lord, thank you for giving De time to stay home with her family. Please lend her your words and give her wisdom and peace. Allow her to enjoy this time and soak it up. God, I ask for this truth to resonate deeply within: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. ~Romans 8. Thank you Lord for being her all and all during this season. May she find rest and hope. Amen.

      xoxo, Sam

  37. Laureen Brackin says:

    Dear Sam,
    This is for you. Your devotion was great, and believe me, I’ve been where I learned my truest friend is God. I know the ache.
    But please consider this for yourself and your ministry. It is something I had to learn. Even though we know God will always be there when it feels no one else is, sometimes it is best to withdraw to Him. Sound strange? After giving and giving of yourself (like you described), did not even Jesus withdraw to the wilderness for “alone time” with the Father? If He who was without sin needed this time, how much more might we need to do the same to be of better use to the Kingdom?
    People may judge, or not understand, but you answer to the ONE who does. Isn’t He the one who matters, and isn’t He the one for whom you are trying to make a difference.
    As you said, God is always there. Just listen and see what He directs you to do, especially during those times when you’re not sure you are up to having something to give others at times.

    • Hi Laureen, thank you for sharing! I totally agree with taking time away with just Jesus. Several times a year I take a “silent” retreat. Stow away for a few hours, or days if I can, and tell my soul, “be still and know.” It’s so sweet to rest in the presence of God alone and just be as I listen.

      xoxo, Sam

  38. Oh, Father, send someone to LRF today to ask her how she is. Someone who really will listen to her hurting heart. She lives with pain every day. Give her relief…either physically or emotionally to deal with the illness in her body. You are the great physician. You made her. You know her inside and out and know exactly what she needs. Give her what she needs. Please. Send her to the right doctors who will encourage her while they help her. But most of all, Father, let all of this draw her closer to you. Let all of this bring glory to you. (LRF – if you come back to check this, I’m asking how are you today…and I really want to know. You can email me. My email is thequirkyredhead AT gmail DOT com)

    I’m the girl who asks twice. Once people respond “I’m fine”, I always repeat, “Now really, how are you?” That is when you start to get the real answers. Someone recently told me that I was better than anyone they knew at taking care of people. I am good at it. But I don’t take care of myself. I need to make some changes in my life, but I’m scared because it means uprooting from everything I know. Plus it means stepping out into unknown territory…and I like to know what is ahead. I need courage. And wisdom of where to step.

    • Kate, thanks so much for your heart to minister to others. I know the Lord cherishes you deeply. I pray to day that His lavish love pours into over through you. And gives you the courage to step out and know you are in His will.

      xoxo, Sam

  39. I am sad and looking for answers to a question. There was a baby dedication at our church the other day. Our Pastor said that the baby was the fruit of this couple’s love. My husband and I have gone through two miscarriages. What is the fruit of our love? Are we doing something wrong? All the couples at our church have had babies this year and one more is expecting. Am I taking this statement too literally, making too much out of it?

    • Father, if you know the number of hairs on our head, you must also know the number of tears that we cry. Oh how my heart aches for DNL. I feel her pain. There are no words that I can give that will comfort her. Only you can. Comfort her. Protect her from the words of ignorant people who don’t understand what she is dealing with. Give her someone who has gone through this who does understand who can give her Godly counsel. Let this bring this marriage closer together and closer to you.

    • Dear DNL, I’m sorry you have been waiting and there is pain in the wait. I would love to connect you with my friend Jane’s blog… she lost her twins 20 years ago and is journaling online about the journey of grief.

      Friend…. babies are the fruit of our womb, and hopefully a representation of the love between a husband and wife. But children are not given to us based on how much we love our spouse. I pray the Lord releases you from any of those thoughts… you aren’t doing anything wrong. Children are a gift from God. Why does He give to some, and not others… oh wow. I wish I knew. But what I do know is this: He is good. He is faithful. And your miscarriages are not a response of His to your love between your husband and yourself.

      I pray for joy in the grief, hope in the despair and healing in the pain. I’m so sorry it’s been sad and hard. Praying God lifts your head and holds you close. xoxo, Sam

  40. Dear Lord,

    Thank You for Samantha and the wisdom and “way with words” You have spoken into her that she may share them with us and use it to show us Your Love and lift us up. I know You know my struggles and have, yet again, “shown up” in this “Encouragement for the Day” and I thank You, Lord Jesus for that today!

    Lord, I pray for all the women above, LeeBird, Carol, Joy and LRF, who, while they know you, your love and almighty power, struggle with their human-ness while trying to be Your hands and feet and a light in their world and in the worlds of others. Please, Lord, let them hold fast to Your Word and Your promises that they may be renewed in all that weighs on them. I pray also for their loved ones who have shared their hearts with each of them knowing the kind and loving people that they are. Please bless each and everyone who is mentioned here on this page and thought of in these moments. May they all feel Your Holy Presence and be comforted by Your grace and overwhelming love for each of them. In Your Most Holy Name, Jesus, Amen.

