February 24, 2011


“I’m unloveable.”

This negative thought swirls. It is muddy rapids, thrashing heart and mind round and round like a toy boat in the mighty Colorado River.

This negative thought is an outlaw; train robber; brutal kidnapper. It jams its thumb in the bruised, “I’m unlovable” part of our heart. Its consequences oft times lure us down dark alleys littered with regrets and sadness.

Friend, I don’t assume to know the tongue lashings, torturous words or deeds, or taunts your mind has endured. I don’t know what rejections, rudeness, or raw aches have slayed your heart. I don’t know what choices you’ve made – what choices were made for you – that tossed you into the roaring rush of “I’m unlovable” river.

I only know this: you will drown in that river unless you jump off this negative train and grab hold of this safety rope –

you are loveable. yes. you.

You are loveable.

Listen, there is a Creator who is Sovereign. Big word with bigger meaning: all powerful. He had the choice to concoct you in His mind. He had the option to create you. He had the wherewithal to decide to call you by name. He didn’t have to.

He could have said, Nah, I know how that one turns out. She’s depressed and doubts Me. She let those guys do ‘xyz’ to her body. Her marriage falls apart. Her birth parents didn’t want her. Her kids can’t stand her. She’s frumpy. She’s not worthy of My time or talent. She’s not lovable.

But He didn’t. No. He said, Yah, I know how that one turns out. She trusts in me with all her heart. Her testimony inspires purity in young girls. She is a compassionate shoulder to lean on. I ordained who would be her parents to raise her. Her knees hit the ground in fervent prayer for her children. She’s beautiful. She’s worthy of my Son’s life and death. She’s so lovable, I call her Mine and nothing she does… nothing that happens to her… can take My love from her {SoS 6}

I don’t know why you don’t feel you’re lovable. I do know this: you are lovable. But please, don’t take my word. Take His…

This is the way God put it:
“She found grace out in the desert, she who survived {why you feel unlovable}.
{Your name}, out looking for a place to rest, met God out looking for her!”
God told her, “I’ve never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love, and more love!
And so now I’ll start over with you and build you up again, dear {Your name}.
You’ll resume your singing, grabbing tambourines and joining the dance.”
~Jeremiah 31

Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away. ~Song of Solomon 8


Welcome! If this is your first time joining us, we’re in the middle of a series called Jumping off {Negative} Trains of Thought! Catch up with us! So far we’ve jumped off the WouldaCouldaShoulda Been, Damsel in Distress, Let Go of Me!, Nail Biter, What’s Wrong with Me?, Never Gonna Dance Again, Can Anybody See Me?, You %$@#&, and Refreshing Trains! Jump with us!!

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  1. Kissed by the Creator says:

    Another well done post. In my speaking engagement today I mentioned the verse in Psalms that talks about how God's thoughts of us outnumber the grains of sand on the seashore. If you want to know how many grains are in a teaspoon full, you'll have to read my book once its published are start counting. It is staggering. GOD loves us and THINKS of us so much its beyond our comprehension! Well done post!

  2. This is so beautiful. I plan on forwarding it to my sexual abuse survivor support group. Such amazing, such powerful, such TRUE words!!! Thank you, this post has blessed me immensely.

  3. Fields of gold says:

    What a tender and mind-blowing thought Connie! Bet we could try to consume how much He loves us for all eternity and not come withing an inch of getting close to wrapping our minds and hearts around it.

    Your book sounds neat! Thanks for your encouragement~

  4. Fields of gold says:

    Thanks Stephanie!! Wow, I'm humbled you feel it'd be encouraging to your survivor support group. That blesses me so much! Thank you!!! It's an honor to serve "beside you" girl!

  5. Beautiful! God transforms the broken. His love for us is so amazing. He takes the wreckage of our past and uses it for His Glory. Love HIM!!

  6. Melissa Taylor says:

    Wow Sam, your heart and the writing that flows from it continues to blow me away. Dang, you can make a girl think, cry (out of gratitude to the Lord), and just be overcome with the love the Lord has for us always, no matter what.

    This should be a devo. Just sayin'.

    Passin this on 🙂
    The Loveable Melissa

  7. Follow2Serve {Lorna} says:

    Not jumping on this train . . . the unloveable train makes me unloveable to others.

    I think back to the story of Sarai and Hagar: Hagar thought she (and her son) were 'unloveable' but instead God scooped down and wrapped His arms around them – they are loved and so are we.

    And don't even think of jumping on the 'unlikeable' train either.

    Have a blessed day.

  8. This is my first time on your website/blog…Melissa Taylor posted it on FB….going to read all of these from this study..this one was wonderful and thanks for sharing.

  9. Mom to 5...Daughter of the King says:

    I just found this on twitter. Really touching and I am going to read the posts I've missed! Thank you!

