September 12, 2011

That Which Cost Me Nothing

Hi friends, welcome! If you are visiting from Proverbs 31 Ministries, delighted  you’re here.

It’s a curious thing…typically what I write, I face immediately. For instance, the day after I wrote about mercy and love and touching others’ pain, I tripped over a traveler. She flailed about in her pain. Pain that annoyingly interfered with my plans. I didn’t want to cross the road and sit in her ditch.

I heard Him say, “Will you give to Me that which costs nothing?“{based on 1 Chron. 21:24}

Sitting in my friend’s pain would cost me days of much anticipated fun. A sacrifice of hoped-for relaxation. Giving up my rights and ‘needs.’

I heard Him say, “Will you give to Me that which costs nothing?

And you know what? I ran away from her need. Irritated at her pain’s timing. My callousness reconciled by determining to avoid the words I’d written the day before.

I heard Him say, “Will you give to Me that which costs nothing?

And I didn’t pay one penny of mercy. I withheld love. Sacrificed no kindness. I stepped over my friend, eyes to the sky so as not to see, and ran away.

It didn’t take long before tight fists opened and my coins of selfishness scattered on my broken heart. Why had I been so cold? I missed a sweet moment to walk out the Word.

Next time, next time I would not miss out. Next time I would give that which cost me. For when we give, we gain. When we lose, we win. And when we miss our moment, He gives another one.

I will never forget this awful time, as I grieve over my loss. Yet I still dare to hope when I remember this:

The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness;  his mercies begin afresh each morning. ~Lamentations 3:19-23

I’d love you to share a time when you stepped into another’s pain. Please tell us about that by leaving a comment. If you’d like to be entered to win A Confident Heart book or Conference Call, please leave your email address as well. I’ll announce a winner Friday. Thanks

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  1. Loved your article! Just yesterday I experienced showing mercy & love toward someone in a hard place; having walked away from the Lord. I wasshamefully irritated when she asked me for a ride. I knew she had noone else to turn to. After I made sacrifices to do this; I cannot begin to tell you the joy I felt, knowing I had done the right thing. It was knowing this was doing something for someone who could not give baqck anything ! But her greatfulness on her facewas enough! Please enter me in the contest for the book.

    • Hi Helen, thanks for sharing! One of my favorite verses is Proverbs 11, He who refreshes others will be refreshed…

      It sounds like you reaped that benefit out of your sincere love and grace. It can be hard to overcome our own desires, but you’re right… it’s always worth it!

      Blessings friend!

    • my grandma has been in the hospital for over a month. i live far from the family and noticed the updates my mom was giving me were full of smiles yet i could hear in her voice she was tired, sad and just putting on a facade for me as a shield. my uncle called after i got off the phone with her one night crying and told me things were much worse than my mom had told me. i wanted to see my grandma while she was still in good spirits and just wanted to be in full support of my mom and my uncle, to be a comfort, to let them know that although i am far away, its okay to hurt and its okay to call on me when things get rough. its hard to see your mom start to go downhill. so i had all these things to do that weekend, and im studying for multiple licenses at work, yet i dropped everything to go home and just be there. just to be present and do nothing but be next to them. i wanted nothing more than to let my mom know that for all the years she was my rock, i want to be one for her too.

      thank you for all of the wonderful devotionals. it seems like whenever i am struggling, that devotional fits exactly and it sees me through. i look forward to the knowledge of the word to live by every day. i thank God for people like you who help put the word into perspective.

      Thank you for all you do.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience. It is something I struggle with so much. Time management is not one of my talents. When I find myself with time on my hands, I tend to be selfish with it.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience regarding your friend. May we all be willing to help our friends.

    One thing I have done is to offer to make a quilt for a friend who recently lost her son in Afghanistan. I hope this will bring her comfort.


    • Oh wow, Sherri, what a beautiful gesture and gift. I can imagine your friend wrapped warm in your quilt this winter, cherishing memories of her son and your love.



  3. This has happened to me twice recently. Sitting with someone in the hospital as they wait and hope for their spouse to recover. And sitting with a depressed, despondent young person, who feels they have no hope for a future. So many opportunities…. I feel so ill-equipped…”LORD, give us Your words, Your wisdom, Your love, Your power to help a hurting soul…”

    • Amen CJ, amen. It’s only His strength in our weaknesses that allows us to carry on and ‘sit.’ But also He gifts us to get the wounded to places of healing. Thank you for being a willing vessel… that is a thing of joy to the Lord’s heart.

      What a blessing you are!


  4. Vijaylutchmee Murugan says:

    My working colleague is hiv positive and all her friends and her two sisters have deserted her. As far as I know her friends don’t visit her and her sisters, who also work with me, don’t do anything for her. She is now on diapers because she can’t walk and every month i do a collection at work to ensure she has these diapers and with any extra money we try and buy her some goodies that she needs. It is a very challenging situation but with God’s help every month we are able to buy her enough diapers. God truly comes through for us when it comes to meeting her needs and I give Him all the glory. I also encourage her and have given her hope so that she can trust God. Amazingly she has drawn closer Him. She now believes in Him and believes that through faith she is going to walk again. Glory to our Father. I would love to win this book and in turn give her to read so that she can have a confident heart. It would be such a blessing. My email address is

    • Such a gracious pouring out of the love of Christ. I”m reminded when Jesus lovingly gently cared for those here on earth and told us to do the same… and we’d be doing it for Him. As you serve your friend, I pray you see how your hands are serving the King of kings. What a privilege and honor.

      Thank you for your humble servant’s heart. You’re a joy to Him!


      • Lisa Taylor says:

        Sam, If the lady in the post you replied to doesn’t win the book for her friend, please get back
        with me and I will pay for the book for her, and send it directly to her…..I am Lisa Taylor e-mail
        is……Just let me know and I will get the money to you….Thank you for a
        beautiful message…..

        I lost my husband to lung cancer Aug. was 6 yrs ago, I remember all the nice and wonderful things
        that were done for me and my family then…Thank you, Lisa Taylor

        • Wow, Lisa… that blesses me to tears. Thank you sweet sister. Out of the heart flows… love, grace, care. You are one of those in the traveler’s journey who aided in his/her care. Thank you. Thank you for shining. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your generosity.

          I’ll email you if she doesn’t win.

          Thankful to hear others surrounded you and picked you up when your husband passed. I pray each moment after that day is filled with Jesus’ peace and un-understandable joy.


          • Lisa Taylor says:

            Sam, It is the least I can do God has done so much for me, over and over again…It is time His
            Love shines through me. Thank you so much for doing your blog and being such a great
            role model for all of us…….Lisa T

  5. Dear Sam ~
    Beautiful devotion. Beautiful post. Beautiful you.

    Beautiful Savior. Beautiful Mercy.

    Praying His poured out blessing on your offering of love and your writing. May His fruit be bountiful through you, His willing vessel.

    Love you,

    • Oh, sweet sister. You bless my heart with the mere presence of your words. Thank you beyond a million gazillion times over for your encouragement and the peace of God you exude.

      Love you and praying for sweet unexpected refreshment for your heart today!


  6. melanie chitwood says:

    so beautiful to see God’s heart through yours. Beautiful writing. So unique and thoughtful and thought-provoking.

    • Mel, coming from such a talented writer and reader, your encouragement means a lot. Thank you sweet friend. Thank you.

      Love, Sam

  7. I ventured to your blog because of the post on Prov. 31 Woman. My plan was to tell you that I sat here in tears, even though I am not a crier. Then I read this post and the tears continued to flow. I, like you, write about what God shows me and then find myself at a point where the rubber meets the road, and so often find that I come up short. Thank you for being vulnerable. My failure shouts at me while my victories seem so few and far between. Knowing that someone else struggles in this process of becoming more like Jesus helps….it really does.
    Consider yourself “followed”….I want to hear more of what God shows you.

    • Donna, it’s a ‘becoming’ and ‘perfecting’… thankfully! 🙂 I have to remind myself gently His mercies are new not only every morning, but moment by moment. Cause friend, I can blow it throughout the day time and again. Thank you for venturing down this road with me. May we encourage each other as we come across travelers in the ditch, and may our encouragement drown out the voice of failure with the songs of His Truth.

      I am looking forward to visiting your blog and walking alongside you.

      Here’s to second chances… for him, for her, for you, for me. Praising Him!


    • Donna – even when you are replying to someone else’s post, your words speak VOLUMES to me! When you said “My failure shouts at me while my victories seem so few and far between.” I was SO saying, “Me, too! Me, too!”

      I simply came here to read Samantha’s post and, possibly, leave her a comment but then I found myself caught up in reading other’s comments – which I usually don’t take time to do when I’m at work. I know why now – I truly believe God wanted me to see your comment to remind me, too, that I am NOT the only one that struggles on a daily basis with trying to become more like Jesus. Then Samantha’s reply to you just reinforced it even more.

      Again, I am so very grateful that HE re-connected us after all these years (has it REALLY been 34 years since we graduated!). I know it was in His plan. Thank you for being such an encourager – even when you don’t realize you are 🙂

      • Wow, that is a cool connection! Amazing how Christ brings us together again and again.

        Thank you for hopping over Kathryn. I pray as we all rise to the challenge to become more like Him daily, we meet at His feet in hope and grace.

        Mercy abounds.


  8. This is a very thought provoking message. I’m sad to say that don’t simply sit in someone else’s pain. I do try to point them to Jesus and His faithfulness. Your message gives me a lot to think about. Thank you.