    Sometimes I think life should be a breeze because I know Jesus and the love of Christ… I have a Hope that is priceless. However, sometimes I feel like its this expectation that is my biggest stumbling block because when it isn’t a breeze, I tend to question how faithful I am (not God’s faithfulness, but my own.) I have four children, a daughter about to enter her teenage years, an eight-year-old son, and twin three-year old daughters. And the reality life is hectic and full! And while I don’t necessarily feel empty, I do feel overwhelmed and exhausted. I too struggle with chronic illness, MS, that, at times, has knocked the “Super Mom” right out of me… especially in the mornings as well. Most days I get up and get on with it drawing on the knowledge that God is helping me every step of the way. But then there are the days when I believe I am not being the wife, mother, daughter, sister, relative, friend, community dweller and stranger that I should be… the one that God has called me to be… and I am overwhelming fearful that I’m getting it all wrong. That I am completely disregarding the Spirit in me and letting my human-ness take over. Please pray for wisdom in discerning the areas of our life that are unfruitful, wisdom for comforting words to friends and family that are hurting and wrestling with deep sorrows and struggles, also wisdom in words for those needing to know the love of Christ, and a trust that no matter my faults and failings as a wife, parent etc. etc. my love and belief in Christ is enough.

    Thank you!

    • Lord, I ask you for hope and peace. The kind that takes over our understanding. Please grant such sweet gifts to TKH and fill her with your discernment and grace for herself. I ask for her healing physically and a comfort that only you bring Jesus. Amen.

      xoxo, Sam

  41. Dear Heavenly Father,
    I am so blessed with todays devotion. It was as if it was written about me. I hold things inside and have since I was a little girl. I have seen more pain in my lifetime than I chose to face. Still God, you are faithful! You show yourself faithful in the midst of situations we couldn’t bear to handle on our own and you will remain faithful until the end. I realize that more when my husband recently shared of his emotional affair. Your intervention is what has saved our marriage, Lord! Now, we are seeing you in a different light. Our communication is getting better. Slowly we are trying to put the pieces back together. I thank you for that Lord. I continue to pray for our marriage everyday for you know how you are going to use this situation Lord! I also pray over our finances. We are two months behind on our house payment. I know that you have a plan Lord. I pray BOLDLY that you will show yourself by helping us in some supernatural way. We surrender our finances to you!!! We can’t handle it ourself! Christmas is right around the corner and I know you will provide a Christmas to our children as well. A family member needs understanding Lord. Please help them understand your will. Another family member is having an extremely hard time making ends meet. I pray for him!

    I pray for LRF. She is your child! You can tell how much she loves you Lord! She desires to follow you with ALL her heart. However she is in pain…chronic pain. She can’t handle this Lord. She needs your healing. She believes like the lady in the bible who touched the hem of your robe so she can be healed. I pray this for LRF. She is trying so hard to touch you Lord. Please give her the relief she needs so she can do the work you have set before her to do each day! She loves her family and wants to be the best wife and mother, however she don’t always have the ability. With you Lord, ALL things are possible! You are the great physician and you know every pain she is dealing with. She could go back to the doctor, but it would be so awesome for you to heal her before hand! LRF…God is carrying you through this and will bless you beyond words. This will be a testimony in your life, so be prepared to share how WONDERFUL, AWESOME our MIGHTY GOD is!!! My son has had a lot of ear infections. He had his fourth set of tubes recently put in. However, before we went to the ENT, we were told by the pediatrican that he had a hole in his ear drum. I prayed hard about that cause we thought my husband was about to loose his job and insurance. We knew we wouldn’t be able to afford surgery for him. However, when we arrived at the ENT’s office. They checked his ears and their was NO hole!!! The doctor put the tubes in his ears in the office; no surgery or hospital bills! I truely believe that God healed my son before we ever went. I know that God can do the same for you! He’s the same God and he said he will be with us always, until the end. Stay focused and do get discouraged! God is making us stronger each day just because of HIM! To God be the glory!!!


    before you without any pain to do your work before her! She surrenders her chronic pain over to you Lord! She has so much more to offer you and she needs relief Lord; the strength to get out of the bed.

    • Dear Lord, thank you for Elizabeth’s sweet heart. Her prayer is so beautiful and tender. Please grant her the desires of your heart: to reconcile fully her relationship with her hubby; to provide for her family; to give hope to family members. God, you are sovereign and over all these things. We turn to you for your provision and ask that you move on Elizabeth and her family’s behalf. Thanks so much Jesus. Amen.

      Elizabeth, my friend Suzanne went a similar thing. I pray you find hope and encouragement through her and her husband’s words at

      Blessings to you and a very Merry Christmas! xoxo, Sam

  42. Rhonda Loftis says:

    Oh great and gracious Heavenly Father-our Father who is sovreign and ruling and reigning from Heaven. I pray for each of these ladies who have shared their hearts, hurts and all. May they each know the precious jewels they are to You Lord-may they know becasue you are a FAITHFUL,TRUE and UNCHANGING and LOVING God that you will hear their hearts today-You stand ready to hear and help-reveal to each of these the treasure of Your specific truth and promise You want to fulfill in each of their lives and situations-fill them God with what only You can give them and help them see You even in the midst of heartbreaking circumstances-help us all humble ourselves before you Lord, show us the sins we need to confess and help us confess those and turn from them so there is nothing in our hearts, thoughts or life that will hinder You from having Your way, Your will prevail in our lives today-that You be magnified and recognized in us today Lord for Your glory-thank You that for each of us You are a Sun and a Shield, you freely gives us Your grace and glory and no good thing will You withhold from those who walk uprightly(Psalm 84:11, Romans 8:28-30). We thank You Lord by faith that You hear and will answer our prayers and we thank You that You are fully able to handle any issue we may have and we are able to do all things through Your perfect strength-In Jesus Name I ask these things-Amen

    • Beautiful!! Thank you Rhonda!! One of my fav scriptures is You are a Sun and a Shield. Lovely!

