February 9, 2011

Ahhhh, Now That’s Refreshing!

Okay, yesterday I mentioned I have an idea. It’s birthed out of Proverbs 11:25, Whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

So here’s the deal: I have two favors to ask you.

{Isabel and her homemade dress for an orphan!}

First one: My friend Wendy’s 5 y.o., Isabel, has decided when she gets married she will adopt orphans so she can be their mom. Wendy recently overheard Isabel playing & asked, “Whatcha playing?”

“Well, mom,” insert flash of a dimpled grin here, “I am selling things with my princess cash register to get money for the people who don’t have any. Then they can come to me and I’ll give them money to get what they need.”

Well if that doesn’t melt your heart!! Wendy and Isabel researched and found Orphan’s Lifeline International (OLI). They have already sewed lots o’ lovely dresses, blankets and hats to send OLI for orphans right here in the U.S.

Now, here’s my favor: Will you please read Wendy’s post and consider helping Isabel rock the world, one orphan at at time? Please?

Second: This one has two parts!
A. Would you share the {negative} train of thought you’re jumping off {and} what has helped you jump (scripture, counseling, accountability, exercise? anonymity is a-okay)
B. Will you respond to the answers others leave to Part A with encouragement & truth?

Negative train of thoughts can drain the life out of us. But the Word gives us a sure fire way to be refreshed: by refreshing others. So whatcha say? You wanna jump on board?

{Turn Down the Music, Shane and Shane… Hard to hear behind the music story, but definitely worth the listen}

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  1. I'm on board!

  2. Follow2Serve {Lorna} says:

    I'm jumping off the {negative} train of thought that tells me I'm lonely. The truth is I am not alone – I have my Jesus with me. I turn to the Word and He is there; I turn to a song, He is there; I turn to talk to a friend, He is there; I read another one's blog posting, He is there. I pray, again, He is there.

  3. Fields of gold says:

    Thanks for sharing Lorna! I struggle with that train of thought too. In fact, I'm praying over that post to share in a few days. Love your thoughts on remedying feeling alone!!

  4. I have been working, for a long time, to jump off the train of not feeling good enough that I don't measure up. It doesn't really matter what anyone else says, the fact that I woke up this morning tells me I am good enough in the eyes of Jesus.

  5. I'm jumping off the train of questioning my calling. Instead of trusting God's leading, direction and provision this past year as I hit the speed bumps of life I am sent into a high speed wobble. God has placed several books (and blogs) in my hands and path recently to begin to get my attention. Then as I was getting the hint He made me available to a few women who desperately needed a friend…a little bit of Jesus.

    My whispered prayer…I'm Yours. Teach me to do Your works.

    Love ya Sammie-girl.

  6. I'm jumping off the train of finding my identity or my worth in people and seeking their approval. My identity is in Christ. I am currently leading a WBS all about God-confidence. Staying in the Word and regularly talking to God in prayer about it seems to be things that keep this thinking in check. God accepts me just as I am…but He also doesn't leave us just as we are. He's constantly working on us!

  7. I am visiting your post for the first time. Enjoyed your post.I lead a small group and just last night we were talking how it is so easy to buy into Satan's negative talk.

  8. Hester's Heart says:

    Precious Sam! Love it! Thank you fo sharing. Bless you, Hester

  9. Fields of gold says:

    Y'all, thank you from the tip of my toes to the top of my head for sharing! Your insight and thoughts are wonderful!

  10. where to begin…i'm jumping off the train of anxiety that i will never have what i thought God wanted for me. Read your post "What's Wrong With Me?" and could totally relate! I have been so wrapped up in worry about what I don't have that I'm not focusing on Jesus and being thankful for the things and people He has given me in my life. Thankfully, because of some recent sermons that God had to hit me upside the head with(hahaha!, although it still has hurt some) i am back on the right path. Trusting Jesus to take care of me and just enjoying His company! I'm finding so much comfort in letting Him deal with my anxiety. When I do start to have negative thoughts again singing Christian songs, praying and reading his word helps me. I'm also trying to see myself through His eyes instead of my own. How he feels about us and how he sees us is so amazing to me and i'm so thankful! Thank you for writing this blog it has also been a great encouragement! the first post i read was "Unlovable" because it was featured on the Proverbs 31 facebook page. I can definitely relate and i also like that you have the music player and have found some new songs i like! 😉 God Bless you for sharing!

  11. Fields of gold says:

    Hi Shana! Thanks so much for telling me a bit about you! It's sweet to see how Jesus is wooing your heart through sermons, songs and prayer. He's a faithful lover and a gentleman… never pushy for your heart, but also desiring to grow closer to you. I pray His hope and truth calm any anxiety and each step is a joy and delight! Thanks for popping over from the Proverbs 31 Facebook page. If you have any suggestions for the music here, I'd love to know! 🙂 Thanks!

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