    • Sweet Patti,

      What more is asked of us but to point to Jesus. Like the woman at the well… she encountered Jesus and threw abandon out. Running, telling, sharing, pointing to the Truth, Living Water, Healer. Well done, friend, well done. I pray as He leads you to sit a little longer with others, that the joy of mercy will flood your heart. You’re growing more like Him daily!


  9. This is a very thought provoking message. I’m sad to say that don’t simply sit in someone else’s pain. I do try to point them to Jesus and His faithfulness. Your message gives me a lot to think about. I love the Bible texts that you chose too. Thank you.

    • Thanks friend. I have been encouraged to memorize… to write–chisel– on my heart verses about mercy and love and sacrifice and care. Because honestly, mercy is bottom of my list for desires to act upon. But His Word blazes hot with truth when I”m tempted to ‘walk on by.’ Hope you too find sweet nuggets of encouragement in Bible verses, Patti.

      He’s near you today!

      • Hello, I seemed to be having trouble posting a comment. I didn’t mean to send the same one 3 times. Thank you so much for your response. Like Micah 6:8 “He has shown you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, to LOVE MERCY, and to walk humbly with your God.” Thank you again

  10. This is a very thought provoking message. I’m sad to say that don’t simply sit in someone else’s pain. I do try to point them to Jesus and His faithfulness. Your message gives me a lot to think about. I love the Bible texts that you chose too. Thank you.

  11. Sam ~ Read this this morning and thought of you ~ returning with mercy. And there His house is built and blessed. 🙂

    “‘Therefore thus says the LORD: ‘ I am returning to Jerusalem with mercy; My house shall be built in it,” says the LORD of hosts, “ And a surveyor’s line shall be stretched out over Jerusalem.”’
    Zech. 1:16
    Big love and LTS goodness,

    • How I adore that! I’ll sit tonight with the whole context and pour into it and allow it to pour into me. Thank you Sharon!

      LTS and sending love to you!

  12. Cynthia Graham-Pettis says:

    I work for the Department of Social Ser. SNAP (formerl known as foodstamps). So often I hear from my supervisor that I am not a Social Worker, but an Eligibility Worker. I should work the cases, and move on. Yet, God has given me the spirit of a Social Worker and Counselor. Eventhough I have pain and disappointments of my own right now, I listen to the pain of clients I encounter. All that is needed is a listening ear sometimes. The only one I can really talk to right now is God. So, I understand the need to pour out your pain. I either verbally share Jesus with the person, or just allow the Jesus in me to shine through. There are sometimes missed opportunities to do this, because I am caught up with time constraints, but I try not to let that happen too often, even if it means continuously being behind in work. You never know what a person is going through and how easily their need of hope might be fullfilled.

    • Mmmm, that’s good stuff Cynthia. “you never know what a person is going through and how easily their need of hope might be fulfilled.” Thank you for sharing and for being a light to a hurting world. May the Holy Spirit refresh you as you pour out and give you favor in all His ways He leads you.


    • I wish more people were like you Cynthia. Like you said, sometimes all a person needs is for someone to listen.

  13. “I need someome to crawl in my pit with me. Someone to help me out of the pain.” I have been in this pit for three years now. I would have loved to have someone crawl in, listen, encourage and ease the pain. I’m hoping that the end is near because I do believe God is in control and is good. I don’t know why we have had to endure this pit for so long and I probably never will. However, I have such an empathy for others that are going through this pit now, that I can not wait to show God’s mercy to them. I see others hurting and as soon as our finances get a little better, I’m going to be over there to show mercy. Thanks for your devotional today. I love the good Samaritan story and it is always good to be reminded of it again. I would love to win Renee’s book.

    • Oh sweet Nancy, I’m praying Isaiah 43 for you: “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” He is able and sweet and perseveres with us.

      Blessings to you,

  14. Leslie Shelley says:

    I came to this post from your Proverbs 31 devotion today. I can’t tell you how it spoke to my heart, each word ringing true, holding a mirror up in front of me…….you write beautifully, and such honesty and clarity. Thank you for that. I would love to be entered in the contest for the Confident Heart book. My most terrifying moment of sharing pain was spent with my dear friend and cousin. She battled pancreatic cancer, sudden and devestating cancer. Her immediate family determinded not to tell her how serious, even fatal her condition was, everyone pretended, put on a chipper brave face and spoke of her improvements, lying out of love. She and I had grown up together, shared life together, planned our weddings, ate our way through pregnancy, and laughed about the reality of childbirth. I felt as if my own life was slipping away as I watched her, day by day, become the shadow of who she was, fighting against what was not to be. My day came when she looked at me and said, “Leslie, I know and I need to be able to speak that to someone. I need to talk to you about my death, what is coming, my children, what I want. I need to cry out these tears of bitterness, I NEED to see my children grow up, I NEED to watch my daughter be a bride, to watch my son become a father, I NEED TO SCREAM IN RAGE, and I NEED you to listen to it all – because no one else is strong enough to even admit that it is true.” And so she and I shared this, until the very end. Her last words were to me, “I am sorry…. and thank you.” No one else knew we shared this the last few months, everyone else pretended until the last breath. But looking back, I was blessed by one of the hardest times of my life. God poured out Grace like annointing oil and Love wrapped her arms around of us both, and somehow on some level peace journied through the last days as our companion.

    • Leslie, my heart is moved by your courage and grace. Wow. Simply… thank you for being wisdom and open hearted and dear. We all could use such a tender and strong friend in times of such great need. May you feel His restoration and peace as you process through that time with your friend. Much grace and refreshment to you.


  15. Thank you for the reminder that we have been created to carry one another’s burdens in a tangible way.

    I recently wrote a post about how sometimes telling someone “I’m praying for you” when they’re in a pit is just not enough. Yes prayer is pivitol for their healing but the physical presence of someone who genuinely cares about what you’re going through is equally important.

    Unfortunately when I was going through my pit of depression and grief after losing my Dad in a car accident three years ago, there weren’t very many who were willing to meet me where I was at, and walk with me through the valley. But the comforting truth is that God is always a very present help and He never leaves us nor forsakes us, even when people do.

    I will be intentional, especially this week, about seeking God in who He wants me to walk with through their valley.

    Jesus love and blessings!


    • What solid truth you share! When my mom was going through cancer, one of my friends asked “What can I do for you?” That meant so much more than “Let me know if there’s anything I can do.”

      It was an active verb and she not only asked, but actually did above and beyond what I couldn’t think of to ask. I’m so sorry for the loss of your dad. That is a hard loss that is only bearable through the presence of Jesus.

      He is near.

      Praying for sweet moments in the valley with others this week, Ayla!!


  16. Sam–
    I love reading your entry. You are such an amazing talented author.. I wish we lived close together because you are someone i would love to get to know better over steaming cups of coffee.. I loved the small encounter I had with you at she speaks. you just oozed the Lord all over. As for entering into someone’s pain.. I am a counselor completing my clinicals.. so i get to do that daily. And it’s interesting because sometimes the easiest thing to do is enter in with clichques and pat counseling or christian answers.. but i have learned that is not healing.. to just be m e. To listen with the ears of God and when necessary speak the words of God. Praying for you Sam
    Jenn Hand

    • Awww, thank you Jenn! That was a sweet moment at She Speaks! You were so precious to listen and encourage and laugh with me. Thank you.

      God bless you in your daily work. I pray it would refresh you as you refresh others. Amen… “to listen with the ears of God and when necessary speak the words of God.” Beautifully put.

      You exude the grace and heart of God!

      Thanks for praying. Same to you friend.


  17. Carol Bruntlett says:

    Boy this is a tuff one ,the hardest thing for mr right now in my life is taking care of my elderly parent some days are more than I can take because I am the only child here in town and being unemployed for 2 yrs I believe that adds to the pressure but My God is faithful, and each day He gives me the Grace and Mercy And Strength to face the days with my mom, I continue on a day to day basis to cry out to Him to help me to get thru this road He has me on in my life at this point. Thank you for posting this.

    I feel like I have lost a lot of my confidence since all this came up.

    • Carol, I pray you are surrounded by unexpected support. That people will fill the void and love in the gaps where you feel alone. May the help carry your burdens and share life with you. You are honoring your parents… and in that… honoring the Lord. He counts that as righteousness friend.

      Blessings to you!

  18. I carved out time in a very busy work schedule – giving my free time away – when a friend lost her fiance. We just sat and cried together on her sofa. Words were not helpful or necessary. Just being with her and sharing pain.

    • Whoa, that makes me pause. Bless you as you were the hands and feet of a loving friend, exemplifying Christ’s love. Other’s tears often validate our own…and help us release ours too. May the light and love you gave return double to you later down the road of life.