      May the Lord shine His face upon you and keep you. xoxo, Sam

  43. Lord, I pray for De. I pray that you will give her grace as she waits for your leading. Father, we want to walk by faith, but it would be so much easier if we could see more than just the next step, sometimes Lord, it’s hard. I pray that you would encourage De’s heart as she waits for you. I also pray Father, that she would enjoy where she is now until you change that. Father I pray she can put each worry in Your giant hands, they are too big for us.
    How refreshing to be asked how we are.
    I am fighting the temptation to worry. I will have an MRI on the 12th. If the spot on my pancreas has changed at all I need extensive surgery. I am praying it has not changed, or that it is gone. We just said goodbye to my brother to pancreatic cancer a couple of months ago. He had told me not to worry, that he would be there for me. But, he is with the Lord. I want to enjoy my day to day and not be consumed by worry.
    Thanks so much for asking.
    I will be praying for the prayer requests God places on my heart. There are so many people hurting and in need of prayer. How wonderful someone cared enough to ask.

    • Anne, thank you sweet friend for sharing. I want to send you this Psalm 116 as a prayer for you to lift to our gracious Lord. xoxo, Sam {please keep us posted on how you are doing friend}

      I love the LORD, for he heard my voice;
      he heard my cry for mercy.
      2 Because he turned his ear to me,
      I will call on him as long as I live.

      3 The cords of death entangled me,
      the anguish of the grave[a] came upon me;
      I was overcome by trouble and sorrow.
      4 Then I called on the name of the LORD:
      “O LORD, save me!”

      5 The LORD is gracious and righteous;
      our God is full of compassion.
      6 The LORD protects the simplehearted;
      when I was in great need, he saved me.

      7 Be at rest once more, O my soul,
      for the LORD has been good to you.

  44. I thank God for these devotionals through Proverbs31!
    I am myself doing good. I know life’s roller coaster is a ride everyone has to endure from time to time and sometimes everyday. I do believe we have a God who is all powerful to help us persevere through the pain, worries, hardships, emotions, lonliness and everything in between.
    We, like myself, have to surrender it ALL to Him each and everyday and have Faith that no matter what happens, God will help us get through it. No one is perfect and I too worry about my son, my future, my family, money. But God is the one who is initially in control of our lives, so I pray for each and everyone of you, including myself, that we can Surrender ALL to Him each day and live in His Love, Mercy and Grace. He knows we can’t carry all of the heartaches of life ourselves, He is there. Hold onto Him and repeat Gods Truth in your mind every minute. Our mind is a powerful tool that satan loves to play with….don’t let him have it. Those negative thoughts go from your mind, to your heart and then to actions…Give God the glory of helping you live life, don’t let satan control you. Thank you God and Proverbs31 for helping us get through life knowing you are on our side!

    • Thank you Rhonda! It is a joy to spend time with y’all through the P31 devotions. Blessings of peace to you as you trust in His grace. All grace. Everday all the time grace.

      xoxo, Sam

  45. Dear Lord,
    LRF was before me, but it’s not there now. I don’t know why, but I pray your hear my prayer for her! Now I notice a new person, THK. I want to pray for THK’s request. She too deals with chronic pain with MS. She is also a wife and mother. She too needs your healing hand over her. Lord, give her the ability to follow you the way you want her to. Not to be over sure just cause she is a Christian that she has it all together. No one does. However, she is a follower, a believer. That is the best cause she already knows you personally Lord! What a great place to start surrendering all of our concerns, worries, needs, desires, etc. You Lord are all we need to fill us inside out! When she is feeling overwhelmed or empty; fill her. When she is trying to witness or help someone through a hard time, give her wisdom and consernment. When she is trying to take care of her family, but she is in too much pain, ease her pain and allow her to press on! Lord, I know that you can heal her if that is your will. I pray that you can bless her the same as I prayed for LRF. They have simular needs and I know you are MIGHTY LORD! Bless her today and let her feel your presence as she follows you daily! Love her and give her strength when she feels she doesn’t have anything else to give. I know that you will provide for her! I thank you ahead of time for working in her life and making her the woman of god you have prepared her to be! THANK YOU LORD!!! Amen

    • Thank you dear Elizabeth. What a joy you are!!

      May the Lord share more of his ways with you as you walk with Him. You’re a treasure!

      xoxo, Sam

  46. vickie winston says:

    Lord….today we honor you,just for who you are….your promises are true,you said in your word thatyou wouldn’t put no more on us than we can bear….you also said that you shall supply all our needs according to your riches in glory in CHRIST JESUS… today we stand on your word,we beleive your promises,and we count themalready done in your MIGHTY NAME….AMEN… know Elizabeth,she is your child,help her LORD to tie just ONE MORE KNOT,and hold on,it’s already done….AMEN!!!!!

    • Bless you Vickie. Thank you for honoring HIS name and holding Him high. Amen sister; amen!!