  10. marykathryntyson says:

    you must know that i find it tacky to include a link to my own blog in a comment on someone else's.



    because i remember the first time someone told me i was, in fact, 'lovable'. and your post made me think of that time.

    and this is beautiful, so thank you.

    and, also? the way you spell it is probably right. (i didn't check it when i wrote mine.)

    love you, beautiful you.


  11. I'm joining you today, my train is reaching the end of its line so definately time to jump off and board a new one!

  12. Fields of gold says:

    Eileen, I couldn't have said it better! The image of Him forming us from dust is a marvel to me. The fact He could do that gives me surety He can take anything about me that is crushed to smithereens and create life out of it!

    Thanks for your constant encouragement and light, my friend!

  13. Thank you….I really really need this now….for this is how I've been made to feel.

  14. Fields of gold says:

    Hey Mel, thank you girl! So grateful for the way the Lord spoke to you through His words. Like I told you today, it was / is ALL Him!! Thanks for sharing my post friend!! Love you!

  15. Fields of gold says:

    Lorna, that is one of my most favorite pictures of God's devotion and love. And oh! How He opened Hagar's eyes to see the well… what beautiful tenderness! Thank you for reminding us of His grace… no matter what.

    Super thought on the 'unlikable' train too!

    Thanks girl!

  16. Fields of gold says:

    Welcome Aboard Kristi!! I'm so happy you stopped by and am glad you're here! My prayer for you is that you will see and know how wide and high, deep and long God's love is for you.

    Can't wait to "hang out" with you here girl!


  17. Fields of gold says:

    Hi Mom to 5…Daughter of the King… thanks for popping over from Twitter World! Welcome Aboard this fun journey of freedom we're on.

    I pray God manifests Himself to you in tender, quiet ways you as read and hang out with Him and us.

    Delighted you're here! ~Sam

  18. Fields of gold says:

    Aw, MK… I can't wait to read your post. I'm sure it will be as fruitful and lovely, rich and insightful as you!!

    p.s. not tacky at all… i love linking up!

    p.s.s. girl… i have no idea how to spell loveable/lovable?? heehee!

    p.s.s.s. love you too!

  19. Fields of gold says:

    Dear Laura, you are invited and welcome! It's a joy to have you take this trip with us. I pray the comfort and rest of the Holy Spirit gives you grace as you exhale the hurt and pain and doubt, and inhale the love, freedom and peace that is freely yours.

    Smiling just knowing you're taking this ride along with us friend!

  20. pinkdaisyjane says:

    Thank you for being so bold in your encouragement!

  21. Fields of gold says:

    Thanks Heatherly! Truly, it's straight from His heart!

  22. Thank you for blessing us with Gods word on how He truly loves us. It is because of our personal relationship with Him that will help us want to keep his commandments….

  23. I love this negative train series you are doing, your sweet words are drowning my negative thoughts.

    Hope you are so abundantly and richly blessed!

  24. Everywhere I turn it seems God is speaking to me about His love for me. I needed to hear this again today : ) Beautifully written!

    Sweet Blessings,

  25. Fields of gold says:

    Dear Anonymous, you're so welcome! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  26. Fields of gold says:

    Thanks so much Kandi! So glad you're jumping off with us. It's been a sweet journey for me too.

    Hope you're feeling His power and presence!

  27. Fields of gold says:

    Pam, that is so neat! When He wants us to hear His heart, He's so gracious to tell us in many ways.

    Thanks for your thoughts and encouragement!

    Peace and joy to you~ Sam

  28. An absolutely beautiful post! I am brand new to your blog and hopped over on a link from Proverbs 31 Ministries. I loved this post so much that I just finished reading each and every one of your posts in this series. Thank you for your transparency and inspiration! So many of us struggle with this particular thought for one of a thousand different reasons in this fallen world….

  29. Fields of gold says:

    Dear Anonymous, thanks so much for hopping over. So glad you found us on the P31 site!

    I'm honored you'd take time out to read the posts. My constant prayer is you'll encounter more of Jesus and see Him only through my words. I'm so grateful we have a Savior who knows the thousands of reasons we struggle! :0)

  30. Hester's Heart says:

    Sam, You write beautifully. Your transparency is uplifting. Thank you for sharing your heart. Love you girl, Hester

  31. Fields of gold says:

    Aw, thank you so much Hester! Your kind words and appreciation mean a lot! Love you!

  32. epaphroditus says:

    Very few see the inside of ones heart…thanks for letting us in!

  33. Fields of gold says:


    Lovely way to put it. Thank you!!

  34. Loved your blog and loved the song playing in the background. I wrote a blog about it just yesterday. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  35. Fields of gold says:

    Thank you V!! If you feel up to it, would you mind sharing your blog post? I'd love to read your words! Thanks!

  36. I would love for you to check out my blog. http://www.havingsomeworkdone.blogspot.com

  37. The post I mentioned the song in is "What A Ride"

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