  19. Sweet Sam,

    I have already purchased Renee’s book but I wanted to leave a comment just the same. I so often feel like I should do so much more to help people, to the point of anxiety. I feel it the most when I hear miraculous stories about mission trips: big beautiful good deeds, radical ones that take people out of their comfort zones into the mission field. I think, “I should have been doing that, I should be ashamed of myself.” I was discussing this, among some other issues that were dealing me some crippling anxiety, with a friend recently when she said, “Stop…. you run a laboratory, and you are a perfectionist, which is definitely a good quality to have in your line of work, but God doesn’t not expect perfection from you. You work in an Oncology clinic, what a difference you can make there!” I realized that she was right, and now I am so much more aware of our patients, even though I do not normally have a lot of patient contact. I have learned that a reassuring smile or a hug can make such a monumental difference in a person’s day, especially where I work. I feel like so many of our patients are in “the pit,” terrified, confused, and so many heartbreaking times…alone.
    Recently, after a patient stopped me and asked me to get a copy of his results, he started telling me part of his story. I was so super busy at work at the moment, and in the back of my head was a voice screaming, “You have work to do!!! This is not part of your job, get the front desk to get his results for him!!” but I stayed…..and I listened…and I was blessed. I told him I would pray for him and he was so thankful. He now peeks in the lab and gets his results from us instead of getting them from his nurse or the front desk, and it is a joy to see him everytime.
    My mother-in-law has just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and she has definitely fallen into the pit. She is such a sweet, giving, extraordinary woman of faith, and it is heartbreaking for me to see her going through this, and reacting the way she has. I had the oppotunity to sit with her alone for a few hours this weekend while in the hospital (she is having some bad complications from her surgery). I thought at first, “Yipes! Definitely not in my comfort zone. Awkward…what will I say? What will I do? What if I say the wrong thing????” I accepted just the same, hesitantly. She cannot talk much because she has a tube draining tummy contents, but she didn’t have to. I sat with her, holding her hand when they got her up to sit for 20 minutes, hiding my stinging eyes while she fought through the pain to get up, and the embarrassment I was sure she felt of me being there instead of one of her daughters, while she was so vulnerable and exposed. I held her hand, and she squeezed it tightly, and said faintly, “I love you, I love you so much.” Ohhhh….. blessings.
    Awkward? Not at all.
    A moment that I will remember forever? Definitely.
    I am going to try to make sure to seize those little uncomfortable moments, and the ones that interfere with my schedule, the ones that make me cringe, roll my eyes, or sigh…and look at them as opportunites to make a difference in someone’s life.

    Love and prayers for you Sam, thank you for the blessings you shower on everyone with your honesty and encouragement.


    • Emilea,

      I cried with you as I read your sweet note. “I love you, I love you so much.” Oh wow. What a moment to carve upon your heart; to fill the recesses of your memory. Thankful for you that the Lord secured that time with you mother-in-law. May many more sweet times occur with her… and your patients. Sounds like your heart is warm and inviting, dear friend.


  20. Thank you for painting such real, relatable word pictures in your P31 devotional today! It was wonderful!

  21. P.S.- Sorry I was so “long-winded” 🙂

  22. This is one of the reasons I became a Stephen Minister, to help others out of pain. I have been helped many times and how it has helped me grow to where I am today. Yes I would love the opportunity to grow more by reading a Confident Heart.
    Thank you for the encouragement, God’s blessings!

  23. This past weekend I attended a conference held by my local Christian Authors Guild. Right before the conference I was asked to be in charge of one aspect of the meetings that would require gathering volunteers and being in charge of a service. I didn’t want to do it. I wanted to spend my time preparing a book proposal and then attending all of the workshops instead. But I heard God say, “If you are willing to give up something you want, I will give you a two-fold return.” I reluctantly offered to help. The result was that while I sat at that table serving – and missing a few things – I had the opportunity to chat repeatedly with the agents, authors, editors, and leaders on a one-on-one basic. I received so much more than I would have otherwise. I got to talk to them about their dogs, grandkids, and exactly what do I need to do to get you to accept me as a client and get my book published? It was totally awesome! Think of what I would have missed if I had chosen to be selfish.

    • Oh my!! Amazing! Yay Jesus for ordaining. Yay Karen for obeying!! Keep on keeping on sister… What a lovely life pouring out this truth: “The fear of the LORD teaches a man wisdom, and humility comes before honor.” Prov. 15:33.

      You rock!!

      p.s. keep us posted on how your proposals turn out!

  24. What a heart-stirring devotion. Sadly, I, too, have too many times walked on the other side as if I do not see. Funny how it takes being in the place of pain yourself and needing someone to stop and care for your wounds that you see how selfish you have been along the way. Be still, listen, administer mercy ~ great advice!

    Thank you so much for sharing ~ Happy Monday!

    Sweet Blessings,

    • Oh Pam… can I ever relate! I never realized how un-merciful I’ve been until I hurt terribly. You’re so right… sometimes it takes our own woundedness to mirror our our selfishness. As you are still, administer mercy and listen, I pray for eye-opening revelations and sweet moments with the Lord.

      Thanks for touching base! Appreciate you!


  25. Wonderful devotion today! Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

    • Thanks Lee Ann… it’s nice to share my heart and have kind comments in return 🙂 Appreciate you popping in, friend!

      • Hmm, I meant comments in terms of kindness and love. It’s always a bit nervous to put yourself out there and only hear crickets. I’m thankful i’m not alone in this journey!

  26. I feel like I’m in the middle of that right now….My brother is in the middle of a horrible seperation from his wife which she initiated. He is devastaed and living with me, he gets his 2 small children on the weekends. Every weekend, which he works one of those days. All day. So I am babysitting. I really struggled with this, since I’ll be giving up my relaxation day…my only day to myself. But I believe I heard God whisper…”will you do it for Me”. My brother is in so much pain, thank you for this devotion, I don’t want to walk over his pain,and I want to serve the Lord in this way if only I can get my flesh out of the way….Thank you again!

    • Sister, I hear you! And I”m amazing at your generosity. It ain’t easy giving up our quiet, R&R and peace. I’m in the midst of something similar with a friend and it’s been taxing. Really have seen how much I crave myself and my wants, over others.

      I’ll pray for you… you pray for me? Deal?

      Praying for the pain to subside for your brother as he walks through it to the other side of healing. You’re doing a great thing and honoring the Most High!! Way to go friend!


      • Deal!! You’re in my prayer journal! Thanks for praying for my brother too…being the big sister who wants to fix all things for him and can’t this time is tough. Have a great week!

        • I’m a fixer too… learning how to trust God to make a way in the desert for those I love. Oooh, ooh! It is difficult! 🙂 Thanks for praying Alanna… keep me posted on how your bro and y’all are doing! Thanks!! Will add you to my list too.

  27. I just read about getting the book from Proverbs 31 on Facebook. Then i read the post. Wow. I just lost a very dear and close friend this morning to a long battle of cancer. What a warrior she was for our Lord. We will miss her dearly. I was at the hospital when she was there, i took her to the doctors or lab when she needed rides when her husband could not take her. I loved her. Now we go on and remember and continue things that she no longer can do.
    Thanks I would love the book! .

    • Oh sweet Peggy, I’m so sorry. How can I pray for you in your loss?

      What sweet memories you must have with your friend as you loved her well.

      Blessings to you,

      • Pray for family to be saved. That was her heart cry. Her son and daughter in law and her 2 grand-kids who are teenagers. They don’t know Him and she wants to spend eternity for them.
        I am going to find out if there are pictures that we can do a slide show for her memorial service.
        Thank you for praying. God is so good and provides comfort in our sorrow. she is out of pain and in His presence. What more could we want? I would not want her back here with the pain and suffering. So just packing in the memories I have!

        • What a legacy to live and leave.

          Lord, thank you for Peggy’s friend and the life she lived. Especially for the eternal life she is living now. Glory to God! We ask that you call her family members by name and stir in their hearts even now Your salvation. May their knees bow and tongues confess you are Lord. To your glory. And I ask a special blessing for Peggy. Fill her where she has poured out. Refresh any weariness and call her to your restful moments. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  28. Thank you for the devotional. Sometimes it’s hard for me to reach out and help others because I’m struggling myself, always feeling defeated. But I have realized that when I do, it takes the pain away that I’m feeling inside even if it’s just for a little while. Just as Cynthia said, sometimes all one needs is someone to listen. It reminded me of a question someone once asked, “When you ask someone ‘How are You?’, are you really interested in how they are doing?” I’ve found that a lot of people are not interested. I know there have been times when someone has asked me and I tell them “I’m ok” that I wish they would ask “Are you really ok?”

    • So true, Gina! It does feel good to take our eyes off our pain and focus on other’s healing. Check this out:
      Proverbs 11:17, 25 tells us, “The merciful man does himself good,” “A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.”

      I recite these verses to myself when I want to stay in my pain and not even toss a glance at other’s.

      It is hard to not talk about what we’re going through when someone asks ‘are you okay?” but might not really want to know. I pray the Lord brings friends with sweet hearts and open ears to you!!


  29. This is what I want to become, helpful and merciful to others. But I have so many of my own problems. Also I am a quiet and shy person who is not good with words. I just don’t know how to reach out to others.

    • Kelly, I’m kinda quiet and shy too. But I know this…all God wants is a willing heart. Like the widow with two mites… give what you have and He’ll honor your offering. Your heart is dear and kind… that’s evident through your sweet short sentences. Reach out to Him and He’ll show you how to be helpful and merciful.

      Would love to hear how He does that in the upcoming weeks and months. I’m excited for you!


  30. A year ago I received a phone call from a dear friend telling me that her husband was in the ER after having multiple seizures and they had found a mass on his brain. That mass ended up being a very serious type of cancer. I did what I knew I needed to do, found a babysitter for my children that morning and went to the hospital as fast as I could. I’d like to say that I was there for my friend every day, but I did what I could and arranged meals so that her and their two boys, one with Downs, and her mother-in-law had meals without having to worry about where they were coming from. When my friend would call and said she needed to talk, I would meet her and just sit and let her cry and talk and I would pray. There were days and weeks that would go by and I wouldn’t actually talk to my friend and I’d feel horrible, some days it was all I could do to make through taking care of our three special needs children. She was always very understanding and thankful for all that had been done with meals and help and support that they’d been receiving from so many. I’m happy to say that our friend is currently in remission and doing remarkable.

