March 23, 2011

A Hushed Place to Unfurl

War weary hearts need a hushed place to unfurl from the self-preserving fetal position, away from the battle.

Long seasons on the front line brutalize. Extended stays in foxholes traumatize. We need seasons of rest and refreshment. And thus, I pray. For you. For me.

Familiar thoughts?
I can’t do this another day
I’m exhausted
I don’t want to fight anymore
This is too much to bear

Yes? And thus, I pray-
Refresh Lord…
Feverish foreheads adorned with a chilled rag
Tippy-toes dunked in a brisk mountain brook
Deeply filled lungs expanded with spring breezes

I wonder, friend, what would a snapshot of your soul tell? A thousand words of rest comfort peace trust security? A thousand words of doubt fear loneliness angst pain? Are you breathing deep, drinking long? Or are you huddled, ducking your trembling head between knees as flaming arrows scathe your back, simply longing for an escape from the fight?

Has this become your battle hymn; your war cry?

Oh that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest; yes, I would wander far away; I would lodge in the wilderness; I would hurry to find a shelter from the raging wind and tempest. {Psalm 55:6-8}

Loneliness volleys to isolate and hold us captive in the battle, feeding us dehydrating scraps of lies

God is not big enough
I’m Abandoned

Oh, but Love. Love rescues the cries, cradles the tears and refutes the lies. Love will not betray, dismay, or enslave you. It will set you free. {Mumford and Sons, Sigh No More}

Battle for thoughts gets dirty. There is a “no holds bars” policy with the enemy. That’s why we must know that

Loneliness is not a time of abandonment…it just feels that way. It’s actually a time of encounter at new levels with the only One who can fill that empty place in our hearts.
Tim Hansel, Through the Wilderness of Loneliness

Poisons require antidotes. Wounds require balm. Freedom requires a victor.

Even the darkest night is chased by the dawn. Friend, refreshment is yours. A spacious place for you to stretch is found only one place: the presence of the Lord. Sing a new battle hymn to Him who says

I give abundant showers
I refresh My weary inheritance
Jeremiah 31:25

I bring you out into a spacious place; I rescue you because you delight in Me
Psalm 18:19

fear not; you are mine
when you pass through the waters, I will be with you
when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you
when you walk through the fire, you will not be burned
for I am the LORD, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior
since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you
do not be afraid, for I am with you
Isaiah 43

Mindful prayers are the most, not the least we can do. Shall we join ranks with the Lord and lift each other up in prayer? I would be honored if you leave your prayer request for us to pray over (it’s ok if it’s not about loneliness). And will you please pray for me? We’re in this together!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We’re jumping off negative train of thoughts! Join us {here}!

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  1. "Mindful prayers are the most, not the least we can do". I feel like this is one thing the Lord is attempting teach me. So that's my prayer request…that God will continue to teach me the power of prayer.

  2. stephanie says:

    You ahve touched my heart, and God has spoken through you this morning. Not about lonliness, but about what I am doing. As I read what you write, it is so evident that the spirit of the Lord is blowing through you like the windyest day this panhandle of Texas girl has ever seen (and it gets darn windy here!) God speaking through you, got me up at 5:30 am this morning, and had me write. Not the way I have been writing, but Holy Spirit style writing, the kind of writing I do with my eyes closed and have no idea what I am typing. It's been far too long since I've done that. Bless you dearest Sam. I love you dearly.

  3. Follow2Serve {Lorna} says:

    I had to laugh yesterday when I saw a news article that said that comfort food fights loneliness.

    I'm sorry but the only "Comfort Food" that fights "Loneliness" is JESUS CHRIST! He is my food and my comfort – in Him I find my cure for Loneliness.

    Again, beautifully written from the heart. Love ya! & Praying for you.

  4. I can't do this another day
    I'm exhausted- I don't want to fight anymore
    This is too much to bear

    I sat before Jesus yesterday and said those very words. Glory to God for speaking through you. Your words breathed new life into this weary girl. Bless you Sam.

