March 16, 2011

Remain in His Love

Willowy winkles cupped my chin — her palm a reservoir for my tears. 118 tearless farewells thus far. 119 released the levy. Miss Emma’s weathered hands caught the scattered pieces of my heart, blown about by the scurrying of nurses’ white pleather steps.

Her family, or lack thereof, rendered her anchorless; adrift in the lonely seas of “The Brick”… a cold hard nursing home. My first “real” job at The Brick was bleak and dreary except for Miss Emma and a few others.

365 days many things remained on the surface of my heart. Names learned. Stories memorized through repeating forgetfulness. Smiles given. Yet one name, one person chiseled on my heart. I ended one year after I begun with my farewell to Miss Emma.

Who’ll sit in the sunshine with you? Who’ll listen? Who’ll sing hymns with you?

Worry wrung my heart. Visions of Miss Emma, alone… lonely… made my jaw tense, ache. A square hit by sadness will do that to a girl.

But not her. Beautiful brown saucers brimmed with confidence. I waded in those refreshing waters of her eyes, rich pools of wisdom and confidence. I’ll be fine Sugar… I’m never alone.

Christ beside me, Christ before me
Christ behind me, Christ within me
Christ beneath me, Christ above me
~St. Patrick

Tucked away from the world, Miss Emma changed mine by living for another. A heavenly world, her heavenly home. She looked beyond the bleak beige of The Brick to a road paved with gold. Sounds of sorrow were surpassed by sounds of praise she longed to join in with. Long, lonely, loveless days paled in comparison to the long, lovely, love-filled eternity Miss Emma knew was hers.

Might I encourage you to wet your toes in Christ’s abiding love?

I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit.

#1: Write “Jesus” on small paper

I will remain in you.

#2: Write your name on an envelope {made mine with scrap paper/tape}
Tuck #1 paper {Jesus’ Name} inside

As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.

#3: Write Jesus’ Name on a slightly larger envelope
Tuck #2 envelope inside

I have obeyed my Father’s commands and remain in his love.

#4: Write God’s Name on an even larger envelope
Tuck #3 envelope inside

I have told you this so that my joy may be in you
and that your joy may be complete.

~John 15

#5: The final product will be one big envelope with “God” on the outside!
Wherever loneliness lurks, tuck this confidence snug away. You are not alone. He is there.

Bless you dear friend as you jump off the negative train of thought {loneliness}. I’m praying for you!

*Thank you Anabel Gillham and Melissa for this idea!

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  1. Great idea! A visual reminder that we are never alone.

  2. Fields of gold says:

    Thanks Lisa!!

  3. Sharon Sloan - Joy In The Truth says:

    Love this idea!!! Wow!!

    Love you Sam!! I pray He fills you with Himself in unexpected, beautiful ways! Love you! 🙂

    Wish I lived closer…..


  4. He is over, underneath, within, He is always with us. What a beautiful thought.

    May He pour out his blessings to you.

  5. Sweet story about Miss Emma.. I have been a nurse for many years .. it never has ceased to amaze me how God has sent me to care for his sheep. I would see the staff I knew were Christains followed in the care also.. It was like he sent his own from all of the staff to look after his flock. I know he watches over us. I have had the I have had the honor to pray with those leaving this earth many times. He is faithful!

  6. Fields of gold says:

    Thank you Sharon! Melissa shared it with me from a book, the Confident Woman, that she read. I loved it too!

    Thank you for your sweet prayers… Amen and amen!

    Would love to live closer to chat in person. She Speaks will be here soon!

    Love you!

  7. Fields of gold says:

    Awesome truth Kandi! Tenth Ave. North has a compelling song with similar lyrics.

    And may Jesus return those blessings to you!!

  8. Fields of gold says:

    Beverly, you have one of the sweetest and most heart-tearing occupations. Thank you for serving the Lord and those He loves so well. I pray blessings to you as you pour out refreshing grace and love on all you minister to!!

  9. sarah oliver says:

    i am so gonna do this this weekend when i come see you!! great idea!!

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