    Thank you for your post.

    I would love to receive the conference call as I already have a copy of the book.

    cassandra dot sines@gmail dot com.

    • Cassandra, when my mom had to have surgery after cancer, do you know what most touched my family? It was the prayers and the MEALS!! No kidding. It was such a relief not to go grocery shopping and have to cook and then clean. Way to go on planning the meals. You may never know this side of heaven how vital that way for your friend.

      You sound like a gentle and thoughtful friend!

      So glad your friend is in remission and I pray the blessings of all you did return to you double portion. Especially as your sweet children grow.


  31. Wow. You said it. There are so many times that I just wish I has someone to sit with me when I was hurting. Just hold my hand or hold me and let me cry or talk or just be. It helps so much to know someone cares enough to take the time to be with you. Thank you so much for posting.

    • Thanks Christy. May the Lord open doors windows avenues for others to come into your life who are open ear open heart open lives. He’s able and valiant to save.

      Caring through prayer for you tonight,

  32. Wow. You said it. There are so many times that I just wish I has someone to sit with me when I was hurting. Just hold my hand or hold me and let me cry or talk or just be. It helps so much to know someone cares enough to take the time to be with you. Thank you so much for posting.
    I would love the book

  33. I enjoyed your devotion this morning. It was a good reminder for me to be the “God with skin on” for others.

  34. Sam, impressed by all your personal comments – what a gift of time. THANK YOU!

  35. thanks for posting this today. this is so me. I sometimes let opportunities pass me by and then I see others doing and think about how I am not the Christian that they are… That somehow I am a bad Christian. Thank you for pointing out that we are all just Christians that sometimes let our personal feelings get in the way of doing what God is asking us to do, and that each and everyday we have a new chance to make the right choice.

    • Ooooh, Amen, Carolyn! I think i needed that verse about God’s new mercies more than my friend who “ruined” my vacation. Man oh man. It was not a lovely moment for me! Thanks for touching base and I pray that tomorrow God sets a sweet and sincere opportunity in front of you and your response brings utter joy to your heart… utter relief to the friend/family/acquaintance/stranger you bless.

      He loves you.


  36. Jennie Brooks says:

    I recently ran away from someone’s pain and I’m very ashamed. trying to get the nerve to apologize which has always been hard for me. don’t know why that is.

    • Well, girl… I get that. Could it be hard to apologize because it’s awkward. Or embarrassing. Or maybe pride sneaks in and chokes out mercy? I struggle with that and then get all nervous and heart-racing and sweaty. It’s not pretty 🙂

      Dear Lord, thanks for Jennie. Thanks for her awareness of another person’s pain. Will you please show her what to do to let that person know she loves them and she cares. Your word promises you’ll give us wisdom … and give us words to say. Thanks so much Jesus for going before Jennie in this. Please give love and grace to her and her friend. In Jesus Name, Amen.

      You can do it!!

      He’s near and about you.


  37. Marsha Pulz says:

    Right now, I am feeling the pain of close friends who have had their homes flooded. For awhile, they weren’t even allowed in the area to see how their homes were affected. I’ve been praying for them, crying with them, and just giving them a hug to share them I truly love them.

    • Oh man. I will sit quietly with you as words fail in such a time.

      Dear Lord, you know. You are. You were. You are to come. Thank you. In Jesus Name, Amen.

      Thanks for sharing, sweet Marsha.

      He’s abundantly faithful.


  38. I entered the pain of a friend whose father died. I felt the Lord prepare me for reaching out as I had dealt with that loss a few years before. I have found the Lord can and will use many circumstances to remember and reach out in His love.

    • He’s so good to go before us and prepare a way. Makes me ponder if Psalm 105:41
      “He broke open a rock, and streams of water poured out. They flowed like a river in the desert.” … could that also mean HIM (The Living Water) flows out of our hard difficult stoney places to refresh others? Just like you are to your friends. I’m gonna check that out.

      And thanks for being that grace your friends need. Such a sweet picture of love. His love.


  39. Samantha,

    The first thing that came to my mind was when another lady in a Bible study group in which I was a participant had an infant daughter die (she was pregnant and the baby died in her uterus at 7 months). I remember her having to carry the baby over Christmas Day knowing that the infant had died. A few weeks previous to that I had delivered a 37 week baby who only lived for two hours, and this was the second time my husband and I had lost an infant. Our firstborn also died from the same hereditary disease two hours after she was born at 37 weeks; however, we did end up having three healthy children. While I was praying for my friend, the Lord “asked” me to go visit with her to comfort her. Honestly, I was reluctant to go visit with her because I was still grieving myself, but the Lord just kept tugging at my heart to obey. Although I was hurting myself, I went to her home and sat and listened, wept, and prayed with her. Why was I so amazed when God worked through that act of obedience to heal my heart more than I could imagine? This lady and I both left the community where we had lived, and I saw her again recently at a retirement party for our former pastor. She shared with me how many times she thought of me coming to visit her after she lost her baby and how much it meant to her. One act of kindness and obedience can touch a heart in ways that we can’t imagine…. And to think, I was reluctant. Lord, forgive me for my reluctance, and help me to obey Your promptings more quickly!

    • Mmmm, Mmmm-hmmmm… that’s beautiful. Gives me a lot to think about. Why why are we reluctant? I wish I wasn’t so much. I sense you feel the same. He’s good to give us second third tenth times… do-overs… re-trys. But I sure do love it when we grasp the first go round and walk it out.

      Thankful for your three sweet babes. Thankful for our obedience. Thankful for your conversation years later with her. Such grace. Such mercy.

      May another step in your pain when you should need grace administered in the future.

      He’s good. He’s faithful.

      He’s abundant.


  40. Hello, Samantha, I forgot to give you my email address for the contest for the Conference Calls. I have already purchased and received my book, but would love to participate in the online Bible Study and Conference Calls. I graduated in June this summer and passed my state boards to become an RN at the age of 55, which fulfilled a lifelong dream for me. I am praying about where God would have me to serve Him to the fullest and have applied for many jobs to no avail at this point. I believe that God has called me to serve Him as a hospice nurse; however, I do not want to miss any opportunity in nursing where He would have me to serve, so I am applying in many different venues. Thank you for entering me in the contest, my email address is:


      Kickin’ my heels up and doing a dance for ya!! That’s great!!

      May His widsom flow and be undeniable in how He directs your steps. Oh… and He WILL direct your steps.


  41. Samantha,

    You truly have a way with words. Your devotion touched my heart and reminded me that I need to be still, listen, and administer mercy so much more than thinking people are looking for me to always speak – I need to work on listening and being comfortable just listening and it’s ok if I don’t know what to say. My best friend recently went through a divorce and after the fact told me that I am the only person she shared many of the details with becausevshe knew her words were safe with me and I wouldn’t pass judgement. I wouldnlove to win Renee’s book Confident Heart – please enter me in the drawing. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

    God bless,


    • Whoa… what an amazing gift you gave your best friend. Sitting back and basking in such sweet communion between two souls. Beautiful moments of pain are often ones that draw us closer than a lifetime of laughter. Thanks for shining Him. For bearing her painful burden. For waiting it out. Thanks. Thank you.

      I’m honored to ‘do life’ with precious sisters.

      Blessings as you continue to honor His glory and Name. You’re cherished by Him… the Creator who holds stars, stores oceans, commands boundary lines. Oh yes.. friend. YOU. You are cherished by Him.


  42. Carolyn Rogers says:

    You blew me away with your devo. It was so full of God’s beautiful truth in a lyrically touching way. Like I was flitting from moment to thought to God’s grace. Beautiful writing and may you continue to grace the Prov 31 ministry with your writing. Thanks for reminding us that God’s mercy is sometimes best served through us…if we let Him.

    • Welllll… I wonder how beautiful your writing is as well?… your lovely comment alone touches my heart and lands softly. Thanks so much friend for your kindness and encouragement. It refreshes a weary soul and brings joy.

      You, child of a Shepherd, are thoughtful. Thanks and may you feel His gentle guidance to streams of mercy.


  43. I have a dear friend that is in the middle of a personal crisis. We have known one another almost all of our lives. Over the last 3 years, we have gotten closer than we have ever been, even though she lives in another state. A couple weeks ago, I called her one day, just to chat, and she told me what had been going on in her life. I can’t go to her and be at her side because of a disability that keeps me from driving very far. But we talk often on the phone and I always ask her if I can pray for her before we hang up. Each time she comes to mind, I pray. I give my time, attention, and prayers – and it costs me nothing…

    • Once I was encouraged, “pray isn’t the least– it’s the most, we can do.” Oh yes. The most. You rock the heavenlies and touch the Father’s heart with your prayers. Keep on, friend, keep on. Your friend is blessed.

      To Him be the glory. Blessings to you.


  44. I was walking to church a month ago as a friend drove by in her car. She pulled over and rolled down the window, crying. She was on her way to take her only child to college. I hopped in and talked and prayed with her. I never did make it to church that day, but it seemed like God had a divine appointment for me instead.

    • Divine. Thank you for your time, your sincerity. Pushing aside all on our plate to keep open to Christ’s divine appointments is special. Love that you had that time with your friend.

  45. Precious friend…your heart even surpasses the excellence of your writing. Thank you for sharing both the devotion and the detour…a time when “me” won over “we”. Your authenticity, although hard to share, is encouraging. We are not perfect Christ-followers. We sometimes choose to respond with a ‘no’ or ‘not this time’. Thank you for your vulnerability. I think too often as individuals we feel we are the only ones who make those poor choices. In truth, each of us is like the rest of us. I just love your heart my friend…it’s so much like His.