      May his peace shelter you as you combine your words with His Word and walk with Him daily. Grace to you… .xoxo, Sam

  47. Wow Samanthat I needed that so much. I think you stepped right into my heart and explained how I have felt this week , going back to counseling clients after the whirlwind of life circumstances I have walked through lately. I needed this. You friend are amazing.. I wish i lived close to you and could say How are you! 🙂

    Lord I pray for Rhonda and Elizabeth. I pray you meet with them in incredible powerful ways this holiday season. I pray you minister your joy, peace and presence.. I pray especially that you show them the depths of your love for them in a whole new way. Astound them Jesus. Thank you for these precious sisters in the Lord.

    Now Lord I pray also for Sam. That you would cup her chin in your hands and look into her eyes and proclaim the depths of your love for her. I pray you surrond her this holiday season with yourself.. and with those in her community that can hear her heart, and that she can hear theirs. Thank you for this precious friend

    As for me: Just pray .. it has just been a whirlwind.. one in which God has been more then faithful. 2011 I have had to face my 2 biggest fears : rejection and something happening to my parents. I was rejected deeply by a community I loved.. and 18 days ago my dad was diagnosed with agressive bladder cancer and almost died. God has been in the whirlwind. Just pray as I process this year– and I have some serious financial provision needs

    • Thank you so much Jenn. I’m so sorry for the hardships you’ve gone through. Having followed your father’s diagnosis and voyage through cancer over the last few weeks, I am amazed at God’s grace and your faith. Thanks for bringing others in to your walk with Jesus. I pray the abandonment and rejection … the pain from them… is healed. And only good comes from it as only God can and will do. May this upcoming year be one of peace and restoration of what’s been lost or taken.

      Thank you for your wonderful prayer. Amen!! and Amen.

      Hugs to you sweet friend. xoxo, Sam

  48. I’m so many things. I love my new job and feel so richly blessed by it, but my husband is stressed and miserable and feels trapped doing something he hates. I don’t know how to encourage him and feel an ever-widening chasm between us. I feel weary, humbled, grateful, selfish, clueless …so many things.

    • Traci,

      I pray for you and your husband that God will comfort his mind and heart. That he will seek God for
      his plans. God already has that job position for him and sometimes our timing isn’t God’s timing.
      For now, your husband needs a cheerleader and as wife , that’s where we come in. Remind him and thank him for being that wonderful husband, how much you appreciate him. He needs to know you are his number one fan.
      Lord, I pray for Traci that you will give her wisdom, the words to encourage he husband and for patients during this time of doubts and unanswered questions. Calm her heart, comfort her heart and compassion for what her husband is going through. That she will have a vision of what her husband is feeling and struggling with emotionally.
      In Jesus’ name we pray.

  49. How am I? Doing much better today since I wrote in my prayer journal. I started it on Monday (I’m a professional writer who has never journaled) because I needed a place to collect my thoughts. I’ve been writing to God, pouring out the stress in my heart.

    It’s helped tremendously because I’ve been through some rough stuff lately. In September, I thought we were expecting unexpectedly and was ecstatic. Then, we went in for the ultrasound and found out it was not a baby, but a molar pregnancy. Basically, a placenta and mass of cells. This mass can cause cancer and had to be removed immediately. I’ve been struggling with the hormonal side of it all and have to have weekly blood tests to ensure it doesn’t come back.

    I don’t think I ever processed all the grief. I’m trying to do that now, but it seems that there’s no one who really understands it (other than my sister who experienced a tubal pregnancy in the spring). My friends have all but disappeared and I’m feeling lonely. Talking with my sister helps, but I can see she’s still hurting as she’s been trying to conceive. I am blessed with a beautiful daughter and feel guilty revealing my pain to her. Sam, the point you made about others not having room to let us pour feels very real right now.

    So, I’m really glad I found this group today. Thankful and blessed, actually.

    My prayer is for Jenn. Rejection may be the hardest pain to face, especially when you are rejected by a community. Lord, I pray that you bring healing and understanding to Jenn. And for her dad. I pray for you to just be there for them and to bring the healing that only you can bring. Finally, I pray that you are there in in Jenn’s time of financial need. I pray that this tough spot is temporary and that she is filled with your spirit. Thank you for the opportunity for us who trust in you to grow together and pray for each other. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    Blessings to all,

    • LC says:

      November 30, 2011 at 11:35 am

      Dear Lord, I lift up Amanda to you now and pray for your comforting and healing hand upon her. Send her someone who will be there for her as a friend and one who will be truly supportive. Open the eyes of those around her to see her need. Fill her lonely heart. Lord, we know that you have a plan for us, although we may not sense it right away. I pray that you will guide Amanda in the direction to fulfill her needs and be at peace right now. Amanda, I have a dear friend who went through a molar pregnancy between her two children. It was very difficult for her also, but she has now been blessed with a second child and has two healthy, beautiful children. It was hard for me to understand what was going on, although I had two high risk pregnancies myself. But I prayed for her and she is richly blessed. It is my hope that you will be richly blessed also.
      I am recovering from majjor back surgery (spinal fusion) and have a few more weeks until I return to work. I have been blessed with a good recovery after a long period of pain and fatigue from injury. My nerve is still healing and I need patience in healing. My doctor says he is very hopeful that the nerve will heal completely, so I am blessed that I didn’t wait for surgery. My husband is struggling financially with his family business and his parents will not relinquish the responsibility to him, although it is now in his name. We know that things won’t get better until they leave the business and let him run it. His mother is very controlling and doesn’t see she is a detriment. It is taking a toll on him and there is nothing I can do to make it better but support him and pray. It is causing our children to distance themselves from his mother. If he leaves and tries to make it on his own we are sure his parents will disown him – his mother is that mean. Your prayers are most appreciated.

