September 17, 2011

All For Free

{The winner of “A Confident Heart” by Renee Swope is Sherri I. Congrats! I’ll email ya!}

Ephesians 2:8-9
For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing;
it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.

Would you join me in a look? Change the view? Chase the light?

Moments paint us, for better or worse. Color the day, the mood. It’s a choice to change our lens; wipe the filth off with a rag of grace. Override hurt with a stroke of grace. Rescue the moment with a slice of grace.

This morning my flamenco dancing car shook and shimmied and sputtered to Brian. Faithful mechanic, impromptu therapist. The moment beckoned frustration over a sixth fix in fewer months. Worry over another paycheck run dry.

Lens of grace framed Brian. Twenty precious minutes his full waiting room and ringing phone yelled he didn’t have spent reassuring me I won’t break down, in all sense of the word. That shimmy is normal. The shake is okay. I’m okay. He doled out grace…all for free.

This afternoon an email steam-rolled my sitting duck heart. “Will you speak about being confidently single?” The moment beckoned vulnerability. “I’m not the girl  you’re looking for. It makes me sad I’m still single. I will just be a downer; so much so I could make even Mickey Mouse and Pollyanna cry.”

Lens of grace framed Carol. Twenty emails asking me How Are You? A question that exposed loneliness masked as a “just one of those days.” A question, a friend, a care I didn’t know I needed. She listened, responded, encouraged, cared. She doled out grace…all for free.

This evening travels to the beach were abandoned {see this morning for reason}. Disappointment knocked on my heart and the moment beckoned sadness for my wayward college roommate reunion. My toes wouldn’t drink the sea; hours of soulful laughter missed.

Lens of grace framed Joni and Nate. Twenty laughs over a spontaneous dinner sheltered. Shared rough raw unruly days soothed. Being with friends mattered and washed away blues, despite mixed up orders and bones in food and….. They doled out grace…all for free.

Friend, I pity myself on days I’m pitiful and miss grace, saving and reaching out. How about you?

How I would delight in you sharing your saved by grace story. Would you mind doing so? Either by leaving a comment or linking up?

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  1. Sam, I loved this. Your description of your mechanic’s dual call to you and your car will long stick with me. Praying for you today.

    • Thank you Kim! I wish for every woman, a Brian. Kind and understanding 🙂 Praying His grace over you, under you, above you and in you, precious child of the Most High.

      Thank you for praying!

  2. Hilary Wood says:

    This was lovely to read, like a breath of fresh air that there is hope, there’s always hope. I am having a really difficult time with hopes and dreams squashed so it’s so lovely to look at your wisdom and your beautiful website.xx

    • Many thanks Hilary. I’m so sorry your hopes and dreams have been squashed. I totally get that and have wrestled with the Lord for some loooong seasons about His timing versus mine; His will versus mine.

      Friend, I pray you find that grace that is freely offered. Grace and hope. Hope and un-disappointment. I know it’s difficult.

      xoxo, Sam

  3. Hi, new to your blog, but was truly blessed by your post. Just today I was in self pity,
    My husband has been out of town working nights for two weeks and we have about another week and a half to go before he comes home. It’s been a very trying and stressful two weeks but I’ve tried to keep my chin up. Today I have fallen into that self pity and posted my frustrations on facebook,
    And was blessed with support from friends, one who’s husband and mine work together, and she is
    Experiencing the same feelings as me. I found your post and it gave me strength. Because your right moments do paint our lives, and it’s these struggles and trials that make us strong and draw us closer to God. I have a choice to be upset or make the best of our situation. So thank you, your music video you attached was wonderful too. God bless you and praying for you 🙂

    • Delighted you’re here, Heather! Thank you for your gracious words. I’m really sorry things are difficult right now for you. I imagine your home is mighty quiet and the hours long without your husband. Self-pity is such a friendly foe, trickster to the max.

      Thankful to hear you have a sweet friend to surround you. I pray you feel God’s grace lifting you up as you walk through this journey.

      xoxo, Sam

  4. So sad to read but the circumstances but without them would Grace have abounded? I love how you tell the story and I love how God’s grace shines through. As I tried to think about writing about Grace in my life as usual I thought of my kids and how I so clearly see God’s grace in theirs. I posted about one such experience a few days ago so I have linked it up.

    Blessings to you. Thanks for being a ray of sunshine on a somewhat cloudy day……

    • Thank you sweet Vicky! Grace saturated your words in your comment and on your linked blog post. Children have such a special way of portraying grace. And growing us in it.

      You’re a blessing!

  5. missed the chance to get the book and wanted to share Gods grace to me but the link never loaded… is on our web site Prayn>>>
    Gods peace

  6. Mary Lanka says:

    Dear Sam,

    Today I read your devotion from Bible Gateway,”All by Myself”. It touched my heart in many ways. Even though I have not been single for over 14 years, it reminded me of the emptiness that I felt when I was dating. When I met my wonderful husband, it went away for a while, but came back after the courtship waned. You are so right in pointing others to Christ during the alone time; no one else can fill the void. Your writing is so painfully sweet and sincere. Thank you for touching my heart. God has the perfect plan for you. He gave you an amazing gift to bless others and touch the downhearted.

    with love, Mary

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement Mary! Last night I wanted to take my devotion back and not put it out there! Your kind words mean so much.

      I love knowing how God has brought you full circle, and that even with the great gifts of your husband, you still rely on Jesus. Lovely!!

      Merry Christmas and many blessings of hope and peace to you friend.


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