    I have been both the Good Samaritan and the passerby. One brings a smile of remembrance, the other the pain of regret. As you asked for the “stepping in” example, I will share that I would be missing a very dear and precious friendship right now if I had ignored the pain placed before me in an email one day. God called me alongside a gal who’s life circumstances were so different than mine. Her life had been touched by countless hardships. She was in need of much healing. I could have turned and ran. I could have ignored her cry of help, but God made her pain mine. I have learned so much through my obedience and my life has been enriched and blessed in countless ways.

    Samantha, I don’t know if you ever read Elaine Olsen’s blog, but she had a post yesterday that falls in step with your devotion and posting here. It falls in step, as you both walk together with the Savior. Here is her link: I hope you will visit her and enjoy.

    Love you my friend. Thank you for always drawing me closer to His heart,

    • Friend, I have often marveled from the south your love and graciousness. Marvel. His joy stretches high and around and through you.

      Your words resonated with me today as I spoke to another. Going to reflect on your phrase “me” won over “we”.

      Friends like you make it easy to be vulnerable and authentic… a warm safe place to land.

      Thank you for sharing grace with Elaine’s link. I’m heading there!

      Much love, Sam

  46. I am new to your site having come from the Proverbs 31 daily devotional, but I thoroughly enjoyed your words today. I lost my mom to a drunk driver and then a few years later lost my 4 year old son and my unborn child to a speeding driver. Spending over 3 months in hospital myself to recover from injuries sustained in the same accident, I had many who came alongside and supported, encouraged, and cried with me. They also helped care for my husband and three other children after our accident. As a result of these experiences, the Lord has given me opportunities to sit, cry, and pray with others in the midst of their pain. It is often outside of my comfort zone, but God is my strength and encourager. Yet, I think all of us, if we are honest, have also pretended not to see someone’s pain at one time or another and oh, the pain of that. Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. Isn’t wonderful that God remembers that we are but dust and takes pity apon us, but may we become more and more sensitive and obedient to the Holy Spirit. God is good and does good.


    • Kathleen, words fail for me in this moment. For your pain, the losses, I am sorry. What a beautiful portrait of the power of love you are. You shine wildly the glory of God and what a heart committed to Him can be. Thank you. Thank you.

      Beautiful indeed.


  47. Well, I often step into the pain of others, but I have to tell you that yesterday, I did the opposite. My middle child had a stomach ache, and I was scared to death she would interfere with my day. I held my breathe and pushed her along to school because I had things to do. She was still a little wimpy last night but making it. This post reminded me of my lack of compassion. I can be really selfish when it comes to the pain of others because I put myself at the forefront. I desire to love God and people more.

    I love your new website. It looks great!

    • Oh Suzanne, I am sure that bruised your heart. Knowing and positive that God will use yesterday’s moment with your daughter to strengthen your compassion and love as a mom. Our weakness, His strength… what a lovely combination.

      It’s evident you give Christ glory through your humility…what a joyful thing!


  48. Stacey Sutton says:

    thank you so much…your words truely touch my soul!

  49. Mercy and Healing remind me of companions in Hinds Feet on High Places. Good friends. Can almost feel their arms embracing me… Giving security and lending confidence for the road ahead.
    I would love for you to publish a book… Love your writing.
    About Confident Heart… My small group hasempty selected it as our study for the fall. We always pray for “the empty chair”… That one person who still needs to join. Would love to win a copy to place at her spot in the circle as a reminder for us to pray and search for another to join our group… Someone who needs Mercy and Healing to embrace and encourage her in her spiritual walk.

    • Wonderful remembrance of Hinds Feet… thank you for pointing that out! Page by page I soaked up the lovely analogies of that poignant book.

      You touch my heart deep with your kind words. Thank you. I am praying about writing a book… so truly, really, very much.. thank you. What timely encouragement!

      Aww, the empty chair. That puts a wind in my sail. What a refreshing, wonderful thought. Dear Lord, thanks for the dear soul you will fill that empty chair(s) with. Lead her. Guide her. Open hearts. Love, us.

      Thank you friend. Simple thanks to you.


  50. Michele Caséca says:


    Your blog is LOVELY!
    I’m jealous… in a good way 🙂

    Well, I don’t need to tell you again how deep you touched me with your words yesterday! I pray I can have this feeling everyday!

    Congrats. Your blog is as beautiful as you, dear sister.


  51. Sam
    Thanks for sharing your heart. I find it very strange to realize that right now I’m the one that my friends are having to pray for, cry with, etc. I pray that if the opportunity ever arises that I will be able to return the love and prayers. I can see myself running from someone else’s pain because some times I find it hard to accept their kindness, love and ask for prayer. I would consider myself a mess right now.

    • Elosia,

      seasons come, seasons go. I pray your season is short and healing is new every morning and every morning and every morning. Until one day you wake and have so much healing and love to give away to others in pain.

      I’m sorry it’s so hard right now. Thankful to hear friends are sitting with you.

      You’re stronger than you know. His grace is with you.


  52. Jennifer Rasor says:

    Hi Samantha,

    I was privileged a few weeks ago to show kindness to a homeless woman. I had gone to Walmart, unplanned, sort of tired and in a daze. My mom was actually in the hospital at this point…she’d been coughing up blood and was in the ER having tests done. I had just left her long enough to buy some groceries. As I was walking out of the store there was a woman sitting on a bench inside the doors of the store, looking very sad. I walked over to her and kneeled down to ask if she was okay and she cried…she couldn’t find her husband. They’d been sleeping in a field (she was covered in grass, dirty, clothes tattered, hair matted up) next to Walmart, and a man had just tried to rape her earlier but she’d managed to get away. She explained how last year their house in Oklahoma had burned down and they came here hoping for something better…she’d been hit by a car and had just gotten out of the hospital herself in the last day or two…

    I listened to her story, feeling sorrow for her, but not really knowing how I could help, and my thought was, “I’ll pray for her and then go home and put the groceries away and go back to mom.” Then I immediately thought, “No! NO! I can’t do that! I can’t be like everyone else and just say, ‘Oh I’m so sorry, I hope it gets better’ and then move on!” So I offered her my phone to call another hospital to see if her husband was there. He was and she spoke to him but cried she didn’t have a way to get to him. So I took her. I also gave her some hot food from the deli I’d bought for myself and my niece, along with something to drink. When we got to the other hospital I made sure she got up to the room where her husband was because she wasn’t really very clear-headed or able to remember much for long. Once she was with her husband I went back to the nurse’s station and explained they need help. I felt so bad…because they said they’re going to have to call the police since they’re homeless, etc. But I believe in my heart that God wanted me there that night to be with her, to show her kindness, to bring her and her husband back together because they were both worried about the other and didn’t know where the other was, and maybe they were able to go on to somewhere safer where they can find healing and hope again. I hope…

    One thing she said to me (her name is Debby by the way) was, “Do you ever just feel like you’re tired, and you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired?!” She cried as she asked. And I thought, “Oh yes, do I ever feel that way!” But I also felt like, “God! Look how much you’ve blessed me, and yet look how much I grovel and complain in my circumstances when I am so very lucky and cared for!!!” After I took her to her husband, I went home, unloaded the groceries, and then went back to the hospital with my mom. I shared the story with her, and she cried, too. Also, it turns out Mom just had a bad case of Bronchitis…so thankfully it was nothing major. We still cry too much in our own circumstances, but we went home more thankful that night, and it helps to remember we are not as alone or as helpless or hopeless as we feel so often. And it blessed me so much to be able to be there for Debby and her husband. Please pray for them if you think of it. I did not make effort to keep in touch with them, but prayed with her and have prayed for them since and am asking God, who loves them more than I ever could, to protect them and bring them to a new hope and victory.

    Thanks for letting me share this here, Sam. God bless you!


    • What a story immense with grace. Oh how my heart soars with joy that you listened and administered mercy. Thank you for this endearing moment, moments. Precious in every way.

      Dear Lord, thank you for your grace. You created Debby and her husband, Jen and her mom. Please pour your blessings in each in however they need. You suffice, You reign, You are able and enable us to soar like eagles. Grant wisdom, heal, healing, a home for each. You are love. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

      Thank you Jen for being gentleness, kindness, hope. What a beauty.


  53. I loved your devotion today. It is so easy to look the other way when someone close to you is hurting and your busy in your own life and struggling through your own pain. Thank you for sharing!

    • Jennie, I’m currently standing on the edge of a friend’s ditch, praying for grace to continue to look – reach – believe – healing can happen.. healing will be chosen. Oh that He would strengthen us in our weakness. Praying for you as you walk in His ways. It’s more possible than we know.

      Grace to you. Filling the gaps. Holding you, holding His hand, holding out hope to others.


  54. I’m so thankful God has given me my “special girlfriend Angels” over the last 3 years as I went through a season of darkness and loss. And now through blogs such as this I am learning how to be an earth angel to other fallen sisters!!!!

    • That… they… you… are a thing of wonder. Joy. Grace. Rejoicing with you over your triumph and journey with friends. Up and out and back for others.

      Blessings. He enables us in all things.


  55. I had taken an elderly lady to the Imaging Center. She had gone back for her procedure and while I was waiting a friend of mine (who has breast cancer) came out visibly shaken and upset. I was able to hug her and quietly pray over her asking God to give her his peace, his comfort and his hope. That was a God moment for me and maybe the whole reason for being there that day. Sometimes God puts us in the right place at the right time for His purposes.