  50. Dear Lord, I lift up Amanda to you now and pray for your comforting and healing hand upon her. Send her someone who will be there for her as a friend and one who will be truly supportive. Open the eyes of those around her to see her need. Fill her lonely heart. Lord, we know that you have a plan for us, although we may not sense it right away. I pray that you will guide Amanda in the direction to fulfill her needs and be at peace right now. Amanda, I have a dear friend who went through a molar pregnancy between her two children. It was very difficult for her also, but she has now been blessed with a second child and has two healthy, beautiful children. It was hard for me to understand what was going on, although I had two high risk pregnancies myself. But I prayed for her and she is richly blessed. It is my hope that you will be richly blessed also.
    I am recovering from majjor back surgery (spinal fusion) and have a few more weeks until I return to work. I have been blessed with a good recovery after a long period of pain and fatigue from injury. My nerve is still healing and I need patience in healing. My doctor says he is very hopeful that the nerve will heal completely, so I am blessed that I didn’t wait for surgery. My husband is struggling financially with his family business and his parents will not relinquish the responsibility to him, although it is now in his name. We know that things won’t get better until they leave the business and let him run it. His mother is very controlling and doesn’t see she is a detriment. It is taking a toll on him and there is nothing I can do to make it better but support him and pray. It is causing our children to distance themselves from his mother. If he leaves and tries to make it on his own we are sure his parents will disown him – his mother is that mean. Your prayers are most appreciated.

    • Dear Lord, thank you for LC and her kind heart. We stand with her as she trusts you for full healing for her back. Please keep her in the crock of your arm…. carry her on your shoulder. Grant her peace and rest. And we ask too for her husband’s job. Please allow his parent’s to step aside and allow their son to work. Thanks for your tender care for LC, her husband and their family. Amen.

      xoxo, Sam

  51. I feel I need to keep focus off of me but at times when I do focus on my life and my job, i get bogged down and feel stress build ecspecially living in this world isn’t easy, then I have to go to scriptures and verses on what I’m feeling and it helps, tremendously, But with the Holidays coming up and working in retail, I can get overwhelmed at times. Praying I can focus on the Advent of my Savior and show my unbelieving family and freinds the tru meaniong of Christmas time, it’s all becasue of my Saviors finisihed work for me and anyone who believes.

    This prayer is for Traci: Heavenly Father you know how weary a person can get when things of this life bogg us down, lord God I lift Traci up to you and her marriage including how she can encourage the love of her life, Lord God we thank-you for unity in marriage and pray Lord God that your spirit will come upon them and bring this couple all the fruit of the spirit which is Love, help Traci to love her husband like you love us uncondiontal with the help of the holy spirit and I pray for Joy in there conversations lord God put the right words in Traci’s mouth seasoned with a sweet aroma of Jesus and next I pray you will bless them with your peace that passes all understaning that is in us through Christ Jesus, and I pray for patience that will help Traci and her husband the only kind you could give Lord God, Thank-you Lord next I pray for kindness, lord God you know how to pour out kindness when you sent Jesus to the world help us to remember that, and Lord I pray for goodness, help Traci see the goodness comes from you and all your provisions your pour out to there bounty of blessings, and Lord I pray for gentleness, help traci be gentle with her actions towards her husband and Lord God we thank-you for answered prayers and lord God I pray you will pour out faithfulness to this couple help them know you made a covenant with us and redemmed us by your blood I pray you would tansform and redeem this marrige and the two shall become one in unity, in body spirt and soul. And last but not least pour out your self-control on Traci help her to not be wise on her own but to pray and ask the holy spirit for the help you are so gladly to give, self control you gave as the only begtton son of God our Jesus, I thank-you for your precious truths in your word Lord Jesus, we give you praise in all circumstances with Thanksgivning in who’s name is above all names, In Jesus precious name…Amen.

    • Dear Lord, thanks for being such a good Father to Tina. She has such a dear heart and we pray for her to be blessed by others. Give her grace as she works in retail with so many. Please carve out times for her to spend time with you in your presence. We ask for grace and hope for her. Thanks so much Lord. Amen.

      xoxo, sam

  52. I am blessed! This webpost blessed me. I always speak of restoring, renewing and revitalizing myself, but to know that others feel what I feel is divine revelation. It is deception from the enemy to make one think that they are the only one going through. I am blessed to know that just as my sisters are strengthened through the word and each other, I am encouraged by their renewal.

    My prayer is for Amanda, that she would find comfort and peace. I had an “medical abortion” years ago, only to find out later that it wasn’t medically necessary. It was devestating! My baby was aborted for no medical reason! It took me many years to heal from it. Please know that only God can heal you! Time does not heal as the saying goes, only God heals. It took many years for me to even think about it, let alone heal. Trust God! I understand, know that there is a reason for this trial. Most trials are not for us, but for our growth and development, and for our testimony to help others.