  5. Fields of gold says:

    Sweet Eileen, the power of prayer is miraculous. I'm so excited God is teaching you His power and our hope through that!! Yay! I will pray for you!

  6. Fields of gold says:

    Stephanie, "the kind of writing I do with my eyes closed and have no idea what I am typing." LOVE that!! Most times I think in dialogue with Jesus… that's how I type too!

    Praying for those Holy Spirit breezes continue to blow and restore!

    Love ya girl!

  7. pinkdaisyjane says:


  8. Fields of gold says:

    Lorna, that's crazy talk! I definitely agree with you… our Bread of Life is THE best comfort.

    Thanks for your sweet encouragement and truth! Love ya!

  9. Fields of gold says:

    Kandi, dear friend… I am praying for you. I threw my hands up and curled up in a ball the other day, saying those very words myself to Jesus.

    Call out to Him and others in prayer… He will refresh your weary soul.

  10. Fields of gold says:

    Heatherly… :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I have a prayer request if that's ok? Your familiar thoughts are so familiar, I guess my prayer request is that my emptiness would be filled with God's love and also I need to find a church, I need to find a 'family'. Thank you so much for the wrods you write, it makes me feel less alone, and less like there's something wrong with me and most importantly, less hopeless. x

  12. Julie Gillies says:

    Oh Sam, how many times through the years have I grown battle weary? Yet He leads me beside still waters. He refreshes my soul. And I'm so grateful, because the battle is indeed intense.

    Thank you for your beautiful words! We ARE in this together!

    My prayer request: To write His words with ease. Thank you!

  13. It is Well has been playing on my heart playlist all week. Such a beautiful song. I know this battle weary feeling. These words are healing balm, calming, and restoring. Today, I am rising up again & so thankful for the time of healing.

    @Laura, I pray for church, for the body, for community to open for you. You are not alone, you are exactly perfect, and our need for each other is His design.


  14. Lucy Ann Moll says:

    Beautiful. This is the word God gave me for your post.

  15. Fields of gold says:

    Laura, I'm delighted you shared! Thank you! I'd love to pray with you here and now…

    Lord, thank you for the great and precious gift of Laura and who she is. Your word promises we can come boldly with our heart and their desires and ask you for what we need. Lord, Laura needs a church family. Will you please guide her to one that surrounds her and loves her dearly? We know that is your heart for your Body, and so we ask that you move on behalf of Laura. Please have someone invite her to sit with them, ask her to lunch and small group and knit their hearts together. We ask that you release her from this loneliness and cover her with hope. Weave twines of peace, restoration and joy within her heart and mind. She's a new creation in you. Thank you for all you've aleady planned for Laura! In Jesus Name, Amen.

    Please let us know how things are going sweet Laura. You're not alone and you are loved and cherished as a friend by us!

  16. Fields of gold says:

    Hi Julie,

    One of my favorite songs is The Warrior is a Child by Twila Paris. Oh the times I've laid, battle fatigued, in Jesus' arms, crying to Him that I couldn't take another step as that song washed over me.

    He is just as you said, a refresher of souls.

    Lord, thank you for Julie and her heart to honor with you her words. you've given her a sweet message to share. Please help her lay aside those things that would hinder and help her turn her face to you. Give her ears to hear and a heart that is undisturbed as she writes. Thank you for the good works You're doing in Julie! She's a joy and delight! In Jesus' Name, Amen!

    Can't wait to read what He's put on your heart!

  17. Fields of gold says:

    Hi Robyn, It is Well is such a lovely song! And dear to my heart as well. That is a sweet 'battle hymn' for sure 🙂 I love that you are in a time of healing. And pray the Lord ministers tenderly as you continue to rise and heal. May he protect your heart and mind and shower you with peace and love.


  18. Fields of gold says:

    Dear Lucy Ann,

    YOU"RE beautiful!! Thank you so much for your choice word. I accept and appreciate it and you!


  19. Love this post!
    Rejoice, rejoice! May prayers are for praise! Praying for all of you here.

  20. Fields of gold says:

    Trez… you're so sweet to say so! Thank you friend!

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