February 15, 2011

Exception to the Rule


That’s a powerful word when you apply it to yourself.

“Everyone is loved… is wanted… belongs…. is remembered… has a family… except me.”

Except. A powerful, poignant word. One that I imagine creeps into the heart of orphans, ruling with loneliness, fear and rejection.

Except… except when we combat the loneliness. Except when we ward off the fear. Except when we deflect the rejection.

Would you join me in being the exception to the ‘except’ rule? My friend Wendy’s five year old daughter, Isabel, inspired me to make these oh-so-easy blankets to send to orphans. Fewer things are nearer to my heart than encouraging others. These blankets are a win-win… encourage a compassionate five year old and encourage orphans they’re loved and remembered!

Click here for more about Wendy and Isabel’s exceptional endeavors and see below for No Sew Instructions!

Step 1: Buy 1 yard of two different fleeces for each blanket you make
Cut in half lengthwise
Lay pieces of fleece (wrong sides together) {they don’t have to be precisely lined up}

Step 2:
Pin pieces together
Cut 3×3 inch square out of each corner

Step 3: Cut (1 inch W) x (4 inch L) strips
{Think in terms of “pinch” or “dash”… rough estimates are okay!}

Step 4:
Tie corresponding strips together
{I tied a few every 15 strips or so to stay on track}

Step 5:
Pray the orphans who receive your blankets come to know the Lord & His great love
{Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans ~James 1}
Click over to Wendy’s blog to find out where to send your blankets!

Thanks so much friends!!

Posterity shall serve Him; they shall tell of the Lord to the next generation. They shall come and shall declare His righteousness to a people yet to be born–that He has done it. ~Psalm 22

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  1. Follow2Serve {Lorna} says:

    LOVE that you're able to do this for those needing a hug. These are easy to make {though I have not tried it with flannel (I usually use fleece)}. I never thought about making some to send to the orphans – Will be praying about that.

  2. This is an awesome idea. I really hope me and Lauren and Ryan can work on a couple of these this weekend.

  3. Kissed by the Creator says:

    Thanks for the exceptional post and the inspiration to do SOMETHING! Been listening to KLOVE and their I REFUSE to do nothing by doing….campaign. This is perfect and would be a swell link over there. Blessings to you and your little ones with a big heart!

  4. Hey Sam,

    This may be a little long and a little off topic, so I apologize. I really felt led the last few days to scroll through some of your old posts, when I clicked on the posts for 2008 I was immediately directed to July where I read your story about wanting to leave your job. I am currently out of work right now,in January of last year I felt God was getting ready to move me, in June I lost my job and I wasn't surprised I think I knew it was going to happen before my employer did. Anyway, I knew that He wouldn't have taken this job if He didn't have something else in mind. As I continue to send out my resume I feel that nudging from Him telling me no. but as time goes on and I see nothing happening my faith in what I thought to be true starts to shake a little. Your post really spoke to me, and restored my sometimes shaky faith in this matter that He really does have plan even when I can't see it unfolding. Thank you!

  5. Fields of gold says:

    Hi Lorna, thanks for your sweet thoughts! And for praying about taking part! That's exciting 🙂

  6. Fields of gold says:

    Thanks Stephanie… that'd be so cute for y'all to work on those together! Bet it'd bless Isabel's socks off 🙂

  7. Fields of gold says:

    Connie, thanks for the heads up! I just heard KLOVE talking about it today after I read your comment. Going to check into that. Thanks for your head's up!!

  8. Fields of gold says:

    Kandi, thank you for sharing about your current job situation. I remember while I waited, when I got home I would walk through the back door, cross the kitchen and make it just as far as the dining room floor and lay down and cry out of fear, frustration and doubt.

    That said, the Lord joined me on the floor, caught my tears and handed me the gift of faith over and over.

    I pray He is doing the same for you as you wait upon the Lord. Isaiah 40 promises, those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

    Praying this verse for you!

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