    God’s greatest blessings to you and your family.

    • Dear Lord, you are so faithful. Thank you for being with Tanya and holding her close. Please continue to reassure her adn show her your love. in Jesus name, Amen.

      xoxo, sam

  53. Pray for wisdom for our family. We just found out that our 9 yr. has dyslexia. We are struggling with
    what educational program will benefit him. My heart breaks for him, I don’t want him to feel defeated and feel all those emotions that come along with feeling; “I’m not smart enough.” Please pray that we find a program and for my son.
    Thank you.

    • Silvia, your mother’s heart is so sweet. Thank you for sharing your request for prayer. Just today another friend of mine found out her teenage son is years behind because of dyslexia. Another friend told us her friend’s husband is a renowned surgeon and has had dyslexia for his life.

      Your son can do great things! Praying for each of you as you walk this journey out together.

      xoxo, sam

  54. Just yesterday I poured out my heart before the Lord, vocalizing pain and rejection that I felt as a child. They only rejected me because of the hurt they experienced as children. By me doing this, I found relief and healing in the Loving arms of my heavenly Father. In my mind I see Him comforting my parents so they could find healing and then they could receive the love I tried to pour into them as an innocent, giving, loving child. It was then a mutual pouring into each other! This was a wonderful post about that very topic.

    I pray for Traci. I can relate because my husband hates his job and takes alot out of him emotionally, physically and spiritually. I listen and have encouraged him to look for another job. Only he can choose to take action, though. I feel frustrated, helpless and even cheated out of what my husband COULD be if he were in another situation. I pray for you Traci, as I’m sure you may have the same feelings. Thank you Lord for Traci’s new job that she enjoys. Give her strength, understanding, love and grace as she journeys beside her husband. I pray for another opportunity to open up for her husband where he can better utilize his gifts and talents. I pray for an open heart for him to experience God more in and through this hard time. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • Dear Lord, thank you for Martha and her tender heart. She is so precious. Please continue granting her the peace she exudes. And surround her with your love. Thanks so much. Amen.

      xoxo, Sam

  55. Christine Marie says:

    Dear Lord I pray for Silvia and her family right now and ask that you would filter through all the emotions going through them right now and give them your peace. Give the the wisdom to know what the right prgram is. We beleive you for the answers. Thank you Lord, in the name of your son Jesus, Amen.

    How am I? First of all this is the first time I’ve visited your blog. I was touched by your Proverbs 31 devotion today. I struggle so often with not knowing what to say to someone when they are going through something so difficult. I find myself getting so wrapped up in their problems and wanting so badly to help find a solution. I beleive God is showing me that I have to rely on him so much more. So I ‘m working on it and this is how I am. I am learning to rely on him more everyday.

    Thank you

  56. God’s loving words and timing are so perfect! This devotion is for ME, today, in the middle of a stress-filled season that is supposed to be filled with His peace and joy.

    I cry when I am asked “How are you?” My heart and mind are full of thoughts, plans, fears, busyness, dreams……………….and I’m so full I can’t even talk. I stuff it. I carry a heavy burden that is not from God.

    And last week I got sick. Rumbly tummy that is just now getting over with (no vomiting, thank God!). Thanksgiving was fine, but the mornings and nights were horrible. I felt tight in my chest, heart-rate speeding, blood pounding, I couldn’t sleep for the warfare of the mind (yes, I’ll be seeing a Dr. this week!).

    But God is using this time to screech me to a halt, come to HIM FIRST, lay down my ideas and priorities and fears and give them back to Him, repent for carrying things that HE is supposed to carry, rebuke the enemy, recite scriptures that come to me of the truth and His promises and loving-kindness towards me and those I love, cancel appts. and activities, and stay off the computer and the freeway!!

    Oh, and I homeschool 3 boys! My awesome hubby took the 2 youngers (ages 9 and 11) to work with him while my 13-year old Mama-sat and let me relax.

    It’s helping. Unclenched hands and an open heart before my Father! This culture is so opposite of His heart for us, His children. He WANTS peace and joy in our lives, not stress and running around like chickens/turkeys with their heads cut off!

    Thank for this devotion and reminder of God’s heart and power of His words and presence to fill us, heal us, strengthen us, and to be full of life!

    Lord, I pray for Christine and thank you for her compassion and heart for others. Thank you that they have someone who will listen to them. Give her courage to pray for them, even perfect strangers, and may Your presence and love be with her and touch others through her. Amen.

    • Dear Lord, thank you for always being our help. With each and every thing. God, will you please grant rest for Jane. hope and healing from your kind and gracious hand. Please fill her with new life and speak to her in each moment of each day. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

      xoxo, Sam

  57. Oh my goodness, I just spent forever typing my soul to share and I went to post and my internet connection was gone. y text gone! Its one of those really? moments. Bottom line God heard it. (Im still bummed, it said how I felt ,what I need, whats wrong.) Maybe God has a reason, was it TMI or is my heart in the wrong place.

    Regardless, thank you all for sharing, for praying.

    • Father God, Thank you that You gave Melinda the opportunity to pour out her heart to You, even if she intended to share. May You provide an opportunity for her to bless others with what she is learning in this season.


  58. “Many times it’s not only the original pain, but the pain of not being questioned. The claustrophobia of isolation. The not telling that is so difficult. Stifled words grow moldy and decay our hearts.”