    • Love this. Awesome. Awe-inspiring. Thank you Jesus for taking Cindy there, right there. Needed there. Bless her and her friends.

      In Jesus Name. You reign.


  56. Leslie Klein says:

    Wow, This really hit me in the heart, I too have experience an opportunity recently where I could have helped a close friend and rather than respond quickly to her request for help I let it sit, because of past resentments and feelings of being neglected by her. As if how she has treated me should affect how I treat her, not very Christ-like, is it? The whole time I had the Spirit haunting me to do the right thing and call to help her because as you said it would of cost me nothing, and I too lost so much because of my selfishness.
    Sin is so tricky. It decieves us like the most tempting seductive dessert, and then leave us feeling empty and with nothing fuel to go on.
    I have recently joined a singles Sunday School class and was referred to this site through a new friend in the class it has been such a blessing. I look forward to the Proverbs 31 devotions every morning. I has renewed my spirit and hope.

    • Sin abuses us. Wounds our hearts. Even our own sin stomps and bruises our own hearts… and those we sin against. Oh, friend, I know the pain. And I’m sorry. It hurts.

      Oh but the victory in your words. You get it girl, you get it. A lovely thing to hear a heart sing with love and self-lessness. Glory. glory. Beautiful. I pray things between you and your friend are sweet.

      Glad you’ve c’mon in to the P31 devos! Welcome. Welcome.

      Thanks for hanging out!


  57. Thanks for being so open and not hiding behind a facade of perfection as we all are so tempted to do! I find that a much less obvious, but far more frequent opportunity lies in simply listening. Really listening. In ordinary conversation, instead of thinking about what I’m going to say next or looking for my “one-up” tale that relates or plotting my escape from the conversation, really hear what the other person is saying- what their heart is crying and sincerely respond.

    • Norma… friend… did you overhear my thoughts? You pegged it… the very thing I do often — oh too often. One up, plot to escape, not listen. Sign…not lovely. Thank you for spelling it out. It’s refreshing to read and know I’m not the only one.

      Blessings as we grow. As you reach up up and up. Thanks so much.


  58. Wendy Franke says:

    I rarely write comments but felt compelled. First I want to thank yu for your devotion and the words ““You’ll be whole again, you’ll heal. Once more you’ll believe He’s always been good; has plans, a future; never left you.” You see, I am in the midst of intense counseling to help me deal with severe sexual abuse (I am 47). There have been many times when I have doubted everything. Your words filled me with the Holy Spirit and renewed me. I want to thank you first and foremost for taking the time to write – it is not always in straight-forward, concrete ways we cross the road and help people. Thank you for “crossing the road” to help me, a stranger.

    My son (13) is in remission from an aggressive cancer. I volunteer at a hospice and know that everytime I give a stranger a hug or say a kind word, it costs me nothing and the payback is truly priceless!

    I look forward to reading more from you!


    • Wendy, your heart is honest and the Lord loves hearing every word. I remember my friend so mercifully sharing with me the power of saying over and over, “He has always been good. He’s always been faithful. He is still good. He is still faithful.” She made me stay until I could say it. It took me a long time, but I finally could. Those truths cut through the pain. Cut the pain.

      I pray the same for you friend.

      May your hands and heart be full with the rebound grace and love you are pouring out. And may the Lord touch your dear son with healing.

      Thank you simply.


  59. I’ve lost two pregnancies, and I was lucky enough to find an online support group that has helped me through my darkest hours. I didn’t want to join a group that just “wallowed” in pain and reminded me anew every day of my loss, but one where there was hope and light and love, and where I could say whatever I needed to in my hurt, rage, and moments of greatest despair. This group did that for me, and I make it a point each time there is a new member posting about a recent loss to write her a heartfelt response, because logically we know we aren’t the only ones who have suffered a loss, but I can tell you that at first, you always, always feel alone. I want to help these women know that they aren’t alone; someone has not only walked in their path, but come through it with scars but greater faith and renewed hope – and that is there for them too. I try to respond to as many of the women as I can – especially those in great pain as I was (and sometimes still am). In fact, I’ve just been asked to become a moderator of the group, and I’m prayerfully considering it.

    • Kris, there are pains only few understand. Gracious mercies of one familiar with our unique hurt are life preservers. Thank you for saving lives. For tethering others to The Anchor of hope. You are precious.

      May the Lord fulfill His desires for you. Now and always. And guide you as you prayerfully consider moderating the group.

      He is sweet and endearing.


  60. What a powerful and moving post! I not only enjoyed reading your post, Samantha, but have been SO blessed and moved by all the comments that I read. I had to quit reading because I AM at work and SHOULD be getting my work done – lol – but it was just so great ‘hearing’ from so many!

    And, oh my! The lady that told about being with her mother-in-law at the hospital and her mother-in-law saying “I love you. I love you soooooo much.” WOW! I had to fight back the tears on that one!

    As for the book, a little funny story about that. I had pre-ordered it before the She Speaks Conference. THEN, I was at the “right place at the right time” when Renee was signing and giving away her book. SO, I was able to get a signed copy for myself and a lady at my church. THEN, I had a contest on my blog ( and gave away the one I had pre-ordered. Now, I don’t yet do a lot of blogging and only had three ladies that entered to try and win the book. Well, I couldn’t stand it – I DID have my drawing and I DID give the book away to the winner. THEN the Lord blessed me and allowed me to purchase two more of the books and I sent them to the other two ladies that had entered! (Actually, I brought the last one with me today to try and get it in the mail). I just LOVE being able to bless others when I can – although, I REALLY like it when I can do it and they don’t know who did it. Because, after all, HE is the one that is really blessing them – not me, right?

    Thank you for your wonderful post and thanks to all the ones that commented and blessed me this morning. Guess I better get back to work now 🙂

    • Kathryn, my hope when I started blogging years ago was for a community of encourage rs to chat, hold each other up, teach and learn. I too, enjoy the comments and stories and shed many a tear over them too!

      Oh wow. Wow. How dear of the Lord to ordain beautiful graces for you to receive and give, receive and give. What a precious heart you have!

      I’ll click to your blog soon friend.

      His is an enduring love… for you. For you Kathryn.


  61. Thank you so much–I am going thru alot right now. My daughter has had her daughter taken away by my sisters–to protect her–My daughter is pregnant with another daughter by her abusive boyfriend–please keeep them in your prayers–Blessings, Barb Wall

    • Barb,

      May the mighty Savior intervene and choke out the plans of the enemy. We admit life is hard, but God is tougher and mightier and able. Rescue Barb’s daughter, Savior of ours. Rescue rescue please.

      Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the sea, and it became perfectly calm. ~Matthew 8;26

      Jesus, we need you to rebuke the winds of this boyfriend. Calm the rocky seas of abuse. Save. Rescue. Only you can. We love you Lord. And pray in your name. Amen.

      Barb, keep praying the blood of the Lamb and speaking your testimony and Jesus’ Name over this situation. Revelation attests that combination is how we overcome. You’re not alone.


  62. Yanna Westmoreland says:

    I try to step into Jesus pain everyday. When I don’t want to do something, or I am facing a trial, feelings of discord, anger, frustration I stop myself and say “Yanna, Jesus went to the cross, He carried it on His sholders, who are you to feel anything but love, carry the pain for another, see it from their eyes, you can do this you can put on Christlikeness and feel love for whatever this situation” What I just thought was difficult, then becomes easy, less hurtful, I find understanding, the words to say, a peace to face this moment and have something to help me in the next with my own reaction or another’s. Have a blessed day and congratulations to the winner of the book. 🙂

    • Oh my! May I put you in my back pocket to pull out when I feel less than love? Please? Your words inspire me greatly. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate you sharing your heart overflowing with wisdom.

      Lovely in so many ways, you are.


  63. I quilt with a group of ladies… multi- church, multi-age, multi-experience, multi-background… in other words a mixed up bunch! The two things we have in common are quilting, and more importantly a trust and love of God and Jesus. When any one of us in a dark spot, the others lift that one up and offer the support needed to make it through to the next step. We “Sewing Sisters” pray, cry, worship, praise… and yes, we even sew every week together. Speaking from my own experience, a “shrink” can help with the clinical stuff, but my “Sewing Sisters” are the ones that really listen and can “be still” with me when I need it. I wish everyone could be so blessed!

    • Sewing Sisters sounds “sew” sweet!! Adorable! And I must admit, a twinge of jealousy pricked me. Your group sounds wonderful and a thing to cherish. Your delight and joy oozes sweet as honey, beautiful. So thankful for you and that gals in your circle. Trusting the good nature of Jesus runs through each get-together. Amazing!


  64. What a beautiful post! I love it!
    I step into a loved one’s pain regularly. It costs my time, my patience and my money….but I will continue to do it as long as God gives me time, patience and money. It blesses me when she comes to me because she knows she will find bits of God and in serving her I find bits of God right there in the pit. I am a living testimony that ministering to others is the best way to receive ministry yourself.
    Thanks for a stirring reminder.

    • Vicky, thanks from a simply heart for your kind words.

      You radiate these truths,
      Matthew 5:7 Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.

      2 Corinthians 9:6 Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.

      What a dear blessing you are. Thanks for loving others well. He cherishes you. Yes he does.


  65. Thank you for sharing your heart and being willing to be vulnerable with us! Love the verse:

    The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness;  his mercies begin afresh each morning. ~Lamentations 3:19-23

    • Your tender hearts are soft landings. Thank you for your encouragement friend!

      New each and every morning. For you. For me.


