November 2, 2010

C&E No More!

My friend Javier’s words, “The King of all kings would send His only Son to die for ME and forgive all my sins. I still love thinking about that,” made me realize oft times I’m a C&E christian. But no more. Uh-uh. Enough.

From here on out, I am going to reflect, marvel, remember, awe on Jesus’ life and death and life again. How?

Mediate on His Word.
Clean out my heart.
Sit in silence and listen, really listen.
Pray, pray, pray.
Open my mouth in praise.

Nichole Nordeman’s song Why {see below} is one such song of praise. The passion in her lyrics narrows my spastic attention span and broadens my view of God’s wide love. Oh, and it gives me a swift kick in the badunkadunk right out of C&Eville. This is just the beginning of my journey out…stay tuned for more in the upcoming weeks, months, years…

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  1. I love how you just said spastic attention span, LOL, describes me perfectly. I don't think you were ever a C&E, just one amazing daughter of Christ with a beautiful heart!!!

  2. Tears in my coffee cup this morning. Happy tears. Thank you. He went to the cross for ME. What a nice message to wake up to today, and tomorrow, and the next day…:)

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