    • You. are precious. loved. cared for. heard.

      Any time, any time… call. i’d love to hear how you are friend. xoxo, Sam

  59. Dear Lord,
    I lift Heatherly up to your throne of grace , which your blood gives us complete access to and where we can also say what consumes our minds and our hearts. For there truly is pain in not being sincerely asked how one is doing.. but we know that we always have your ear and your word tells us to come to you “all who labor and are heavy burdened” and your rest awaits..I pray your peace on heatherly’s heart and that she know that every second of everyday you are asking and waiting to hear back from her about how she is…..

    I also pray for your peace to reign in my heart and for wisdom to make the right decision. I’m at a crossraods in my life and the decisions I make will forever impact the wellbeing of my children..and this decision which should be an easy one is turning out one of the toughest I’ve ever made.. I am also overwhelemd with the task which is living day to day without losing my mind. For that I need your peace and confort.

    • Heavenly Father,
      I lift up Linda at this time. Give her comfort and strength in doing Your Will. Fill her with peace as she overcomes her hard decision for the benefit of her and her children, Lord. Bless her decision that if be from You and guide her in carrying it out – as You have planned. You have a plan for her to prosper and a future and a hope, not for calamity. How awesome Lord that You have a plan!
      In Jesus’ name,

  60. Sam, you’re responses in today’s devotion were my own. I am weary, I can’t take this anymore. And you’re biblical responses were heaven sent.
    Today I am weary and can’t take this anymore. I fight against forces which would tear apart my family – again: drugs, lies, cheating, stealing. (my husband) And I weary and trying my best to lean on Him. I know there are storms, trials, and that God yearns for us to be closer to Him. How and when will this end? What would the Lord have me do because I can endure no more.

    • Dear Lord, thank you for Tiffany and thank you for your grace toward her. Lord, I lift her up to you. Please fill the voids and give her peace and hope. Strength in the weariness and lift her please Jesus. Be her comfort and her guide. Thank you Lord. amen.

      xoxo, Sam

  61. Dearest Tiffany: I will comment on your post first. I hope it is the correct one. . . I am incredibly green at this. My circumstances differ, but I feel the exact same way. Today’s devotion was Heaven sent. . . period. satan is working overtime on all our families, but take heart. . .Christ has “overcome the world”. Paul tells us to rejoice when these things happen to us. I for one do NOT “feel” like rejoices, however if I knew someone else was rejoicing amidst their circumstances then perhaps it would give me the ability to rejoice also. Will you rejoice with me? I am tearing up while writing this in the hopes that we will dig deep inside ourselves and rejoice to the Lord, together “. . . .and again I say REJOICE!” 2 Corinthians 1:4 ~ He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.
    1 Peter 5:7-11
    New King James Version (NKJV)

    7 casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.
    8 Be sober, be vigilant; because[a] your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. 9 Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world. 10 But may[b] the God of all grace, who called us[c] to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you. 11 To Him be the glory and the dominion forever and ever. Amen.
    May we cling to these truths and remember each other in prayer daily. Thank you for going through what you are going through, not because I wish you harm, but because I now see that I am not alone. We must comfort each other with this: knowing that we are all in this together. Hang in there and know I am praying for you and covet your prayers as well. I homeschool my two children, my husband and I are never on the same page and finances are unbelievable. I have truly reached the end of my rope today as well. I need help that only the Savior can give. My faith is wavering and I have begun smoking again to cope (pretty silly huh?). I am a shell of a human being right now and the only people who seem to “get me” don’t even believe in the power of the Savior. I so long to show them His almighty power through my life. . . . the holidays are making everything seem even more dreary. God help us all and please don’t forget your beloved saints who struggle more than the world understands. In Jesus’ Holy, Blessed and Powerful Name I ask. AMEN.

    • Dear Lord, thank you for Angela and her hope. I ask that you give her more and more of your strength as she journys through this season. God, please surround her with sisters in Christ to hold her up and pour into her. Lead her new streams of rest and peace please. In Jesus Name, Amen.


      • Dearest Samantha: Words cannot express what that “small” prayer means to me. It is mighty as our Savior is mighty. I pray YHWHs blessings upon you for the outreach you are accomplishing. By investing in others we truly represent Christ in the right way. He continues to invest in us even now in the Heavenly realms. All too often I find myself wishing we were already living with our blessed Savior. I know that so many feel the same way. I get so caught up in circumstances that I forget that there are others in such deep need that He can actually use me to help with. May God forgive us our shortsightedness at times and continue to lead us along the straight and narrow. I ask that He teach me to forgive myself so that I may forgive others. Life is simply too short to hold onto such bitterness in our lives and yet in our humanness it all too often makes sense in our feeble minds to not allow others access because of our fear of being hurt again. Oh, how the Savior understands this! I thank you again and wish you and everyone else the very best that only He can give. Please keep up His good work, my beloved sister in Christ. I hope to check in with you and everyone else daily. Go as God leads. . . . I pray to do the same. =0)

  62. My heart goes out to you Angela. Being wife, mother and teacher takes a lot of love, courage, patience, godly wisdom and strength. May the LORD bless you as you trust Him to meet all your needs. May He guide and direct your path daily. May you see God’s mighty wonder-working power in your life as He gives you the will-power to stop smoking and as He increases your faith as you trust Him completely in all things. God knows the matters of the heart, and He know all that concerns you, Angela. When a storm comes…go dancing in the rain. Be refreshed and restored by His Word daily.
    Blessings to you from my heart to yours.