  66. When a dear friend was hurt very deeply by words and actions from another friend I made myself available for and to her. It was hard to see her so hurt but I know God met her there and sometimes He even used me. Thank you for your post.

    • Letting out a great big sigh of contentment. Kelli, your words are refreshing and I imagine your friend was deeply moved by your willing heart.

      Oh what God will do with a willing heart. A token meek is strong in Him.

      You’re actions are lovely. As are you.


  67. I have a dear co-worker who is in deep depression. She is a Christian but finding it hard to reach out to God in her despair. I talk with her everyday. I am relying on the Lord to help me give her the words of encouragement! Thank you for your posts – it helps so much!

    • He will, He will. And when He doesn’t, perhaps your mere presence will fill your friend’s heart. I so hope you have a moment to drink in today’s post on sitting quietly with friends.

      “You’re not alone.” One of the most powerful statements I’ve been told. You are living breathing offering that very statement… and His mercy.

      Cheering you on. Thank you. Thank you. On behalf of those you’re ministering to by your lovely self, thank you.


  68. Teressa Morris says:

    I have been stepping into a friend’s pain by texting a prayer to her every morning after my daily devotions then she texts me back with what she is feeling that day. It has been very hard in some ways because we are both struggling with fear and despair, but I think that God has allowed us to buoy each other up.

    • Oh friend, what a grace you’ve given your friend. Beautiful hope she’s not alone; she’s cared for.

      My prayer for you is…
      I will never forget this awful time, as I grieve over my loss. Yet I still dare to hope when I remember this:

      The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning. ~Lamentations 3:19-23

      Bless you Teressa, bless you.


  69. Mandy Currie says:

    I would love to win the book ‘A Confident Heart’, this is the first Bible study online that I’ve subscribed to. I am disabled and having serious problems myself but would like to learn and study to help others. My sister is going through a terrible time with her youngster right now and I don’t have the knowledge to advise her. There is so much I need to learn.

    • Hi Mandy,

      I pray the Lord ministers to you as you walk through this difficult season with your sister. He is faithful and will give you wisdom upon wisdom.

      He’s near… always always near.


  70. Stephanie JH says:

    Hi! Thanks fo rthe give-away.
    I walked with a friend whose husband had passed away. I helped her my sending her CD’s of her favorite music. She loved it!

    • Awww, sweet music is honey to the soul. What a precious gift you gave your friend that will last.

      Blessings to you friend.


  71. A dear friend of mine is struggling to raise 4 kids on her own, find a job, and move on with her life after some serious issues I don’t need to go into online. I pray for her every day.

    I would love to win the book ‘A Confident Heart’ this will be my first online Bible study and I’m excited about it!

    • Wow, Bekah, sure does seem like your friend needs a friend. How amazing you are faithfully walking by her side through this difficult season. Thank you for lending her a hand, a heart, a shoulder, and ear. Amazing. Prayer is powerful, effective.


  72. Hi Sam, i found your site by way of Renee Swope and i’m so glad i clicked on the link she gave. I can’t think off the top of my head any specific circumstances but, i know in even the past few months i have both succeeded and failed at sacrificing ‘my time’ to give to someone else. I think oft times ‘our time’ is the hardest thing to share. In this day and age of busyness we latch onto our time and don’t want to let go. I have a friend who has been going through some hard times and most of the time just wants someone to spend ‘time’ with. This quite often starts out as only for an hour and ends up being the whole day. Well, i don’t get anything done for me but, the joy i end up with from her gratefulness for ‘my time’ far outweights the inconvenience. If only i could start out my mission that way with the joy of being able to help instead of grumbling and being irritated because my day is now all upset. It is worth it’s weight in gold to be able to give to someone else in their need. God only knows how many times i have been on that receiving end myself. Thanks Sam so much for sharing. I am giving you my email address in hopes of winning the book, A Confident Heart. I joined the study praying God would somehow supply the book maybe this will be the time. I will be back to your site again and again. God bless your openess and tender heart. 🙂

    • Sweet Diki, your friends are truly blessed. I think you realizing the joy of giving time is perceived by them and that’s why they feel safe to call upon you. What a gift you are. Thank you for taking time to share and visit. I hope you’ll join us again 🙂

      Bless you as you bless others!


  73. I by no means stepped into my friend’s pain, but I did everything I could to help her in it. I will never forget driving six hours to meet my friend’s new-born daughter before they took her off life-support. I will never forget watching her heart break as she smiled and sang songs to her, held her, read stories to her, told her stories about her grammy and papa, and packed a lifetime of love and memories into mere hours. I will also never forget sitting in the waiting room and waiting for them to come back through the door to let us know that she was in Jesus’ arms and that her little body that didn’t grow together the way it was supposed to, was now perfect in every way. I felt helpless and angry that I couldn’t do anything to fix it, but I will never regret going. I actually lost my job over that trip, but that was nothing compared to being there for her in that time. Watching her was one of the things that brought me back to the Lord after many years of being separated from him.

    Beauty from ashes.

    • Oh, this brought me to tears. What a sacrifice. Often a phrase runs through my mind… Is this a thing of eternity? Will it… could it.. might it… affect eternity?

      Yes, simply yes… your act of mercy toward your friend touches the heart of our eternal God. Perhaps those who witnessed your act of mercy saw Him in it and wanted that love too. Oh, that it would refresh someone’s salvation or inspire their first time decision.

      Thank you, thank you.


  74. I have come to learn over this past year what it is to walk into someone else’s pain as I came alongside a family with some very large challenges. Their requests were difficult, time consuming, intruding, untimely and costly in many ways – yet there was nobody else. I worked through the anger of them leaning on me, then the self righteousness of ‘at least I have my act together’ and the guilt of my situation being so much simpler than theirs, and now I am finally truly able to serve out of Jesus’ love and mercy – not my own accord, and ability but His and His alone. I can no longer do it in my own flesh, and the moment I realized and surrendered the serving took on a completely different tenor, it is sweet, joyful and my face to face with Jesus as I ponder Scriptures on long drives for them, pray for the situation and the many parts to be resolved while waiting for them, and I can now honestly and cheerfully say “yes, I will help you.” Through this family;s pain, I have grown and drawn closer to God, He used this for good in my life. God is so faithful!
    Blessings and thank you for your transparency! I have a long way to grow in this area, and find myself walking over others so the lesson is not mastered yet.

    • You inspire me. Thank you for helping your friends and for revealing the Love of Christ. That you find joy now in helping challenges me and makes me desire to grown closer to the Lord.

      Thank you for sharing your inside journey of anger, self-righteousness, and joy. Honestly I relate and am walking through those phases now. Your words are hopeful and truly… inspiring.

      Thank you! Jesus shines through you.


  75. THANK YOU! I am so glad to have found your blog at a time when I really need the encouragement. I would LOVE a copy of the book!

    • Ashley, welcome, friend! I pray the Lord meets you here through each who comments and my posts. He’s faithful. Utterly faithful.

      xoxo, sam

  76. Hey My name is Miranda. I steped into my dads pain when he was told the he had cancer and six months to live. He lived seven months exactly and most of that was in the hospital .I prayed that he would be saved and he was.I was so happy to know that he was going to heaven. I was also sad.I know God kept his promise to me. I will not leave you or forsake you, because his presence was with me the whole time or I would not have had the strength to sit with my dad I am so glad that I did because I told him I love you dad every chance I got. I was a little mad with God but I did not relize my anger untill I joined Melissa’s bible study It Is No Secert . God is with us even when we are mad. He was there to help me understand why he Took my dad and why he was in so much pain for so long.

    • Oh sweet friend, your anger is understandable. And I’m so glad you walked it out and faced it. That’s brave.

      Delighted you had time with your dad and as many “I Love You’s” as you could.

      He never leaves. Never ever ever never never never.

      xoxo, Sam

  77. Hi, Samantha…

    Thank you for a reminder that I, for one, could probably stand to hear every day. As a woman who has been dealing with multiple chronic illnesses for more than a decade, I recently noticed how… well, frankly… “self-absorbed” I am. And I’m kinda horrified to realize who I’ve become.

    I am grateful that God loves me enough to get my attention and direct me to several new websites and blogs, including – and yours. One minute, I’m reading an email about coupons and money-saving deals, and now (6-7 sites later), I’m looking forward to participating in the ‘Confident Heart’ bible study.

    God is good. Thank you for being a part of my renewed perspective today, you have been a blessing.


    P.S. If it’s not too late, here’s my email:

    • Oh Debi, I hear you! Self-absorption is oh-so-satisfying… for a time, that is. But when we realize it, ooooh, that stings! Thanks so much for being honest and true. I pray your health is full of healing and God embraces you with love, and truth, and grace.

      Enjoy the study, friend. God is for you. God is with you. God is near you. He’s in love with you.


  78. Sadly i walked away from my sister-in-law, when she and my husband’s brother were going
    thought a difficult time in their marriage. The result of this difficulty was divorce. We had
    since become friends again, but it was not the same as before. This past summer, we lost my
    sister-in-law to cancer. She had moved away from our area, remarried and lived in the
    Kentucky, rather than our home town in Ontario, Canada. I was not able to say good-bye in
    person, but did speak to her on the phone. Just not the same. I am so broken that I did not
    spend more time with her.

    • Oh, Margaret. My heart aches with you for lost time and the pain of the divorce and distance of relationship and space. That is difficult. I pray as you lift that to the Lord, you feel His grace in the spaces of hurt. It sounds like you reached out in love and made amends. And I can’t help but think your SIL knew you loved her.