    I’ve been married for 21 years, 20 of which have been very lonely. My husband is a good man, but for the past 20 years of our marriage he has not made love to me. He says I’m as beautiful as the day we met, but for some reason he has lost all desire to be intimate. He keeps bringing up the fact that he has provided me with a beautiful home and he buys me nice gifts, but material things don’t make a marriage; Money, a house, and all the gifts in the world don’t mean a thing if love and intimacy are withheld. I just want the man I married back. Sometimes he says all he asks of me is to keep the house clean, make the meals and do the laundry. I feel like I’m the maid, house keeper and cook! There are no kisses and if I’m lucky I may get a hug, but even when he hugs me he isn’t close to me. I’ve done all I can to be the best wife. I’ve prayed for our marriage for the past 20 years but nothing has changed. At times I just cry. I feel so unloved and so alonge in this marriage. Whenever I brought up the subject of how I feel, he gets very upset and at one time told me he isn’t going to change and if I didn’t like the way things were I should leave. I told him that I married for better or worse and till death parts us. I told him I’m not going anywhere. He even admitted we live like brother and sister rather than husband and wife. It hurt to be rejected by the man you love. I’m tired and worn out from all the heartache, rejection, and stress of living like this. I’ve already had two heart attacks. My doctor told me to lose the stress. It’s not that easy when your heart is breaking and aching over and over and over….day in and day out.
    So, how am I? I’m depressed. I’m sad, I’m angry, I’m stress out. I’m in need of your prayers. I know that the LORD loves me and He knows and cares about me. In all these years of unhappiness I’ve never lost my faith in the LORD. I think anyone under these circumstances would feel the same feelings of sadness, rejection and loneliness and at times would feel like giving up. That’s only human. But I know God is still in control of my life and so I’ll keep praying and trusting no matter how long it takes. Please pray for my husband; for healing of his heart and emotions and to be set free from whatever it is that caused him to lose all desire for me. We did go to counseling and he was told that it’s not a physical problem. So please pray that whatever it is … that the LORD will heal him and that he will be the man I married once again.
    Thank you…

  63. Dear Lord, I want to pray for Millie. I hear her pain and loneliness and her disappointment that she feels. Father, only you can comfort her and draw her close. Thank you Lord, for this place where she can go and pour out her heart. She’s right, Lord anyone would feel sad in this situation, but many would not have the courage to share it. Thank you for giving her that opportunity. Lord, I want to pray for her husband. I pray for whatever it is that is making him withdraw from Millie. You see that Lord, you know what that is and you are Jehovah Rappha, you can heal it. Lord, my heart resonates with Millie in her pain. Hold her Lord. I remember once when I felt the pangs of loneliness in our marriage that you reminded me that you are my God, but also my husband. You are the all-suffiecient one. So, I pray that you will be what Millie needs. And that you give her grace to deal with her life as it is now. I thank you Lord for her steadfastness toward you. It is evident that she has found you faithful by her own admission, but Lord, she needs strength. It’s hard Lord, when no one knows the emptiness we feel. Thank you for Proverbs 31 and this site. Thank you that there are people who mean it when they ask, How are you.
    Thank you that I was prayed for. I pray for Millie. Give her a day she can’t believe. Heal her husband, comfort her, and remind her just how much you care. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

  64. I am doing ok.. I am learing to trust in God although things don’t always seem to appear as though he is working, I feel his peace which remids me that he always with me. My insecurties and doubt can often get the best of me. I keep trying to stay around like minded people and seek after God’s word. The devotion was great!! It was just what I needed to know that God will never change. I request prayer for my family and I as this is the 2nd holiday without with my dad. (he earned his angel wings almost 2 years ago in May.)

    Dear God,

    I come to you in prayer for Anne. I pray God that you move in her life as well as everyone that she is in contact with. (family, friends, co workers, and etc) I pray that you give her a peace that only you can give.. I pray that where there might be hurt you heal. I pray that you enlarge her faith and streangth her hope. I pray that whatever it is that Anne might need on this day that if it is according to your word that it be done! I pray that heaven open up and pour out blesssings for her. And God I pray that your light might shine though Anne and that people will see you in her.
    I thnak you God for Anne and her faith. I pray that her journey with you will grow closer and she will always seek you.
    In your precious sons name,

    • Dear Heavenly Father, I ask You to bless Maya this evening. Pour out Your blessings on her so that she might see You working in her life. Give her the confidence she needs to press on. Help her to shift her focus from doubting herself to believing in You. Guide her to come boldly before Your throne where she can receive mercy, and will find grace to help her when she needs it most.
      Please bless Maya’s family. This time of year brings joy but also sadness when we think of those who are no longer with us. Grant them peace and hope. Please remind Maya that she is loved and cherished. Keep her faith strong.

  65. Grace Lane says:

    Father, I love calling out to you as my Abba Father. You know all my needs before I even ask. Thank you for your daughter Beth. Her prayer for Maya shows she has a compassionate and loving heart. Speak to her today. Wrap her in a blanket of love, peace,and joy. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen

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