      Blessings of hope and renewed joy, friend.

      xoxo, sam

  79. I recently purchsed your new book. I bought three copies. I also had one sent to woman who is curretly in prison. She has never had a fair, proper, lawyer, judge or court date. So far she has been in jail now for two years. I found out how to send your book to her. She sent me a two page letter thanking me for the book, told me she had started to read it. Then, she shared her heart, her story, her pain and finally the praise and blessings she has received since she has been in prison. She reads her Bible everyday, tells others about Jesus, and is in a Bible Study. She had a diffucult childhood, bad relationship with her husband, troubled marriage, now is being told by him that he is going to divorce her. She is bruised and broken but not willing to give up. She believes God has a purpose for allowing all that has happened to her through all of this. She has a teenage daughter and son.

    I too had a bad relationship all of my life with my father. I went to him right before when he was in re-hab after a cancer surgery. He fought the cancer for four years before he died. When I went to him we hugged, talked, forgave one another and found peace before he died. I was so blessed to finally have a good relationship with my earthly father. I knew I had one with my Father in heaven. None of my siblings or children, and grandchildren are saved. I pray for this daily. I have an illness that is both chronic and progressive and extremely painful. But God is helping me to deal with it all. I thank Him daily for loving me, forgiving me, givnging me a second chance,loving me unconditionally and giving me grace.
    I pray more ladies will read your book. I am going to keep buying it and giving to those who have painful relationships.

    I will keep your family and all that you are going through in my prayers each day. God bless you. Mary form Illinois

    • Hi Mary, thank you so much for sharing. I think your comment is meant for Renee Swope, so I forwarded it to her. We both are praying for you and `thankful for the restoration with your dad here on earth.

      Blessings to you sweet Mary.


  80. Sheri Villagrana says:

    I haven’t spoke to my step-dad in 2 yrs because he refused to get help for being an Alcoholic. Before that he has lived with me for the past 6 yrs. No matter what I always stood up for him no matter what he did. He always let everybody walk all over him, namely my mother and 2 sisters. They have taken advantage of him for the past 20 yrs that he has been around and he can’t see it. Well, last week he finally seen it. He tried to commit suicide. He was found by my mother and she called 911. He had about 5 minutes of life left in him. He was in ICU for 2 days. Now, he is in a syke hospital and I have called him after not speaking to him for 2 yrs and asked him to move back in. When he gets out, he wont be able to live on his own for a while. Needless to say, he was pretty shocked that the only daughter that has ever done anything but good things for him asked him to come back. So has wanted to call me for 2 yrs and apoligize but didn’t have the nerve. So when I talked to him I told him that he would have to take each day one at a time and maybe even moment by moment for some days. And that I would be there to help him. I told him we all have to ask for help and that we are not perfect and have to learn how to rely and trust on God not ourselves more. WE have to not hold grudges but I forgave him a long time ago. This happened 2 dys after my husband was ambulanced out of Yosemite down to Mariposa hospital with kidney stones and no insurance.

    • Wow, Sheri, what an amazing heart you have. Thank you for sharing your story and heart. What a joy to read. That is sacrificial love to the max.

      Praying for your husband’s healing and God’s provision for his hosptial stay.

      May the Lord bless all of you!


  81. Thank you for this…I still have trouble thinking about the time when I didn’t make time for my dear friend who had leukemia…I took for grated she would be fine and everything else was more important…when I finally came to my senses…she was in remission…I called her and talked to her for 2 hours…she had to go take care of her son…I didn’t want to hang up…we planned to meet for 2 days later…I got a call the next day she died. I feel that God gave me that 2nd chance…to make things right…to say goodbye….but my heart still aches for not being there when she needed me the most. I had a dream that week that she was calling my name outside my window…I ran to the window and she was waving and saying goodbye…she would see me later. I woke up and ran to the window and of course she wasn’t there. I thank God for those things, but it doesn’t take away the guilt I feel sometimes…I think it continues to make me more compassionate….

    • Thank you Lord for perfect timing and grace and hope. Oh, thank you Lord! Thank you for leading Trish to call and talk to her friend. What a wonder.

      His grace is sufficient. Awesome that you are experiencing that.

      Blessings of grace grace and more grace, friend.


  82. Hi, my name is Amber. A few months ago my friend, who is also the co pastor at our church, brother passed away. My heart ached for the family. Cause you see, they are more then Pastor’s. They are friends, they are family. When we are in Christ, our family goes beyond blood relatives. When one of them hurts, I feel their pain. Although I could do nothing more then pray for them, as I had to comforting words, I knew the one who could comfort. So I prayed. And God is good. He always sees us through the tough times. And like the wonderful Father that he is, he wraps his loving arms around us and comforts.

    • I am assuming I am too late for the Confident Heart giveaway. I wish I had seen this last week. But God is good, and he will provide.

    • What a precious friend… sister… you are. A friend once told me, prayer is the MOST, not the least, you can do. Blessed friends indeed you have.

      Grace and peace to you, sweet Amber!

      Keep lifting those prayers up. Heaven is bending an ear.


  83. Debra Smith says:

    Your article brought me to tears as I have not stepped into someone’s pain…I live in someone’s pain daily. My husband is a long haul trucker whom God placed into my life 15 years ago to be his light and the road has not been easy. It has literally cost me everything. There are times when I feel so helpless, then God reminds me who I am and that my sole purpose is to love someone back to life who thinks they are not worth anything and are blinded to God’s word. He is in church every time he is home but walks out the same. I have surrounded him with an awesome church family when he is home and surround myself with everything of God’s word which is why I would love to be entered in the contest for the book.

    Your blog is an inspiration and I am so glad I found it.

    • Debra, my prayer for you is refresh. Refresh your soul. Refresh your heart. Refresh every tiny bit that you give. Miraculously refresh as only He can when He leads us to His streams and pastures and sweetness.

      May you feel cool waters when you soak in His Word and peaceful pastures when you lift up a song of praise.

      blessings dear friend.


  84. Shanae Dunn says:

    Good Afternoon!

    I am a single mom of three boys and I use the Proverbs 31 devotionals each day. I was attending bible study on Wednesdays during the summer but now that we have school and all the responsibilities that go along with that I can nolonger attend. I am new in my faith and I was searching for a study. I have issues with confidence and I have been working on my weight over the last year I have lost 50 pounds but Lord knows if you ask me I still have it all. Anyway this study spoke to me. I wanted to be a part of it. So I was searching for additional information and was led here. I dont know what will happen or if even you will notice this late posting but it is possible to be entered and have a chance to particiapate in this Bible teaching would be a blessing in my life. So thank you for the opportunity to say these words if nothing else.

    I am sorry to hear of the loss of such a member of foundation in your family. May God be with you as you face the new normal in your life and know there isnt closure but there is a Resurection……


    • Shanae’,

      blessings friend. Your hands are full and I pray your heart fills with the love and grace of Jesus as you roll your cares into Him. May you feel and be surrounded by support of others around you.

      You are loved by a God who holds oceans and seas in His hands, molded mountains, breathed stars… oh yes, YOU, Shanae, are loved and seen by that amazing God.


  85. I would like to be ebtered in the drawing for Confident Heart. Thanks and God bless.

  86. These daily devotions and reading touch me in so many ways. Everyday I find a new one thanks to P31 ministries and somehow they always relate to issues I am facing at that time! I know that God has a plan for me but sometimes the road travelled on that plan is hard to understand. I purchased Renee’s book as an eBook but have since realized that i need a hardcopy of it, can’t highlight my eReader or put notes in the margin! I am currently participating in the online study from Melissa and it’s great!

    • Tracy, you bless me big with your words. Thank you for your sweetness. May the Word wash over you and flood every slice of your life.

      Release those doubts and hold onto His confidence. His grace is sufficient!


  87. Just last year my beloved older brother died of cancer in his mid-50s. This was such a shock and pain to us as his first family but a real tragedy to his wife and children. As my brother and I had gone to the same college, I volunteered to call his fraternity brothers and college friends to let them know of the news as my sister-in-law was overcome with grief. I was so grateful to be able to provide a small measure of the Lord’s comfort and care for her.

    • Terry, that is amazing to do through the pain. I know that was difficult. Thank you for being a friend of mercy to our SIL and her children. Wow.

      I’m so sorry for your loss. So very sorry.

      May you feel His grace and mercy.


  88. Hi Sam-
    I can understand your pain and pray for our Lord to comfort you and your family at this time of great sorrow. I just returned from a trip to visit with my Grandparents who are in their 90’s and in failing health. Right after we left, both of them took a turn for the worse, and now they have 24 hr hospice care in the home. This is a blessing for my mother since she has been their caregiver for several years. But just know that these 2 wonderful Christians, who have been the rock of our family for longer than I can remember, will soon no longer be with us is heart-breaking for our entire family. Those of us that know and love the Lord take comfort in the thought that they will soon be in his presence.
    I thank you for your words of encouragement. I’m not sure if you have given away your last copy of “A Confident Heart”, but if you have not, Please put my name in. I would love to join in Melissa’s bible study.
    Thank you,

    • Laurie, what a mix of emotions your family is ranging through. The pain of losing ones we love stings hard and deep. I pray your family finds rest and that peace that passes understanding during this season.

      You are loved deeply and carried by His mighty arms.



  1. […] Dad’s memorial service is Friday so we’ll be here all week. But when life settles down and words come more easy, I’ll be back. To write and to announce the winners of my last two give-aways. Until then, let’s stay in touch on Facebook and if you have a minute, be sure to check out my friend Samantha’s Confident Heart give-away. […]

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